Opposite of IMMUNITY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for immunity refer to the absence of protection or exemption from disease or harm. In other words, these antonyms signify a vulnerability or susceptibility to illnesses, infections, or negative impacts.

When discussing antonyms for immunity, it involves the lack of resistance or defense mechanisms that would typically shield an individual from undesirable health outcomes. This concept underscores the notion of being exposed or prone to various health hazards without the safeguard of immunity.

Understanding antonyms for immunity sheds light on the importance of bolstering one’s defenses against diseases and external threats. By recognizing these opposing terms, individuals can appreciate the significance of immunity in preserving overall well-being and mitigating risks associated with health-related challenges.

35 Antonyms for IMMUNITY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for immunity. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding IMMUNITY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Immunity Sentence with Antonym
Vulnerability The vaccine provides immunity against the virus. Without the vaccine, we are exposed to vulnerability to the virus.
Susceptibility Some people have immunity to certain allergies. People with susceptibility to allergies need to be careful.
Liability Diplomats often have immunity from prosecution. The criminal will not have liability for his actions.
Sensitivity The medicine gives immunity to the patient. The patient’s sensitivity to the medicine caused an allergic reaction.
Exposure Immunity from the disease is essential for our well-being. Lack of exposure to the virus puts us at risk.
Defenselessness The vaccine provides immunity against the flu. Without the vaccine, there is a state of defenselessness against the flu.
Insecurity Vaccination can grant immunity against certain infections. Without vaccination, there is a state of insecurity regarding infections.
Vulnerableness Immunity shields the body from harmful viruses. Vulnerableness to viruses makes one prone to illnesses.
Exposure Social distancing helps build immunity to the virus. Lack of distancing leads to exposure and possible infection.
Frailty Proper nutrition can enhance immunity against diseases. Malnutrition can lead to frailty and susceptibility to illnesses.
Ineligibility The diplomat has immunity and cannot be sued. The regular citizen has no ineligibility and can be legally prosecuted.
Weakness Regular exercise boosts immunity and overall health. Sedentary lifestyle may result in weakness in the immune system.
Indefensibility The vaccine offers immunity against common cold. Lack of the vaccine leaves one in a state of indefensibility against the cold.
Powerlessness Vaccination provides immunity against certain diseases. Without vaccination, there is a state of powerlessness against diseases.
Liability The law grants immunity to some individuals. Ordinary citizens do not have liability against prosecution.
Receptivity Proper diet and exercise can enhance immunity to illnesses. Poor lifestyle and habits can leave one with receptivity to illnesses.
Fragility Vaccination gives immunity against specific viruses. Lack of vaccination can result in fragility towards infections.
Insecurity The infant’s system has immunity to certain diseases. The elderly have insecurity and are prone to diseases.
Instability The vaccine can provide immunity for a certain period. Without the vaccine, there is instability in protection against diseases.
Susceptibility Exposure to sunlight boosts immunity levels. Lacking exposure can increase susceptibility to certain conditions.
Faultiness The vaccine provides immunity to the recipient. Without vaccination, there is a state of faultiness against diseases.
Breakability To prevent the flu, vaccination is needed to build immunity. Without vaccination, there is breakability towards the flu virus.
Powerlessness Proper rest and hydration can enhance immunity. Neglecting rest and hydration leads to a state of powerlessness in fighting off illnesses.
Defenselessness The vaccine grants immunity against the virus. Without the vaccine, there is a state of defenselessness against the virus.
Instability Healthy lifestyle choices contribute to immunity. Unhealthy habits can lead to instability in the immune system.
Sensitiveness Vaccination offers immunity to various diseases. Certain individuals may have sensitiveness to these diseases.
Negligibility The diplomat enjoys immunity due to their position. Ordinary citizens have no negligibility and are accountable for their actions.
Impermanency Proper hygiene is crucial to maintaining immunity. Ignoring hygiene can result in impermanency of the immune system’s strength.
Inferiority The vaccine gives immunity against the flu virus. Without the vaccine, there is a feeling of inferiority towards the virus.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of IMMUNITY

Understanding the concept of vulnerability is crucial as it highlights the absence of protection or resistance. Without immunity, we are susceptible to illnesses and infections, making it essential to prioritize our health and build up defenses against harmful pathogens. Being aware of our vulnerability can motivate us to make healthier choices and take preventive measures to strengthen our immune system.

By recognizing the opposite of immunity, we can appreciate the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Prioritizing factors such as nutrition, exercise, and adequate rest can help reduce our vulnerability to diseases and boost our overall well-being. Embracing our vulnerability serves as a reminder to care for our bodies and minds, ultimately contributing to a stronger and more resilient immune system.

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