Opposite of IMPLY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we communicate, we often rely on subtle indications or suggestions rather than stating things explicitly. However, sometimes we want to make a statement or convey a message directly by using words that are clear and leave no room for interpretation. In such instances, we turn to antonyms for “imply.”

Antonyms for imply are words that express ideas or messages straightforwardly without implying or suggesting anything. These words are used to state facts, opinions, or requests explicitly, leaving no ambiguity in what is being communicated.

By utilizing antonyms for imply in our language, we can ensure that our intentions are clear, reducing the likelihood of misunderstanding or misinterpretation. This direct approach can be essential in various communication settings, whether it be in personal relationships, professional environments, or any situation where clarity and precision are paramount.

35 Antonyms for IMPLY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for imply. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding IMPLY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Imply Sentence with Antonym
Deny Her silence implied that she was unhappy. His direct answer denied any involvement.
Refute The evidence strongly implied his guilt. He was able to refute all the accusations.
Disprove The results implied a correlation between the two. Further testing will either disprove or confirm it.
Conceal Her actions implied a hidden motive. Transparency is key; there is no need to conceal.
Express His words implied excitement for the upcoming trip. His face failed to express any emotion.
Manifest The painting implied a deep sense of loneliness. His smile did not manifest any joy.
Confess Her evasive responses only implied guilt. It’s better to confess than to keep things hidden.
Proclaim Her actions proudly implied her victory. His silence did not proclaim his innocence.
Reveal The riddle subtly implied the answer. The surprise party plans were revealed prematurely.
Disavow His statement seemed to imply support for the plan. He made sure to disavow any connection to the idea.
Suppress The cover-up operation tried to imply innocence. His efforts to suppress the truth were unsuccessful.
Announce The letter subtly implied that changes were coming. He was finally ready to announce his decision.
Disallow His actions seemed to imply approval of the idea. The committee will likely disallow such a proposal.
Hide Her gestures lightly implied that she was lying. It’s better not to hide the truth from your friends.
Expose His reaction strongly implied knowledge of the plan. The investigation sought to expose the corruption.
Admit His vague responses seemed to imply guilt. It’s vital to admit your mistakes for personal growth.
Acknowledge Her hesitation seemed to imply recognition of the error. It’s important to acknowledge the achievements of others.
Denounce His silence could be seen to imply agreement. She refused to denounce her friends despite the pressure.
Repudiate His words weakly implied support for the proposal. His subsequent actions would clearly repudiate this idea.
Show Her smile gently implied her satisfaction. His lack of enthusiasm failed to show any interest.
Omit His response seemed to imply a lack of knowledge. Please do not omit any important details from the report.
Demand His hesitation seemed to imply that he wanted more. She was too polite to demand anything in return.
Allow His polite refusal seemed to imply agreement. The rules do not allow for any exceptions.
Exhibit Her actions subtly implied her respect for the tradition. He refused to exhibit any sense of remorse.
Avow His statement implied a personal connection to the cause. He was quick to avow his allegiance.
Circulate The rumors subtly implied negative information. Make sure not to circulate any false information.
Protest His silence almost implied support for the decision. She was determined to protest against the new policy.
Hide Her actions lightly implied she was avoiding the truth. It’s never good to hide one’s true feelings.
Publish The article strongly implied the leadership’s incompetence. The magazine would soon publish a rebuttal.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of IMPLY

In communication, being direct and explicit is crucial to ensure clarity and understanding. Instead of hinting or inferring, it is important to state things outright and leave no room for misinterpretation. Using words like state, declare, and assert can help convey your message clearly and without any ambiguity. When you explicitly express your thoughts and ideas, there is less chance of confusion or misunderstanding, leading to effective and productive communication.

By choosing words that are the antonyms of imply, such as explain, clarify, and define, you can ensure that your intentions are clearly conveyed. Being straightforward in your communication can help build trust and avoid any potential miscommunication or confusion. Remember, it is always better to be direct than to leave room for interpretation.

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