Opposite of INDELIBLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for “indelible,” we are exploring words that convey the opposite meaning of something that cannot be erased or forgotten. In essence, these antonyms describe things that are temporary, fleeting, or easily removed from memory or existence.

One antonym for “indelible” could be “temporary,” suggesting something that only has a short-lived impact or presence. These are experiences, memories, or marks that do not leave a lasting impression and can be easily forgotten or erased.

Another antonym for “indelible” could be “impermanent,” indicating that something is not meant to last forever, but rather has a transient nature. This term encompasses the idea of something fleeting, momentary, and liable to disappear over time.

35 Antonyms for INDELIBLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for indelible. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INDELIBLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Indelible Sentence with Antonym
Erasable The memory of that event is indelible in my mind. The marks on the whiteboard are erasable.
Forgettable The experience left an indelible mark on me. The movie was so dull and boring, it was completely forgettable.
Impermanent The impact of that speech was indelible on the audience. The sandcastle was impermanent and washed away by the tide.
Transient The feeling of joy was indelible in her heart. His happiness was only transient and soon faded away.
Fading His memories of childhood are indelible. The ink of the old letters is slowly fading.
Mild The pain he felt was indelible after the accident. The discomfort was only mild after the fall.
Vanishing The beauty of the sunset was indelible in her mind. The rainbow was vanishing as the storm approached.
Fleeting The feeling of contentment was indelible as he watched his kids play. The moment of tranquility was only fleeting.
Temporary His appreciation for art was indelible. The decorations on the wall were temporary.
Removable The song left an indelible impression on her heart. The graffiti on the wall was easily removable.
Bearable The pain she felt was indelible and overwhelming. The discomfort was bearable and did not last long.
Evanescent The memory of their first kiss was indelible. The mist over the lake was evanescent.
Insignificant The impact of his words was indelible to her. His comments were insignificant and soon forgotten.
Transitory The moment of pure joy was indelible. The happiness was transitory and fleeting.
Light The scars left behind were indelible. The scratches on the table were light and easily removed.
Fugitive The sound of her laughter was indelible. The footprints in the sand were fugitive after the wave.
Eradicable Her fear of spiders was indelible even after years. The stain on the carpet was eradicable with cleaning.
Forgetful The impact of his kind words was indelible. His forgetful nature led to missing important appointments.
Passing The bond they shared was indelible. The moment of hesitation was only passing.
Reversible The decisions they made were indelible in their lives. The changes in the plan were reversible for improvement.
Unlasting The joy she felt was indelible at the thought of her promotion. The excitement was unlasting since it was a mistake.
Fainter The details of the incident were indelible in her memory. The picture was becoming fainter as time passed.
Disappearing The excitement was indelible on their faces. The footprints in the sand were disappearing with each wave.
Extinguishable The love she felt for him was indelible. The flames of the campfire were extinguishable with water.
Dire The consequences of his actions were indelible. The situation was not dire and could be resolved easily.
Cursory The impact of her words was indelible in his mind. His attention was cursory and he missed the message.
Subsiding The feeling of anger was indelible in him. The storm was subsiding and calming down.
Temporary His love for her was indelible. The job offer was temporary and he could find a better one.
Dimming The memories of that day were indelible in her heart. The lights were dimming as the evening approached.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INDELIBLE

In essence, memories that are easily forgettable are transient and fleeting, leaving no lasting impact or permanent mark on our recollection. They lack the depth and enduring quality of indelible memories that stay with us for a lifetime. While ephemeral memories may bring temporary joy or sadness, they are quickly overshadowed and replaced by new experiences. On the contrary, indelible memories are etched in our minds, shaping who we are and influencing our perceptions and decisions throughout life.

Thus, the ephemeral nature of forgettable memories contrasts starkly with the profound impact of indelible memories. It is the lasting impressions created by significant experiences that truly mold our identities and contribute to the richness of our personal narratives.

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