Opposite of INTEGRITY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for integrity are words that represent the opposite qualities or characteristics of integrity. Integrity is the quality of being honest, having strong moral principles, and adhering to those principles at all times, even when faced with challenges or temptations. Antonyms for integrity can include terms that suggest dishonesty, immorality, or a lack of ethical values.

When discussing antonyms for integrity, it’s important to consider words that convey the absence of honesty, such as deceit, fraudulence, or corruption. These terms contrast with integrity, as they imply a disregard for truthfulness and ethical conduct. Antonyms for integrity can also encompass traits like insincerity, hypocrisy, and untrustworthiness, which stand in opposition to the sincerity and trustworthiness associated with integrity.

While integrity is often associated with honor, righteousness, and uprightness, antonyms for integrity represent qualities like deceitfulness, unscrupulousness, and moral laxity. By understanding the antonyms for integrity, we gain insight into the various ways in which individuals can deviate from ethical standards and fail to uphold the principles of honesty and moral rectitude.

35 Antonyms for INTEGRITY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for integrity. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INTEGRITY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Integrity Sentence with Antonym
Dishonesty She always acts with integrity in her work. His constant dishonesty led to mistrust among his colleagues.
Deceit Living a life of integrity is important to him. His actions are full of deceit and lies, harming those around him.
Corruption Leaders should demonstrate integrity in all decisions. The corruption within the organization was revealed by the audit.
Fraudulence The company is known for its integrity and transparency. His fraudulence was uncovered after a thorough investigation.
Deception It’s crucial for journalists to maintain integrity in reporting. His constant deception made it hard for others to trust him.
Duplicity Their relationship is built on integrity and trust. She was known for her duplicity and manipulation of others.
Infidelity She values integrity above all else in her relationships. His infidelity eventually led to the breakdown of their marriage.
Falseness Living with integrity means always being honest with oneself. His constant falseness made it hard for others to believe him.
Insincerity He is a man of integrity and always keeps his promises. His insincerity could be seen through his shallow words and actions.
Fraud Their business is known for its integrity and ethical practices. The company was shut down due to financial fraud and malpractice.
Treachery She is admired for her integrity in every aspect of her life. His acts of treachery towards his friends cost him their trust.
Betrayal His reputation is built on his integrity and honesty. Their betrayal of their partners shocked the entire community.
Unfairness The company prides itself on its integrity and equality for all employees. The unfairness in the hiring process led to disagreements in the team.
Depravity It’s important for leaders to act with integrity and high moral standards. His depravity and immoral behavior were exposed in the media.
Vice He conducts his business with integrity and respect for all stakeholders. His indulgence in vice was evident in his reckless lifestyle choices.
Perversity Striving for integrity in all aspects of life can lead to personal growth. His perversity in actions caused harm to those around him.
Untruthfulness The company’s commitment to integrity and honesty sets it apart. Their untruthfulness in the statements was obvious to everyone.
Disloyalty Their friendship is based on integrity and mutual respect. His acts of disloyalty towards his team members were unacceptable.
Malfeasance She was known for her integrity and strong ethical principles. His malfeasance was uncovered during the investigation of the case.
Injustice Upholding integrity means always striving for fairness and equality. The injustice of the ruling sparked protests across the country.
Immorality His actions reflect his integrity and commitment to moral values. The immorality of his behavior caused outrage among the community.
Misconduct The organization values integrity in all dealings with clients. The employee was fired for misconduct that went against company policies.
Distrustfulness Relationships built on integrity are strong and trusting. His distrustfulness towards others made it hard to form meaningful connections.
Wickedness She believed strongly in integrity and doing what is morally right. His wickedness and cruel intentions were revealed in his actions.
Turpitude Striving for integrity means adhering to high ethical standards. His actions were marked by turpitude and a lack of moral decency.
Gullibility He proudly upholds integrity in both his personal and professional life. His gullibility led him to fall for various scams and schemes.
Malevolence Leaders should lead with integrity and a genuine concern for their followers. His malevolence and cruel intentions were evident in his actions.
Disparagement The company is recognized for its commitment to integrity and respect. His constant disparagement of others showed his lack of moral values.
Fraudulency She always prioritizes integrity and honesty in her interactions with others. His fraudulency in the financial affairs brought him legal trouble.
Degeneracy Maintaining integrity is essential in building trust and credibility. His degeneracy and immoral choices alienated him from his peers.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INTEGRITY

It is crucial to uphold honesty and truthfulness in all aspects of life to maintain trust and credibility. Conversely, when individuals demonstrate deceit and dishonesty, it erodes their integrity and damages their reputation. Integrity forms the foundation of strong relationships and ethical behavior, while the absence of integrity can lead to chaos and mistrust. It is pivotal to prioritize integrity in both personal and professional endeavors to foster a culture of transparency and reliability.

By embodying integrity and consistently practicing honesty, individuals can establish themselves as trustworthy and dependable individuals. On the contrary, if one lacks integrity and engages in deceitful practices, it can have detrimental consequences on their relationships and standing in society. Upholding integrity is not only a personal responsibility but also a fundamental value that contributes to a harmonious and ethical society.

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