Opposite of JAW – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for jaw are words that convey the opposite meaning or serve as a contrast to the term “jaw.” These antonyms help to provide a clearer understanding of the concept by illustrating different perspectives or contexts. By exploring antonyms for jaw, we can widen our vocabulary and deepen our comprehension of language.

Antonyms are crucial in language as they offer a range of options for expressing ideas and concepts. When we encounter antonyms for jaw, we are presented with alternatives that enhance our ability to communicate effectively. By incorporating these antonyms into our vocabulary, we can enrich our speech and writing, leading to clearer and more engaging communication.

Understanding antonyms for jaw also allows us to appreciate the nuances in language and the complexities of words. By exploring the opposite meanings of “jaw,” we can gain a deeper insight into the subtle distinctions between words and their varying connotations. Antonyms for jaw provide a valuable tool for expanding our linguistic skills and promoting precision in expression.

35 Antonyms for JAW With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for jaw. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding JAW antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Jaw Sentence with Antonym
Mouth The jaw was clenched tightly in anger. Her smile spread from mouth to mouth.
Smile He rested his chin on his jaw in thought. She couldn’t help but frown, her smile fading.
Laugh His jaw dropped in astonishment. She struggled to laugh as tears welled up.
Speak His jaw tightened as he fought back his words. She stood silent, a speaking glare in her eyes.
Chew He could feel his jaw moving as he ate. She struggled to swallow without having to chew.
Yawn A big yawn escaped his jaw as he relaxed. She fought the urge to yawn despite feeling tired.
Sing Her jaw quivered as she hit the high note. He refused to sing, his jaw locked in stubbornness.
Open His jaw was set in a firm line, not willing to open. He smiled, opening his jaw wide in greeting.
Close His jaw clenched as he tried to close the stubborn jar. She let out a sigh of relief after hearing the close of the door.
Soft His jaw was stiff, devoid of any softness. Her touch was gentle, bringing a softness to his jaw.
Relax He tensed his jaw in anxiety, unable to relax. She took a deep breath, her jaw finally able to relax.
Giggle She tried to stifle a giggle, her jaw clenching. His face remained stoic, resisting the urge to giggle and relax his jaw.
Silent He spoke through clenched jaw, the pain evident. She refused to keep silent, her jaw set in determination.
Loose His jaw was tight, the muscles not loose at all. She let out a breath, feeling her whole body go loose, starting from her jaw.
Sleep His jaw was relaxed as he drifted into sleep. She lay awake, her jaw tense, unable to find sleep.
Gape Her jaw dropped in a gape at the unexpected sight. He tried to remain composed, not allowing his jaw to gape wide.
Quiet His jaw clenched, not wanting the tears to escape. She broke the quiet with a laugh, her jaw relaxing.
Bite He winced as his jaw clenched down in a pressure bite. She avoided any harsh bite, her jaw gentle and relaxed.
Serious His jaw set in a serious line, unwavering. She grinned, not able to remain serious, her jaw loosening.
Fasten Her jaw tightened as she struggled to fasten the button. He chuckled, already done with his task, his jaw relaxed.
Loosen His jaw was clenched tight, refusing to loosen up. She let out a breath, finally able to loosen her jaw from the tension.
Close He sighed, his jaw finally able to close after speaking. She smiled, her jaw hesitant to close after the laughter.
Articulate He struggled to articulate, his jaw tense with frustration. She spoke smoothly and articulate, her jaw relaxed.
Chatter His jaw clenched as he tried to chatter with excitement. She remained silent with calmness, her jaw relaxed.
Cease His jaw was set in determination, refusing to cease movement. She sighed in relief, finally feeling the tension cease from her jaw.
Rest He tensed his jaw, unable to find a moment of rest. She sighed, finally able to find some rest, her jaw relaxing.
Loud His jaw remained clamped, refusing to be part of the loud noise. She laughed, her jaw moving with the loud sound of her joy.
Shut His jaw clenched as he tried to shut the lid tightly. She smiled, letting the door shut with a gentle push, her jaw relaxed.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of JAW

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