Opposite of HOT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for antonyms for hot, it is important to understand this term refers to something that is the complete opposite in temperature or sensation. Antonyms provide contrasting words, serving as a way to express the opposite meanings of a particular term. In this case, we are exploring words that convey the opposite of hot.

Opposites play a crucial role in language by providing a diverse range of vocabulary to express various concepts. By knowing antonyms for hot, one can effectively communicate ideas related to temperature, weather, or even emotions with clarity and precision. These contrasting terms help to paint a vivid picture and offer a more nuanced understanding of the given subject matter.

In the English language, antonyms for hot offer a way to differentiate between states of temperature or emotional intensity. By exploring words that stand in opposition to hot, one can enrich their vocabulary and effectively convey their intended message. Understanding and utilizing antonyms for hot can enhance communication by providing a more comprehensive and nuanced expression of ideas.

35 Antonyms for HOT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for hot. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding HOT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Hot Sentence with Antonym
Cold The coffee was hot when I poured it this morning. I prefer my tea cold with ice cubes.
Cool The pan was hot after cooking the steak. The ice cream was refreshing and cool on a hot day.
Chilly I love to wrap up in a blanket when it’s hot outside. The wind made it chilly during the evening walk.
Freezing My hands feel hot inside my gloves while skiing. The weather is freezing up in the mountains.
Icy The metal felt hot to the touch under the sun. The drink was nice and icy due to the crushed ice.
Frigid The sauna was very hot inside. The room felt frigid after popping the AC on.
Nippy I always drink tea when it’s hot out. The breeze was rather nippy as the sun set.
Arctic The sun made the sand feel hot beneath my feet. The wind was harsh and Arctic that night.
Fresh I like a hot cup of cocoa in the winter. In the heat, a glass of fresh lemonade is so refreshing.
Moderate After the intense workout, I was hot and sweaty. The pool was pleasantly moderate – not too hot or cold.
Lukewarm The pizza was hot when it arrived at my doorstep. By the time I ate it, it had turned lukewarm.
Mild The weather was unbearably hot during the day. It finally cooled down and became mild in the evening.
Warm The sand felt hot under my feet at the beach. The bathwater was comfortably warm and relaxing.
Tepid The dish was too spicy and made me feel hot inside. The drink was left out too long, making it tepid.
Chilled I prefer my drinks hot rather than on the rocks. The water from the fridge was nice and chilled.
Comfortable The room was too hot for me to sleep. The temperature dropped and it became comfortable.
Free The summer sun was beating down, making everything hot. The cold front moved in, granting us a free day.
Cold The soup was steaming hot when it was served. I prefer my salad cold with a side of dressing.
Frigid The metal handle was burning hot in my hand. The air conditioning made the room feel frigid.
Cool The day was unbearably hot at the beach. The evening breeze was refreshing and cool.
Chill The coffee burned my tongue, it was too hot. I like my beverage at a chill temperature.
Chilly I hate being all hot and sweaty in the summer. I enjoy the chilly temperatures of winter.
Glacial The asphalt was scorching hot under the sun. The glacier water was refreshingly glacial.
Freezing The desert was scorching hot in the daytime. The nights were unbearably freezing.
Polar The weather was too hot for my liking. I prefer the polar conditions of a snowy day.
Gelid The stove burned so hot it turned the meat black. The ice from the cooler was almost gelid.
Icy The sand was too hot to walk on in the midday sun. The sea breeze made it feel cool and icy at night.
Wintry The baked cake was steaming hot out of the oven. Once it cooled, it sat wintry before frosting.
Arctic The metal was blistering hot from being left in the sun. The gust of wind was making it feel Arctic.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of HOT

In conclusion, the weather can be described as either hot or cold, depending on the temperature. Some synonyms for hot include boiling, scorching, and sweltering, while antonyms for hot include cold, freezing, and chilly. People often seek relief from the heat by staying indoors where it’s cooler or by enjoying a refreshing breeze outside. Conversely, during cold weather, individuals may bundle up in warm clothing or gather around a cozy fire to stay warm. Understanding the concept of temperature and the various terms used to describe it can help us better prepare for different weather conditions and stay comfortable throughout the year.

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