Opposite of ILL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we consider the concept of antonyms for ill, we are exploring words that represent the opposite of negative health or well-being. Antonyms, in this context, refer to words that have contrary meanings to the word “ill” – offering positive, healthy, or favorable connotations.

By seeking out antonyms for ill, we aim to widen our vocabulary and communication skills by understanding and utilizing words that express the opposite of sickness, discomfort, or poor health. This exploration can aid in creating versatile and nuanced language that allows for more precise and varied expressions of well-being and health.

Ultimately, the pursuit of antonyms for ill can contribute to enhancing our ability to effectively communicate ideas of good health and positivity. By incorporating these contrasting terms into our everyday language, we can paint a more vivid and diverse picture of the spectrum of well-being and create a more engaging dialogue around the topic of health and wellness.

35 Antonyms for ILL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for ill. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ILL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Ill Sentence with Antonym
Healthy Sarah was ill and had to stay in bed all day. Sarah was healthy and went for a long walk.
Well Despite feeling ill, Tom went to work. Tom felt well enough to go out with friends.
Fine After being ill for a week, Maria finally recovered. Maria is feeling fine and ready to go out.
Better Emily is still feeling ill despite taking medication. Emily is feeling much better today.
Recovered After being ill for a while, Jack has fully recovered. Jack was previously ill but now he is healthy.
Strong The flu made him feel ill and weak. Regular exercise made him feel strong again.
Healthy A diet of junk food made him ill and sluggish. Eating nutritious food made him feel healthy.
Robust Even though he was ill, he was still able to work. Now that he is no longer ill, he looks more robust.
Sound The medicine made him feel less ill. He has fully recovered and is sound now.
Fit Sara was feeling ill and decided to stay home. After a good night’s sleep, she felt fit and energetic.
Wholesome Following her illness, she began to feel ill. A balanced diet made her feel wholesome again.
Hearty Despite the injury, she tried to look ill. The doctor declared her to be fit and hearty again.
Hale Tom’s health was deteriorating, and he felt ill. With proper care, Tom is feeling much more hale now.
Recovered The medication helped him to recover from his illness. James is feeling ill today but is expected to be recovered tomorrow.
Restored The treatment plan was successful, and he was restored to health. After being ill, he has finally restored his good health.
Cured Matt was feeling ill, but the doctor successfully cured him. Matt is no longer feeling ill after being cured by the doctor.
Fit Sophie was feeling ill after the long journey. A good night’s sleep left her feeling fit.
Normal The virus made her feel ill for a few days. Her health is back to normal after the illness.
Tonic She had to take a tonic because she was feeling ill. The tonic helped her feel strong and energized.
Recovered Despite being ill, she showed signs of recovery. She was previously feeling ill but is now fully recovered.
Resilient She fell ill, but her resilient nature helped her recover quickly. Despite falling ill, her resilient nature helped her recover fast.
Fine The sore throat made her feel ill and weak. After resting, she felt much better and fine.
Normal She was feeling ill, which was unusual for her. Her health is back to normal after the illness.
Robust The illness made him feel weak and ill. Regular exercise helped him feel strong and robust.
Fit After feeling ill for a week, he finally recovered. Feeling fit today, he is ready to get back to work.
Wholesome Her ill feeling was due to lack of wholesome food. Incorporating more wholesome food helped her recover.
Sound Feeling ill and tired, she went to see a doctor. Rested and refreshed, she returned feeling sound.
Cured The doctor successfully cured him from his illnesses. He was feeling ill for days, but now he is fully cured.
Agile He was feeling ill and weak after the long flight. Resting made him feel agile and energetic.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ILL

In summary, while some may feel unwell, others are in good health. Not every individual is unhealthy; some are perfectly fine. It is essential to recognize the disparities in people’s well-being and offer support where needed. By acknowledging the antonyms for ill, such as healthy, well, or fit, we can promote a more inclusive and understanding perspective on health. It is important to remember that wellness is not universal, and we should strive to be mindful and empathetic towards those experiencing health challenges. By embracing the diversity of well-being, we can cultivate a more supportive and compassionate society.

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