Opposite of INACTIVE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When exploring language, antonyms serve as the counterparts to words with opposite meanings. They provide a divergent perspective to help contrast ideas and add depth to communication. Antonyms for inactive offer an array of choices to convey varying degrees of motion, energy, or engagement in both written and spoken language.

By utilizing antonyms for inactive, speakers and writers can evoke a sense of liveliness, productivity, or change in their expressions. These words present an opportunity to introduce dynamism into narratives, descriptions, or explanations, enhancing the clarity and nuance of the conveyed message. The spectrum of antonyms for inactive unlocks a versatile range of vocabulary options to paint vivid pictures and spark the imagination of the audience.

In the realm of language, antonyms for inactive unlock a treasure trove of terms that encapsulate action, vitality, and vigor. By incorporating these antonyms into everyday communication, individuals can infuse their language with energy and zest, facilitating a more engaging and impactful exchange of ideas. The exploration and inclusion of antonyms for inactive broaden linguistic proficiency and offer a rich tapestry of vocabulary to craft compelling narratives and articulate thoughts effectively.

35 Antonyms for INACTIVE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for inactive. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INACTIVE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Inactive Sentence with Antonym
Active She has been inactive for a month. She is always active and engaged.
Energetic The inactive cat slept all day. The puppy was so energetic and playful.
Functional The laptop was inactive for weeks. Finally, it is now functional and working.
Operative The factory remains inactive at night. During the day, it becomes operative with workers.
Working The device is currently inactive. Once repaired, it will be working like new.
Operating The machine is inactive due to maintenance. It will be back to operating tomorrow morning.
Mobile Due to the injury, she had been inactive. After recovery, she was mobile and active again.
Live The account had been inactive for years. It is now live and accessible.
Moving The traffic was inactive during the night. By morning, it was moving steadily.
Vibrant The garden seemed inactive in winter. In spring, it became vibrant with flowers.
Ongoing The project has been inactive for months. Today, it is finally ongoing and progressing.
Lively The party was inactive until the music started. It turned into a lively event quickly.
Dynamic The business appeared inactive last year. Now, it is dynamic and growing.
Functioning The old computer was inactive for days. Now it is back to functioning properly.
Operational The system was inactive due to technical issues. It is now back operational and running smoothly.
Busy The stores are inactive late at night. During the day though, they are very busy.
Moving The ball was inactive on the ground. Once kicked, it started moving quickly.
Participating She had been inactive in the discussion. Now, she is actively participating and sharing insights.
Functioning The car was inactive without gas. After refueling, it was once again functioning.
Live The website had been inactive for maintenance. It is now live and accessible again.
Mobile The patient appeared inactive after surgery. With recovery, he became mobile and independent.
In Motion The statue stood inactive in the park. The performance was in motion and lively.
Operating The machine was inactive during off-hours. It switched back to operating when needed.
Energetic The team seemed inactive during warm-up. Once the match started, they were energetic and powerful.
Alive The project lay inactive on the desk. As soon as she started working, it came alive with ideas.
Functional The server was inactive during maintenance. After completion, it was functional once again.
Busy The house felt inactive without children. With guests over, it became busy and chaotic.
Mobile The baby had been inactive during naptime. After waking up, she was mobile and exploring.
Dynamic The group appeared inactive at first glance. Their discussion quickly became dynamic and engaging.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INACTIVE

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