Opposite of IMPECCABLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “impeccable” refer to qualities or attributes that are opposite in nature to perfection or flawlessness. In contrast to being impeccable, an antonym may describe something that is flawed, imperfect, or lacking precision. These antonyms encompass a range of characteristics that deviate from the standard of being flawless or faultless.

When we speak of antonyms for “impeccable,” we are highlighting words that denote imperfection or errors rather than smoothness and faultlessness. These antonyms may point to traits such as faulty, inadequate, or deficient, all of which stand in contrast to the notion of being impeccable. By understanding the opposite of impeccable, we gain insight into the various ways in which something can be imperfect or subpar.

Overall, exploring the antonyms for “impeccable” allows us to appreciate the diversity of characteristics that exist outside the realm of perfection. By recognizing and acknowledging these opposing qualities, we can better understand the nuanced spectrum of attributes that define individuals, objects, or actions as flawed or imperfect.

35 Antonyms for IMPECCABLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for impeccable. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding IMPECCABLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Impeccable Sentence with Antonym
Flawed She has always maintained an impeccable reputation She was known for her flawed character
Imperfect His painting was impeccable, not a single mistake The painting was imperfect, with many errors
Faulty The machine had an impeccable performance The machine showed faulty operations
Blemished Her skin was impeccable even without makeup His skin was blemished and needed concealer
Defective The product was of impeccable quality The product turned out to be defective
Tarnished His reputation was impeccable in the industry Over time, his reputation became tarnished
Untidy Her desk was always impeccably organized His desk was consistently untidy and cluttered
Inaccurate Her work was always impeccable, no errors The report was filled with inaccurate information
Messy Her handwriting was impeccable, neat and tidy His handwriting was messy and difficult to read
Deficient His knowledge on the subject was impeccable Her understanding was deficient and lacking
Incorrect The information provided was impeccable The answers given were incorrect
Unclean The kitchen was impeccably clean and spotless The bathroom was unclean and needed a thorough clean
Unpolished Her speech was delivered in an impeccable manner His speech was unpolished and lacked refinement
Shoddy The customer service was impeccable and efficient The service was shoddy and left much to be desired
Unreliable The machine’s performance was impeccable The machine was unreliable and often broke down
Sloppy Her work was always impeccable, with attention to detail His work was sloppy and full of mistakes
Faulty The car was in impeccable condition The car had several faulty parts
Disordered Their process was impeccable and well-structured The office was disordered and chaotic
Corrupt The organization was known for its impeccable ethics The company was corrupt and engaged in illegal activities
Dirty Her house was always impeccably clean His apartment was dirty and unkempt
Lax He had an impeccable work ethic She was lax in her approach to work
Careless His approach to his work was always impeccable She was often careless and made mistakes
Contaminated The water served was impeccably pure The water was contaminated and unsafe to drink
Irregular Her attendance was impeccable, never missed a day His attendance was irregular with frequent absences
Messy Her appearance was always impeccable His appearance was often messy and disheveled
Unruly The children were impeccably behaved The children were unruly and disruptive
Grimy The kitchen was impeccably clean and spotless The restaurant was grimy and in need of cleaning
Unkempt His attire was always impeccable and well put together Her clothing was unkempt and wrinkled
Chaos The event was organized in an impeccable manner The event was a chaos with no clear direction
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of IMPECCABLE

Finding the opposite of impeccable led to exploring various expressions such as flawed, deficient, or imperfect. These terms highlight the presence of errors, mistakes, or shortcomings in contrast to something that is flawless or perfect. While striving for perfection is often commendable, acknowledging imperfections can also lead to growth, learning, and improvement.

In a world that often celebrates perfection, understanding that imperfection is a natural part of the human experience allows for greater acceptance and compassion towards ourselves and others. Embracing our flaws and imperfections can foster resilience, empathy, and the courage to pursue progress rather than perfection.

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