Opposite of INTERJECTION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for interjection refer to words or phrases that are not used to express sudden emotions or interruptions in speech. Interjections are words like “wow” or “ouch” that are often used to convey emotions or add emphasis in a sentence. In contrast, antonyms for interjections are words that do not serve this purpose.

These antonyms for interjections are typically more formal or structured parts of speech that are used to convey clear communication or convey specific information in a sentence. While interjections add flair and emotion to a sentence, antonyms for interjections provide stability and structure to the language.

By understanding and recognizing antonyms for interjections, individuals can enhance their language skills and improve their ability to communicate effectively. Utilizing a variety of words and speech components, including both interjections and their antonyms, allows for a more diverse and expressive way of conveying thoughts and emotions in speech and writing.

35 Antonyms for INTERJECTION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for interjection. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INTERJECTION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Interjection Sentence with Antonym
Silence Shh! Be quiet in the library. Hello! Please speak up.
Calmness Wow! This view is stunning. Meh. I find it average.
Composure Ouch! That hurt. No reaction. It’s fine.
Restraint Hey! Don’t do that. Let it happen. Go ahead.
Disapproval Yuck! This tastes awful. Yum! Loving the flavor.
Indifference Hurray! We won the match. Oh well. It’s just a game.
Stay Go away! Leave me alone. Come here. Stay with me.
Impassive Ouch! It’s not a big deal. Boisterous. Very painful.
Disinterest Oh! I don’t care about that. Excitement. I’m interested.
Detachment Yikes! That scared me. Engagement. I felt close.
Tranquility Eek! There’s a spider. Peaceful. The garden is beautiful.
Rejection Cheers! Let’s celebrate. Denied. Feeling rejected.
Repression Ouch! That was harsh. Expression. Outspoken words.
Nonchalance Wow! That’s impressive. Conscious. I don’t care.
Tolerance Yuck! I can’t stand that smell. Enjoyment. It’s delightful.
Quietude Hey! Keep it down. Chatter. It’s too quiet.
Stoicism Ouch! The pain is bearable. Emotion. Feeling deeply.
Resistance Nope! I won’t give up. Acceptance. I surrender.
Receptivity Wow! I love this idea. Disapproval. I dislike it.
Participation Hooray! Let’s all join in. Withdrawal. I won’t join.
Stability Uh-oh! Everything is chaotic. Balance. Everything is stable.
Antipathy Boo! I don’t like that idea. Affinity. I love that idea.
Inhibition Whoops! I shouldn’t have said that. No restraint. Say what you want.
Unconcern Good grief! I burned dinner. Concern. It’s not a big deal.
Participation Bravo! Enjoy the performance. Isolation. Stay away from the crowd.
Deficiency Oops! I forgot to buy milk. Completion. I remembered to buy milk.
Quietness Yoo-hoo! Where are you? Chatter. Stop talking now.
Unresponsiveness Ouch! That’s painful. Reaction. I felt that impact.
Tumultuous Shush! It’s too noisy here. Peaceful. It’s very quiet here.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INTERJECTION

In communication, interjections are words or phrases that express strong emotions or feelings. When used effectively, they can add emphasis or convey the speaker’s sentiments clearly. On the other hand, restraint in language can lead to a more formal or composed expression.

By recognizing and using antonyms for interjections, individuals can refine their communication skills and tailor their message to suit different contexts. Whether adding energy with exclamation or maintaining composure with restraint, the choice of words influences how the message is received and understood by others.

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