Opposite of INTEGRATED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing linguistic terms, antonyms serve as words that hold opposite meanings when paired together. In this context, antonyms for “integrated” refer to words that convey the opposite of unity or amalgamation. These antonyms highlight aspects of segregation, disunity, or separation in the language.

Examining antonyms for “integrated” can provide valuable insights into contrasting ideas and concepts within language. By exploring these antonyms, we can deepen our understanding of the diverse linguistic landscape and the nuances of word pairings that signify opposing meanings. This exploration allows for a more comprehensive examination of language and its ability to convey complex ideas through the use of contrasting terms.

Understanding antonyms for “integrated” not only enhances our vocabulary but also facilitates clearer communication by identifying opposing concepts. By recognizing and utilizing these antonyms, individuals can express ideas with greater precision and specificity, effectively conveying diametrically opposed notions in language.

35 Antonyms for INTEGRATED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for integrated. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INTEGRATED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Integrated Sentence with Antonym
Separated The different departments integrated their efforts for a successful project. The different departments remained separated and worked independently on their tasks.
Segregated The schools were integrated after the desegregation ruling. The schools were previously segregated by race.
Disconnected The various components of the system were carefully integrated for optimal performance. The various components of the system were disconnected, leading to inefficiencies.
Isolated The new employee was quickly integrated into the team. The new employee felt isolated and struggled to connect with their coworkers.
Detached The community members worked together and integrated their resources for disaster relief. The community members remained detached and did not collaborate in times of need.
Divided The groups were integrated to promote diversity and inclusivity. The groups were kept divided to maintain a sense of exclusivity.
Unmixed The artist integrated a variety of colors to create a vibrant painting. The artist kept the colors unmixed to maintain a monochromatic theme.
Secluded The new neighborhood was designed to integrate green spaces and communal areas. The new neighborhood was built with high walls that secluded residents from each other.
Segmented The marketing campaign aimed to integrate various platforms for a cohesive message. The marketing campaign was segmented, leading to confusion among consumers.
Broken Over time, the once cohesive group integrated and adapted to each other’s differences. Over time, the group became broken and fractured due to conflicts.
Exclusive The company aimed to integrate different perspectives to foster creativity and innovation. The company was exclusive and only allowed a select few to contribute ideas.
Isolated The company worked towards integration of its global offices to promote collaboration. The company’s global offices were isolated and did not communicate effectively with each other.
Disassembled The team members closely integrated their skills for a successful outcome. The team members disassembled and went their separate ways after the project.
Split The project manager worked to integrate feedback from multiple stakeholders. The project manager’s actions caused the team to split into different factions.
Fragmented The software platform effectively integrated different modules for seamless operation. The software platform was fragmented and had compatibility issues between modules.
Disjoined The families in the neighborhood were encouraged to integrate through community events. The families in the neighborhood remained disjoined and did not interact with each other.
Untied The threads of various ideas were integrated into a comprehensive solution. The ideas were untied and left as disparate fragments without coherence.
Partitioned The company aimed to integrate its departments for better coordination. The company previously partitioned its departments, leading to communication barriers.
Disconnected The company sought to integrate its communication systems for efficiency. The company’s communication systems were disconnected and caused delays in information sharing.
Fragmented The artist integrated themes of nature and technology in her artwork. The artist’s artwork was fragmented with no unifying concept.
Dismantled The team was successfully integrated with members collaborating effectively. The team was dismantled due to internal conflicts and lack of trust.
Individualized The company aimed to integrate its services to provide a seamless user experience. The company individualized its services, leading to inconsistent experiences for users.
Isolated The community center worked to integrate residents of all ages through various programs. The community center previously kept residents isolated and did not offer opportunities for interaction.
Disentangled The researchers carefully integrated data from various sources for their study. The data sources were disentangled and kept separate, leading to incomplete analysis.
Separated The merged companies aimed to integrate their operations for efficiency. The companies remained separated after the merger and struggled to align their processes.
Unmixed The chef integrated a mix of flavors to create a unique dish. The chef kept the flavors unmixed and served each ingredient separately.
Divorced The two teams integrated their expertise for a successful project. The two teams previously divorced themselves from each other’s work, leading to duplication of efforts.
Fragmented The proposals were integrated into a comprehensive plan for the project. The proposals were fragmented and lacked coherence, causing confusion among team members.
Insulated The best way to promote social harmony is to integrate people from diverse backgrounds. The best way to maintain societal divisions is to keep groups insulated from each other.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INTEGRATED

In conclusion, incorporating diverse perspectives and ideas instead of maintaining separate silos can lead to a more holistic approach. By promoting collaboration and synergy among different parts of a system, organizations can achieve a more seamless and harmonious operation. Embracing diversity, fostering unity, and encouraging cooperation are essential in moving away from compartmentalization towards a more integrated and interconnected environment where the strengths of each component can be leveraged for collective success.

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