Opposite of INTERCESSION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for intercession refer to words that convey the opposite meaning of the concept of mediating on behalf of someone else or intervening in a situation to bring about a positive outcome. The antonyms serve as direct opposites to the idea of interceding or acting as a go-between in a conflict or negotiation.

These antonyms can encompass terms that signify refusing to get involved or avoiding any form of intervention. They encapsulate the notion of refraining from stepping in or offering assistance, and can denote a lack of involvement or engagement in a particular situation where intercession would typically be expected.

In the realm of language and communication, antonyms for intercession can reveal contrasting perspectives on when and how individuals choose to intervene or advocate on behalf of others. Understanding these antonyms can help clarify the boundaries and limitations of intercession, as well as shed light on alternative approaches to conflict resolution and assistance.

35 Antonyms for INTERCESSION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for intercession. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INTERCESSION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Intercession Sentence with Antonym
Ignoring She sought intercession from her friend to mediate the argument between her parents. She decided to ignore the disagreement between her parents and walked away.
Refusal His intercession with the manager helped secure a job for his friend. The manager’s refusal to consider the candidate’s qualifications led to disappointment.
Avoidance Through the priest’s intercession, the couple resolved their differences and reconciled. Their avoidance of addressing their issues only worsened the situation between them.
Disregard The teacher’s intercession on behalf of the student convinced the principal to reconsider the expulsion. The principal’s disregard of the teacher’s recommendation led to the student’s dismissal.
Disallow The king granted intercession to the petitioners and pardoned the accused criminals. The judge decided to disallow any plea for leniency and sentenced the criminals to prison.
Reject The prisoner’s intercession for clemency was heard by the governor. The governor’s rejection of the appeal meant that the prisoner’s sentence would not be reduced.
Avoid Seeking intercession from a mediator can often help resolve conflicts amicably. Some individuals prefer to avoid confrontation altogether, leading to unresolved issues.
Dismiss The lawyer’s intercession led to a settlement that pleased both parties. The judge chose to dismiss the case due to lack of evidence, leaving both parties unsatisfied.
Turn away The politician sought the intercession of a powerful ally to secure funding for the community project. Despite the plea for help, the ally decided to turn away and not get involved in the project.
Neglect The mother’s intercession on behalf of her child ensured that he received the necessary medical treatment. The child’s well-being suffered due to the caregiver’s neglect of his medical needs.
Denial The matriarch’s intercession during the family dispute helped prevent a permanent rift. The denial of wrongdoing by one party escalated the conflict, leading to irreparable damage.
Abandon The priest’s intercession brought solace to the grieving family after the tragic accident. The family felt abandoned by their friends in their time of need, worsening their grief.
Discourage The mentor’s intercession pushed the student to apply for the scholarship despite doubts. Negative feedback and criticism can discourage individuals from pursuing their goals and dreams.
Ruin The nobleman’s intercession saved the village from destruction by the marauding bandits. The lack of intervention ultimately led to the ruin of the village as the bandits looted and razed it.
Forsake The community’s intercession helped the orphaned children find new homes and families. The decision to forsake the children after the tragedy left them feeling lost and alone.
Abolish The council’s intercession led to the amendment of the controversial law. The government’s decision to abolish the law altogether sparked protests and unrest among the citizens.
Prevent Timely intercession by the lifeguard saved the swimmer from drowning in the turbulent waters. The lack of supervision can sometimes prevent lifeguards from intervening in emergency situations.
Inhibit The doctor’s intercession sped up the approval process for the patient’s surgery. Failure to seek medical attention promptly can inhibit the recovery process and impact the patient’s health.
Break The mediator’s intercession helped repair the fractured relationship between the business partners. The lack of communication and mutual respect can quickly break relationships, leading to irreconcilable differences.
Hamper The lawyer’s intercession facilitated a smoother resolution to the legal dispute. Legal technicalities and loopholes can hamper the progress of legal proceedings, causing delays and complications.
Jeopardize The diplomat’s intercession averted a potential conflict between the neighboring countries. Failure to maintain diplomatic relations can jeopardize peace and stability in the region.
Block The teacher’s intercession helped the students overcome the obstacles to their academic success. Impediments like lack of resources and support can block students from reaching their full potential.
Undermine The captain’s intercession boosted the team’s morale and confidence before the championship game. Negative remarks and criticism can undermine team spirit and performance, leading to demotivation.
Deter Seeking intercession from a professional counselor can help address mental health concerns effectively. Stigmatization and lack of awareness about mental health can deter individuals from seeking appropriate help.
Destroy The villagers prayed for the saint’s intercession to protect their crops from the impending storm. The sudden storm’s intensity was enough to destroy all the crops, causing significant losses to the farmers.
Leave The mediator’s intercession brought about a peaceful resolution to the land dispute between the neighbors. The lack of an impartial mediator could leave both parties unsatisfied, escalating the conflict further.
Shatter The negotiator’s intercession helped mend the fragile peace treaty between the warring factions. The factions’ refusal to compromise and listen to reason resulted in a conflict that ultimately shattered the peace.
Dishearten The pastor’s intercession provided comfort and hope to the grieving family after the tragic loss. The insensitive remarks and lack of empathy shown by others can dishearten those mourning a loss, deepening their sorrow.
Hinder The mentor’s intercession cleared the way for the student to pursue higher education without financial constraints. Financial burdens and lack of scholarships can hinder deserving students from accessing quality education.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INTERCESSION

Different from intervention, intercession involves mediating and advocating on behalf of others without directly interfering in a situation. While intervention may imply a more forceful or intrusive action, intercession focuses on seeking help or support for someone else. Unlike obstruction, intercession aims to facilitate positive outcomes and assistance for those in need. Instead of obstruction, intercession promotes cooperation and collaboration to address issues and provide solutions.

In summary, intercession contrasts with intervention by emphasizing support and representation rather than direct involvement or interference. It differs from obstruction by promoting assistance and advocacy for others instead of hindering progress or communication. By understanding these antonyms for intercession, we can appreciate the nuances of mediation and advocacy in various contexts.

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