Opposite of INTUITION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for intuition are defined as words or concepts that present the opposite meaning or characteristics of the intuitive process. While intuition involves a gut feeling or instinctive understanding without the need for conscious reasoning, antonyms for intuition encompass logical thinking, rational decision-making, and evidence-based conclusions.

Unlike intuition, which relies on a deep sense of knowing or perception, antonyms for intuition prioritize analysis, evidence, and objective facts to reach conclusions. These antonyms serve as a contrast to the intuitive process, emphasizing structured thinking, critical reasoning, and empirical evidence as the basis for making decisions and drawing conclusions.

In various contexts such as problem-solving, decision-making, or creative processes, recognizing antonyms for intuition allows individuals to approach challenges from different perspectives and consider both intuitive leaps and analytical reasoning. By understanding the opposite aspects of intuition, individuals can cultivate a balanced approach that incorporates intuitive insights with logical thinking to enhance their overall decision-making abilities.

35 Antonyms for INTUITION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for intuition. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding INTUITION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Intuition Sentence with Antonym
Ignorance Trust your intuition when making decisions Relying on ignorance for making decisions
Logic She followed her intuition in choosing her career She ignored logic when selecting her career
Rationality His intuition guided him to the right answer He let go of rationality in reaching a conclusion
Calculation Sometimes you have to trust your intuition in making choices Avoid relying on calculations and listen to your feelings
Reason Her intuition told her to take a different route She ignored reason and followed her gut feeling
Pragmatism Trust your intuition and it will lead you to the truth Reject pragmatism and follow what your instincts tell you
Deliberation The decision was made based on intuition and gut feeling It was a spontaneous decision made without any deliberation
Analysis Sometimes you need to listen to your intuition rather than analyzing everything Avoid overanalysis and trust your instincts
Calculation Trust your intuition when the numbers don’t add up Following calculation might not always lead you to the right decision
Evaluation She relied on her intuition to make the call The decision was made without any evaluation or thought
Judgement His intuition warned him of the impending danger He disregarded judgement and faced the consequences
Logic Sometimes it’s better to trust your intuition rather than logic Setting aside logic and relying solely on your intuition
Rationality Trust your intuition even if it doesn’t seem rational Sometimes rationality can hinder your intuition
Analytical He approached the problem with his intuition He ignored the analytical approach and went with his gut feeling
Thoughtful Follow your intuition and don’t overthink it Act spontaneously without being thoughtful
Sensible The decision may seem illogical, but trust your intuition Let go of being rational and trust your intuition instead
Intellect Trust your intuition for the answer you seek Sometimes intellect can cloud your intuition
Calculation Sometimes it’s better to rely on intuition than on calculations Avoid getting stuck in calculations and listen to your instincts
Deliberate It was not a deliberate choice but pure intuition The decision was made with no hesitation and without being deliberate
Evaluation Sometimes intuition can lead to better decisions than careful evaluation Avoid being overly cautious and rely on your intuition
Logic Trust your intuition when logic fails Sometimes it’s better to follow your intuition rather than logic
Rationality Let go of rationality and trust your intuition Sometimes rationality can hinder your intuition
Calculation Avoid relying only on calculation and listen to your intuition Trust your intuition even when the numbers don’t add up
Analysis His intuition guided him to the right path Avoid overanalysis and trust your intuition
Judgement Trust your intuition in situations where judgement fails Disregard others’ judgement and follow your intuition
Logic Sometimes it’s best to trust your intuition over logic Don’t let logic overshadow your intuition
Rationality She followed her intuition instead of rationality Let go of rationality and trust your intuition
Calculation Sometimes you have to let go of calculation and trust your intuition Trust your intuition even when the calculations don’t make sense
Deliberation The decision was not made through deliberation but intuition Sometimes it’s better to act on intuition rather than deliberation
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of INTUITION

In the realm of decision-making and guidance, intuition can be seen as a natural instinct or gut feeling that steers individuals towards optimal choices. However, when intuition is lacking or overridden, individuals may rely on logic or reasoning to navigate situations. Trusting in tangible evidence, facts, and concrete data serves as a counterbalance to intuitive leaps, ensuring a more methodical and calculated approach.

While intuition can offer swift insights and prompt actions, the absence of intuitive nudges encourages a measured and analytical assessment of circumstances. By balancing both intuition and logic, individuals can make well-rounded decisions that blend gut instincts with rational thought processes, leading to more informed and strategic choices.

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