Opposite of LABORIOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for “laborious” are words that represent activities or tasks that are effortless, uncomplicated, or undemanding. These terms serve as opposites to the concept of hard work, requiring minimal effort or exertion.

Opposites of “laborious” denote actions that are simple, straightforward, and can be completed with ease. When tasks are categorized as antonyms of laborious, they generally involve minimal strain, are quick to accomplish, and do not require extensive energy or time investment.

Identifying antonyms for laborious can help express activities or processes that are efficient, easy, and streamlined. These terms contrast with the idea of difficult, arduous tasks, offering alternatives that emphasize simplicity and convenience.

35 Antonyms for LABORIOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for laborious. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding LABORIOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Laborious Sentence with Antonym
Easy The laborious task of assembling the furniture took several hours. The task was so easy to complete that it only took a few minutes.
Effortless Writing the report was a laborious process that required careful research and detailed analysis. With his natural talent, he was able to complete the report in an effortless manner.
Simple The project’s laborious nature demanded meticulous attention to detail and constant revision. The solution turned out to be so simple that it required no additional adjustments.
Quick The laborious procedure of manually inputting data into the system slowed down the entire workflow. By using the automated system, data entry became quick and efficient.
Swift The laborious task of sorting through the documents was time-consuming and required intense concentration. By using the new software, the process became swift and saved a significant amount of time.
Light The laborious chore of cleaning the entire house every weekend left her feeling exhausted and drained. The new cleaning method was so light that it was completed quickly and without much effort.
Undemanding The laborious project demanded long hours of work and careful attention to detail. The new assignment was so undemanding that it was completed without any need for overtime.
Simple The laborious task of organizing the event required coordinating with multiple vendors and participants. A simple plan was put into place, making the event organization straightforward and stress-free.
Effortless Her laborious efforts to learn a new language paid off when she finally became fluent. Learning the second language was effortless for her, and she quickly picked up the new vocabulary.
Manageable The laborious process of managing the inventory involved regular stocktaking and meticulous record-keeping. The inventory management was reorganized to be more manageable and efficient, reducing unnecessary tasks.
Straightforward Solving the puzzle seemed like a laborious task, requiring logical thinking and trial and error. Once the trick was understood, the solution became straightforward, and the puzzle was quickly completed.
Breezy Getting through the laborious paperwork was a challenge, with each form requiring detailed information and signatures. With the new electronic forms, the paperwork became breezy to complete, saving time and effort.
Simple The laborious process of redesigning the website involved extensive coding and testing. The website redesign was completed with a simple approach, streamlining the design process.
Uncomplicated The laborious task of assembling the furniture required following complex instructions and using specific tools. With the new furniture design, assembly became uncomplicated, with parts easily fitting together.
Painless Climbing the steep hill was a laborious task, causing strain on the muscles and leaving them sore. Walking through the meadow was so painless in comparison, as it required no strenuous effort.
Light The laborious workout regime left her feeling exhausted, with every muscle aching from the intense exercise. The new exercise routine was so light that she enjoyed every session without feeling fatigued.
Effortless Cooking the elaborate dinner was a laborious process involving multiple steps and precise timing. The meal preparation became effortless once the new recipe was followed, making cooking a breeze.
Swift The laborious process of getting approval for the project took weeks, involving countless meetings and revisions. With the revised submission, project approval became swift, with quick decision-making and minimal delays.
Quick The laborious task of data entry required entering each piece of information manually, slowing down the overall progress. By using the new software, data entry became quick and error-free, improving efficiency significantly.
Simple The laborious preparation for the exam involved studying late into the night and memorizing vast amounts of material. The exam turned out to be unexpectedly simple, with questions that were easy to answer and comprehend.
Light The laborious process of researching for the project involved reading numerous articles and analyzing data in-depth. The simplified research approach made the project work feel so light that it was completed sooner than expected.
Undemanding The laborious process of redesigning the product required intense brainstorming sessions and multiple design iterations. The new product redesign was surprisingly undemanding, with a straightforward approach that quickly led to the final design.
Effortless Completing the complicated puzzle was a laborious task, testing the limits of her patience and concentration. Switching to the easier puzzle made the task effortless, with pieces falling into place without much thought.
Manageable The laborious project required balancing multiple tasks simultaneously and meeting strict deadlines. Breaking down the project made it more manageable, with tasks assigned clear deadlines and completion dates.
Straightforward The laborious task of editing the video involved meticulous attention to detail and precise timing of each cut. The streamlined editing software made the video editing process straightforward, with intuitive tools that simplified the task.
Breezy The laborious process of handling customer complaints required patience and careful resolution to maintain customer satisfaction. With the new customer service approach, handling complaints became breezy, resolving issues quickly and efficiently.
Uncomplicated Fixing the laborious plumbing issue involved identifying the problem, acquiring the right tools, and spending hours on repairs. The plumbing fix turned out to be uncomplicated with a quick solution that required minimal effort and resources.
Painless The laborious routine of tidying up the garden involved weeding, pruning, and regular maintenance to keep it looking neat. The garden maintenance felt painless with the help of a gardening service that handled all the tasks efficiently and effectively.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of LABORIOUS

Tasks that are effortless, straightforward, and smooth-flowing are what many people prefer over those that are difficult, arduous, and challenging. When work is simple, it can be completed quickly and without much effort, making it more enjoyable to accomplish. Instead of a laborious process, a seamless and uncomplicated task can be a welcome change in our daily routines.

By avoiding laborious tasks and opting for straightforward ones, we can save time and energy, allowing us to be more productive and efficient. Ultimately, choosing activities that are undemanding and trouble-free can lead to a more pleasant and stress-free experience, making our daily lives more manageable and enjoyable.

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