Opposite of LATTER – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to each other. They provide contrast and can be used to emphasize differences in writing or speech. When looking for antonyms, one might be searching for words that are the opposite of another word or phrase.

For example, if someone is asked to find the antonyms for the word “happy,” they would be looking for words that convey the opposite feeling or emotion, such as “sad” or “unhappy.” This can help add depth and nuance to communication, making it more precise and engaging.

Whether in formal writing, casual conversation, or academic study, knowing antonyms can enhance language skills and facilitate clearer expression. By understanding and utilizing antonyms, one can effectively communicate ideas and convey meaning in a more balanced and nuanced way.

35 Antonyms for LATTER With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for latter. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding LATTER antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Latter Sentence with Antonym
First He arrived latter than everyone else. He arrived first in the race.
Early The latter part of the book was boring. The early chapters were the most exciting.
Initial The project began with a lot of setbacks, but latter stages were successful. The initial stages were challenging.
Start He announced his retirement in the latter part of the press conference. He mentioned his plans at the start of the discussion.
Beginning His performance in the latter part of the season was disappointing. He was exceptional right from the beginning of the competition.
Fore The forecast predicted rain in the latter part of the week. The sky was clear in the fore part of the week.
Ahead John finished his work well ahead of the latter deadline. John procrastinated and rushed at the last minute.
Early The latter chapters of the book were confusing. The early sections were clear and concise.
Commencement The latter part of the meeting was the most productive. The commencement was filled with introductions.
Antecedent The latter event was cancelled due to bad weather. The antecedent gathering was a huge success.
Precursor The latter of the two races was the more challenging one. The precursor competition was relatively easy.
Elementary The course gets more difficult in the latter units. The basics are covered in the elementary sections.
Starting The latter part of the recipe requires more time. The starting steps are quick and easy.
Incoming The latter emails in the inbox were urgent. The incoming messages were mostly spam.
Foregoing The latter statements contradicted the foregoing ones. The previous and foregoing remarks were consistent.
Old He was energetic and spry in his youth, but latter years have slowed him down. He was wise and experienced in his old age.
Before He apologized for his behavior in the latter part of the conversation. He was rude before but now apologized.
Introductory The latter part of the tour included advanced level activities. The introductory stage was more basic and simple.
Proximate The latter group finished the race close to the last place. The proximate team arrived shortly after the first group.
First She bought a blue shirt and a green skirt; she wore the latter to the party. She bought two dresses; she wore the first one to the party.
Maiden The cook prepared the main course as latter dish in the elaborate meal. The dessert was served as a maiden course.
Beforehand He made a speech in the latter part of the meeting without preparation. He had rehearsed his speech beforehand.
Priority She tackled the latter task before addressing the more critical ones. She focused on the priority tasks first.
Senior In his latter days, he enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren. In his younger years, he was an ambitious and successful businessman.
Previous His latter remarks contradicted his previous statements. He changed his mind, and his current stance was different from the earlier one.
Pioneer The latter of the two inventions was more advanced. The pioneer invention laid the foundation for further innovations.
Debut She was a prominent artist in her latter years. She made her debut at a young age and gained early success.
Primary The film was overshadowed by its sequel in the latter years. The primary movie enjoyed immense popularity at the time of its release.
Foremost The latter books in the series were not as well-received as the foremost ones. The first few books were highly acclaimed in comparison to the later ones.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of LATTER

In summary, the antonyms for the term “latter” include “former,” “earlier,” “initial,” and “first.” When discussing a sequence of events or items, identifying the opposite of “latter” helps provide clarity and context. For instance, instead of focusing on the latter part of a presentation, considering the former points can offer valuable insights. By recognizing and utilizing antonyms for “latter,” individuals can enhance their communication, decision-making, and overall understanding of information presented in a chronological order.

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