Opposite of IMPEDE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for impede are words that represent the opposite of hindering or obstructing progress. When something is impeded, it is slowed down or blocked from moving forward. Antonyms for impede describe actions or conditions that facilitate or promote smooth and unrestricted advancement.

These antonyms serve as helpful tools in communication and writing, allowing for a broader range of expression and a more nuanced understanding of progress and obstacles. By using antonyms for impede, one can convey the idea of facilitating or expediting various processes and actions, highlighting the absence of hindrance or resistance.

Exploring antonyms for impede can lead to a richer vocabulary and clearer articulation of ideas. By contrasting impediments with their opposites, one can emphasize the importance of smooth and efficient progress in various contexts.

35 Antonyms for IMPEDE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for impede. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding IMPEDE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Impede Sentence with Antonym
Advance Heavy traffic can impede the progress of the ambulance. Clear roads can advance the progress of the ambulance.
Aid The storm’s damage impeded the rescue efforts. The extra resources aided the rescue efforts.
Allow Strict rules can impede the creativity of employees. Flexibility in regulations can allow for more creativity.
Assist Old age may impede the ability to do daily tasks independently. A caregiver can assist with daily tasks for the elderly.
Boost Lack of confidence can impede one’s chances of success. Positive feedback can boost one’s confidence and success.
Clear A fallen tree branch can impede the pathway in the forest. Removing obstacles can clear the pathway in the forest.
Encourage Negative feedback can impede a person’s motivation at work. Encouraging words can encourage a person’s motivation at work.
Expedite Bureaucratic red tape can impede the approval process. Cutting down on paperwork can expedite the approval process.
Facilitate User-friendly software can impede the learning curve for new users. Simplified instructions can facilitate the learning curve for new users.
Forward Gridlock traffic can impede the movement of vehicles. Smooth traffic flow can forward the movement of vehicles.
Free A locked door can impede access to the building. An open door can free access to the building.
Halt Heavy rainfall can impede the construction progress. Good weather conditions can halt the construction progress.
Help Lack of resources can impede the completion of the project. Additional support can help complete the project on time.
Improve Limited resources can impede the quality of a product. Increased funding can improve the quality of a product.
Permit Lack of proper documentation can impede entry into the country. Having all necessary paperwork can permit entry into the country.
Promote A hostile work environment can impede career advancement. A supportive work environment can promote career advancement.
Release A stuck zipper can impede the opening of a bag. A functional zipper can release the opening of a bag.
Resist Peer pressure may impede one’s ability to make independent choices. Personal resolve can resist outside influence on decision-making.
Support Lack of funding can impede the growth of a non-profit organization. A generous grant can support the growth of a non-profit organization.
Stimulate Economic downturns can impede consumer spending. Incentive programs can stimulate consumer spending.
Surrender Fear can impede one’s progress towards personal goals. Courage can surrender any obstacles to achieving personal goals.
Unburden Heavy responsibilities can impede one’s mental well-being. Sharing the load with others can unburden one’s mental well-being.
Unhindered The closed road impeded traffic flow during rush hour. An open road provides unhindered traffic flow during rush hour.
Unlock A lost key may impede the opening of the door. Finding the key can unlock the door easily.
Unobstructed A fence impeded the view of the mountains. An open field allows for an unobstructed view of the mountains.
Urbane His rude behavior may impede his career progress. His polite and charming demeanor can urbane his career progress.
Yield Being stubborn can impede compromise in negotiations. Showing flexibility can yield fruitful negotiations.
Accelerate Traffic congestion can impede the speed of travel. Clear roads can accelerate the speed of travel.
Assistance The lack of support can impede recovery after surgery. The presence of family and friends can provide assistance during recovery.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of IMPEDE

In conclusion, the antonyms for impede are words like aid, assist, help, advance, facilitate, and promote. These terms signify the opposite of hindering or obstructing progress. By removing obstacles, encouraging movement, and supporting growth, individuals and organizations can achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. Embracing these antonyms of impede can lead to smoother processes, improved outcomes, and overall success in various endeavors.

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