Opposite of INDICTMENT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for words with meanings opposite to *indictment*, it’s helpful to find antonyms that convey innocence, exoneration, or vindication. Antonyms offer alternative perspectives and can enhance our understanding of a concept by contrasting it with its opposite.

Antonyms provide a valuable tool for writers, speakers, and learners to expand their vocabulary and enrich their communication skills. They offer a way to express a reverse meaning, allowing for a more nuanced and precise expression of ideas.

Exploring antonyms for *indictment* can help to broaden our linguistic repertoire, enabling us to communicate with greater clarity and subtlety. By understanding and incorporating antonyms into our language, we can refine our expressions and deepen our comprehension of diverse concepts.

35 Antonyms for INDICTMENT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for indictment. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INDICTMENT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Indictment Sentence with Antonym
Acquittal The grand jury returned an indictment against the suspect. The jury delivered an acquittal for the defendant.
Approval The indictment of the company led to a public outcry. The company’s actions received approval from the public.
Praise The politician faced indictment for corruption charges. The politician received praise for their integrity.
Commendation The police officer avoided indictment after the internal investigation. The officer’s exemplary conduct earned him commendation.
Exoneration The suspect was facing indictment in the high-profile case. New evidence led to the exoneration of the suspect.
Vindication The indictment came as a shock to the community. The evidence brought vindication for the accused.
Acclaim The company’s unethical practices led to indictment. The organization was met with acclaim for their ethical standards.
Applause The corruption scandal brought indictment to light. The community response was a round of applause for the whistleblowers.
Admiration The indictment revealed the extent of the fraud scheme. The executive received admiration for upholding honesty.
Ovation The arrest followed by the indictment shocked many. The subsequent heroism received a standing ovation.
Plaudit The indictment of the organization was long overdue. The institution later received international plaudit.
Honor The indictment of the CEO sent shockwaves through the industry. The leader was later recognized with the highest honor in the sector.
Pardon The indictment marked a turning point in the trial. The judge later granted a pardon to the defendant.
Applause The motive behind the indictment was unclear initially. The decision to drop the charges was met with applause.
Praise The verdict of indictment led to widespread speculation. Later, the judges received praise for their wisdom in the case.
Acclaim The suspect’s indictment was headline news for weeks. This was followed by an unexpected outpour of acclaim for the accused.
Commendation The consequence of the indictment was severe. Eventually, the truth came out, and there was commendation for the accused.
Honor The aftermath of the indictment had a lasting impact on the individual. After the allegations were proven false, the person was showered with honor.
Rejoice The public was in shock following the sudden indictment of the admired celebrity. Later, the fans had reason to rejoice as the charges were dropped.
Vindication The event leading up to the indictment was a mystery to many. Subsequent investigations brought vindication for the accused.
Approval The indictment of the beloved philanthropist was met with disbelief. The public demonstrations were in approval of the person’s character.
Admiration The impact of the indictment was felt across the organization. Contrary to expectations, the person gained even more admiration amidst the chaos.
Applause The shock of the indictment reverberated among colleagues. The cheers of applause soon followed the person’s exoneration.
Acquittal The aftermath of the indictment was a struggle for the innocent person. In the end, the whole ordeal resulted in an acquittal for the accused.
Pardon The tension following the indictment was palpable in the courtroom. Finally, the judge decided to grant a pardon to the defendant.
Honor The mere mention of indictment tainted his reputation. Yet, he was later honored for his contributions to society.
Praise The aftermath of the indictment was harsh on the family. Nevertheless, the individual received widespread praise for his actions.
Commendation The community was shocked by the news of indictment. However, in the end, the man earned commendation for his courage.
Acclaim The company’s downfall came after indictment surfaced. Despite the setback, the team received acclaim for their innovative ideas.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INDICTMENT

In conclusion, while accusations can tarnish one’s reputation, they can also lead to exoneration and prove innocence. Michael’s commendable conduct earned him praise and recognition from his peers, showing his integrity. The absence of censure speaks volumes about his character and the trust others have in his actions.

Overall, the lack of reproach and condemnation signifies a clean record and a clear conscience. Michael’s laudable deeds and blameless reputation exemplify a positive and virtuous individual who upholds high moral standards.

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