Opposite of LAVATORY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for antonyms for “lavatory,” it is essential to understand the term itself. A lavatory refers to a bathroom or a room equipped with facilities for washing and relieving oneself, often including a toilet and sink. The word is commonly used to describe a place where one can perform personal hygiene tasks.

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to a given word. In the case of “lavatory,” antonyms would be terms that represent places or areas where one cannot engage in activities related to personal hygiene or restroom use. These antonyms can help illustrate contrasting locations or environments that lack restroom facilities or amenities typically found in a lavatory.

Considering possible antonyms for “lavatory” can lead to a deeper understanding of the concept by examining its opposite meanings. By exploring words that represent places or spaces without bathroom fixtures or utilities, one can gain insight into the various environments and situations that differ from traditional restroom settings.

35 Antonyms for LAVATORY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for lavatory. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding LAVATORY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Lavatory Sentence with Antonym
Fancy I must use the lavatory before the meeting. I must use the portable toilet before the meeting.
Public The lavatory on the airplane was crowded. The private bathroom on the airplane was empty.
Modern The lavatory in the old building had no running water. The contemporary restroom in the new building had automated features.
Spacious The lavatory in the studio apartment was small. The expansive bathroom in the mansion was huge.
Hideous The lavatory in the gas station was dirty and disgusting. The beautiful bathroom in the hotel was clean and inviting.
Dimly-lit The lavatory in the basement had poor lighting. The well-lit restroom on the top floor was bright.
Noisy The lavatory near the concert hall was filled with loud sounds. The quiet bathroom in the library was serene.
Cramped The lavatory on the train was tiny and uncomfortable. The spacious restroom in the hotel was roomy.
Rustic The lavatory in the cabin was basic and simple. The luxurious bathroom in the spa was elegant and stylish.
Inadequate The lavatory at the park lacked basic amenities. The well-equipped restroom at the mall had everything one needed.
Broken The lavatory in the old building was out of order. The functional bathroom in the modern wing was in perfect condition.
Outdoor The lavatory at the camping site was exposed to the elements. The indoor bathroom in the hotel provided shelter from the weather.
Contaminated The lavatory at the gas station was unclean and contaminated. The sanitized bathroom at the hospital was disinfected and safe.
Temporary The lavatory at the construction site was a makeshift setup. The permanent restroom at the office was built to last.
Unsanitary The lavatory at the rest stop was unsanitary and filthy. The sanitary bathroom at the restaurant was clean and hygienic.
Unventilated The lavatory in the basement was stuffy and unventilated. The well-aerated restroom on the top floor had good air circulation.
Crowded The lavatory at the event was full of people waiting in line. The empty bathroom at the hotel was devoid of any occupants.
Primitive The lavatory in the ancient ruins was rudimentary and basic. The modern bathroom in the luxury hotel was advanced and sophisticated.
Restricted The lavatory in the restricted area was off-limits to the public. The accessible restroom in the open area was available to everyone.
Unfashionable The lavatory in the outdated building was unfashionable. The stylish bathroom in the trendy cafe was fashionable and chic.
Uncomfortable The lavatory on the old train was uncomfortable and cramped. The luxurious restroom in the new spa was comfortable and spacious.
Broken The lavatory in the school was broken and in need of repair. The functional bathroom in the mall was working perfectly.
Disgusting The lavatory at the truck stop was disgusting and repulsive. The clean bathroom at the hotel was spotless and inviting.
Temporary The lavatory at the construction site was temporary. The permanent restroom at the office was built to last.
Hidden The lavatory in the corner of the park was hidden from view. The visible bathroom near the entrance was easy to find.
Unusable The lavatory in the abandoned building was unusable. The functional restroom in the new hotel was ready for use.
Insufficient The lavatory at the gas station had insufficient facilities. The well-equipped bathroom at the rest area had everything needed.
Unoccupied The lavatory in the deserted building was unoccupied. The occupied restroom in the busy mall had a waiting line.
Aged The lavatory in the historical building was aged and worn. The new bathroom in the renovated hotel was fresh and modern.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of LAVATORY

In summary, there are many different ways to express the concept of a lavatory through the use of antonyms. Some of these include terms like living room, dry area, and outside space. By exploring these contrasting phrases, we can better understand the diverse ways in which language can describe everyday objects and spaces. Through the juxtaposition of antonyms, we are able to see the full spectrum of possibilities for how a lavatory can be characterized.

By examining the antonyms for lavatory, we gain insight into the richness and complexity of language. These contrasting terms allow us to appreciate the variety of ways in which different cultures and contexts can describe the same concept. Overall, exploring antonyms for lavatory provides a fascinating insight into the versatility and nuance of language.

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