Opposite of ISOLATED – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Are you looking for words that convey the opposite meaning of isolated? Antonyms for isolated represent concepts that are intertwined, connected, or integrated instead of being alone or separated. These antonyms suggest a sense of togetherness, community, and interaction, providing a diverse range of options to express the opposite of isolation.

By exploring antonyms for isolated, you can uncover words that capture the essence of companionship, unity, and collaboration. These terms offer a spectrum of meanings that highlight the importance of relationships, inclusivity, and belonging. Understanding these antonyms can help you communicate ideas of connectedness and mutual support in various contexts.

Whether you are seeking to enrich your vocabulary, enhance your writing, or simply broaden your understanding of language, familiarizing yourself with antonyms for isolated can expand your linguistic toolkit. These terms enable you to articulate nuanced concepts and convey a sense of closeness, integration, and solidarity in your communication.

35 Antonyms for ISOLATED With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for isolated. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ISOLATED antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Isolated Sentence with Antonym
Connected The house was isolated from the rest of the neighborhood. The office building is well connected to public transportation.
Socialized She often felt isolated at social gatherings. After joining the club, he became more socialized and made many friends.
Included The new student felt isolated in the classroom. With the help of the teacher, she was included in group activities.
Engaged He was isolated in his thoughts as he worked on his project. It’s important to stay engaged in conversations during meetings.
Surrounded The cozy cabin was isolated by a thick forest. The beach house was surrounded by palm trees and the ocean.
United The team members often felt isolated from one another. Through team-building exercises, they became more united and supportive.
Integrated Immigrants often feel isolated in a new country. After learning the language, they are better integrated into society.
Involved The individual preferred to be isolated from group activities. It’s important to be involved and participate in team projects.
Partnered The detective was isolated in the investigation. With a new partner, he was partnered on the case to collaborate.
Interconnected In the digital age, no one wants to feel isolated from technology. Our devices are now interconnected and can communicate seamlessly.
Engaged She felt isolated from her family during the holiday season. It’s important to stay engaged and communicate with loved ones.
Combined The two neighboring towns used to be isolated from each other. With the new highway, they are now combined and more accessible.
Involved He tended to be isolated from group projects in school. To succeed, it’s important to be involved and contribute to the team.
Interactive The old library was isolated with no digital resources. The new library is interactive and offers various multimedia options.
Networked Despite moving to a new city, she didn’t feel isolated. Through social media, she remained networked with friends from her hometown.
Collaborating The artist preferred to be isolated while working on his masterpiece. He enjoyed collaborating with other artists on group projects.
Merged The two companies were once isolated competitors. After the merger, they became merged entities with shared goals.
Associated He often felt isolated from the academic community. By attending conferences, he became associated with researchers in his field.
Coordinated The emergency response team couldn’t afford to be isolated during a crisis. They needed to be coordinated and work together efficiently.
Integrated The new student felt isolated on her first day at school. With the help of a buddy, she was better integrated into the classroom.
Connected In the digital age, no one wants to be isolated from the internet. It’s essential to stay connected for communication and information.
Attached She often felt isolated from her colleagues in the office. By forming friendships, she became more attached to the team.
Interwoven The artist preferred to be isolated when working on her paintings. Her abstract art showcased colors interwoven in a harmonious mix.
Engaged The student preferred to be isolated while studying for exams. It’s important to stay engaged and ask questions for better understanding.
Involved The athlete tended to be isolated from team celebrations. To build team spirit, it’s important to be involved in post-game events.
Linked The small village felt isolated from larger urban centers. With the new highway, they were linked to the cities for better connectivity.
Engaged She felt isolated from her community after moving to a new town. To make new friends, she needed to stay engaged and participate in local events.
United The family often felt isolated due to their busy schedules. Through regular family dinners, they became more united and bonded.
Merged The two projects were initially isolated from each other. By combining resources, they were eventually merged into one successful venture.
Associated He tended to be isolated from social gatherings at work. By attending company events, he became associated with his coworkers.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ISOLATED

In the ever-connected world we live in today, being integrated is becoming more important than ever. Individuals and communities thrive when they are linked, interacting, and supported by a network of relationships. This contrast to feeling detached or secluded can lead to a sense of belonging, collaboration, and mutual growth.

By embracing integration over isolation, we pave the way for richer experiences, diverse perspectives, and a greater sense of unity. Building bridges and fostering connections can enhance our lives in numerous ways, from providing support during challenging times to celebrating shared successes. Ultimately, the choice to be integrated is a powerful one that can lead to a more fulfilling and connected life for individuals and communities alike.

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