Opposite of INCREDULOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for incredulous refer to words that represent the opposite of disbelief or skepticism. These terms are used to describe feelings of belief, trust, or confidence in something.

When encountering antonyms for incredulous, individuals may experience a sense of acceptance, assurance, or conviction instead of doubt or suspicion. These words convey a willingness to believe or trust in what is being presented.

By exploring antonyms for incredulous, one can uncover a range of expressions that reflect a positive and open-minded attitude towards information or ideas. These terms offer a counterpoint to skepticism, encouraging a more receptive and trusting approach to various situations.

35 Antonyms for INCREDULOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for incredulous. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INCREDULOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Incredulous Sentence with Antonym
Believing He was incredulous when he heard about the UFO sighting. She was believing every word of the inspiring speech.
Trusting James was incredulous of the politician’s promises. Sarah was trusting of her best friend to keep her secret safe.
Accepting The audience was incredulous of the magician’s tricks. After some convincing, they were accepting of the new ideas presented.
Convinced She remained incredulous despite the evidence provided. He was convinced after reviewing all the facts presented to him.
Credulous The old man was incredulous of the strange customs of the village. The young girl was credulous and believed everything she was told.
Convinced They were incredulous that she had completed the marathon. Her speed and stamina made them convinced she was a professional runner.
Swayed His incredulous expression changed after hearing the real story. Her initial hesitations were soon swayed when she heard the compelling argument.
Trustful They were incredulous of the salesman’s exaggerated claims. She was trustful of her friend’s advice and followed it without hesitation.
Accepting The team was incredulous of the coach’s decision to include the rookie. Eventually, they became accepting of the new member and acknowledged his skills.
Certain She was incredulous about the allegations made against her. He was certain of his innocence and knew the truth would come out eventually.
Gullible He was incredulous when he heard about the prank played on him. Being gullible, she believed every tall tale told by her mischievous friends.
Trustworthy The investors were incredulous of the financial advisor’s bold claims. They found the new accountant to be trustworthy and reliable in handling their finances.
Sceptical Kim appeared incredulous when told about the plans for the new project. On the contrary, Tom was sceptical and raised valid concerns about its success.
Doubtful She was incredulous of her brother’s sudden change in behavior. Jane was initially doubtful but later accepted his explanation and apology.
Uncertain Despite her incredulous demeanor, she had a feeling the surprise was for her. He was initially uncertain about the decision but later felt confident about it.
Impressed The critics remained incredulous after the artist’s new performance. The audience was highly impressed and applauded the artist for their talent.
Cynical He was incredulous when told about the generous donation from the millionaire. Always cynical, she doubted the philanthropist’s intentions behind the large gift.
Doubting She was incredulous of the scientist’s claims about time travel. The students were doubting at first but soon grasped the concept taught by him.
Believer Martin’s incredulous reaction to the mystical story surprised everyone. Unlike him, his sister was a strong believer in magic and its wonders.
Certain John was completely incredulous about the success of the new marketing strategy. However, he was certain that the old method would yield better results.
Trusting Karen was incredulous upon hearing the news of their unexpected win. Her cousin, being trusting by nature, was ecstatic about the wonderful turn of events.
Valid Despite the incredulous expressions, the evidence presented was accurate. He provided a valid explanation that cleared all doubts and suspicions.
Open The lawyer’s incredulous tone hid his doubts regarding the witness’s story. In contrast, the judge was open to all the arguments presented in the courtroom.
Faithful She was incredulous when faced with the ultimate act of true love. Her best friend Jess was always faithful, believing in love and its power.
Satisfied Sara’s incredulous response to the surprise vacation was priceless. In the end, she was completely satisfied with the destination and the experience.
Unquestioning The investor’s incredulous attitude caused delays in approving the deal. In contrast, his partner was unquestioning and agreed to proceed without hesitation.
Certain Jack remained incredulous concerning the team’s decision to stay overnight. Despite his apprehension, Sarah was certain that their safety was guaranteed.
Hopeful Despite a series of incredulous events, the team remained optimistic. Always hopeful, she believed that better days were ahead even in the darkest times.
Know She was incredulous of the facts presented in the extensive report. Her co-worker, on the other hand, seemed to know every detail of the study.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INCREDULOUS

In conclusion, synonyms for incredulous like believing, trusting, and accepting can help convey a sense of openness and willingness to believe. By using words opposite to incredulous, such as gullible, naive, and credulous, one can depict a character who is easily persuaded or quick to trust. By exploring various antonyms for incredulous, writers can create diverse and nuanced portrayals in their storytelling, highlighting characters who exhibit different levels of skepticism, faith, or gullibility. This can add depth and complexity to narratives, enhancing the reader’s understanding and engagement with the plot and characters.

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