Opposite of INFAMOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for infamous refer to words or phrases that convey a positive, honorable, or respectable connotation. While infamous denotes a negative reputation or notoriety, antonyms for this term represent qualities that are well-regarded or admired.

These antonyms provide an alternative perspective to the negative associations of infamous, offering words that reflect positive qualities, such as esteemed, reputable, or distinguished. By using antonyms for infamous, one can describe individuals, events, or actions in a manner that highlights their positive attributes and commendable characteristics.

Exploring antonyms for infamous allows for a broader vocabulary range and the ability to accurately convey different nuances of meaning. By utilizing these contrasting terms, one can effectively communicate a more balanced and nuanced portrayal of a subject, moving away from the negative implications associated with infamy.

35 Antonyms for INFAMOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for infamous. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INFAMOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Infamous Sentence with Antonym
Famous The city is known for its infamous high crime rate. The city is known for its famous landmarks.
Reputable The company’s infamous history of scandals was well-known. The company is now recognized as a reputable organization.
Honorable His infamous actions brought shame to his family. He is known for his honorable deeds and integrity.
Noble The dictator was infamous for his brutal regime. The leader was known for his noble efforts to bring peace.
Esteemed The town’s infamous past was a dark chapter in its history. The town is now highly esteemed for its cultural heritage.
Respectable The singer’s infamous behavior tarnished her reputation. She is now known for her respectable conduct and kindness.
Admirable The general was infamous for his merciless tactics in battle. The soldier is recognized for his admirable courage and compassion.
Glorious The empire’s infamous conquests led to suffering and devastation. The kingdom is remembered for its glorious achievements and prosperity.
Virtuous The corrupt politician was infamous for his unethical practices. The new leader is admired for his virtuous character and commitment to serving the people.
Creditable The scandal caused the once-respected scientist to become infamous. The researcher’s recent breakthrough made him creditable once again.
Illustrious The criminal gang was infamous for their ruthless operations. The detective force is celebrated for its illustrious track record in solving cases.
Distinguished The artist’s infamous behavior overshadowed his talent. His works are now showcased in distinguished galleries around the world.
Praiseworthy The CEO’s infamous embezzlement scandal shocked the business community. The philanthropist’s charitable work is highly praiseworthy.
Commendable The senator faced criticism for his infamous controversial statements. The humanitarian’s efforts in providing aid are truly commendable.
Exemplary The athlete’s infamous doping scandal tarnished his career. The coach is known for his exemplary leadership and sportsmanship.
Celebrated The band’s breakup was due to the lead singer’s infamous disruptive behavior. The band is now celebrated for their music and performances.
Well-regarded The actor’s infamous outburst at the event shocked the audience. The actress is well-regarded for her professionalism and talent.
Renowned The city became infamous for its high levels of pollution. The region is now renowned for its sustainable environmental practices.
Laudable The company was once infamous for its exploitative labor practices. Their recent initiative was considered laudable by stakeholders.
Eminent The family’s infamous scandal was the talk of the town. The new member is an eminent figure in the field of medicine.
Noble The ruler was infamous for his oppression of the lower classes. The philanthropist was known for his noble deeds and charitable acts.
Respected The actor’s reputation became infamous after the scandal. She is now highly respected in the industry for her professionalism.
Reputable The company’s infamous legal troubles damaged its standing. The organization is now seen as reputable after its reforms.
Admirable The group’s infamous actions drew condemnation from all sides. Their recent charity work was hailed as admirable by many.
Honorable The judge’s infamous rulings were seen as biased by many. He is now known for his honorable commitment to justice and fairness.
Respected The actor became infamous after a series of scandals. The singer is a respected figure in the music industry.
Laudable The politician’s infamous corruption scandal led to his downfall. His efforts to combat poverty were seen as laudable by the public.
Glorious The emperor was infamous for his ruthless conquests. The queen is remembered for her glorious reign of peace and prosperity.
Praiseworthy The star athlete became infamous for cheating in competitions. The coach’s dedication to mentoring young athletes is praiseworthy.
Esteemed The composer’s infamous feud with critics overshadowed his talent. He is now highly esteemed as a master of classical music.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INFAMOUS

Synonyms for infamous include reputable, respectable, honored, distinguished, esteemed, and acclaimed. These terms describe individuals or actions that are known for their positive qualities and widespread admiration. In contrast, infamous represents a negative reputation or notoriety for something immoral, disgraceful, or dishonorable.

Choosing to embody qualities associated with being reputable and esteemed can lead to a positive and honorable reputation. By avoiding actions that may make one infamous, individuals can build trust, respect, and admiration within their communities and social circles. Embracing virtues such as honesty, integrity, and compassion can help cultivate a positive image and legacy that stands the test of time.

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