Opposite of LEAP – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for leap refer to words that signify an action that is opposite to or different from swiftly jumping or springing through the air. These are terms that describe movements with a slower pace or without the sudden burst of energy associated with a leap.

Contrary to the idea of bounding forward with force and vigor, antonyms for leap suggest a more measured and deliberate way of moving from one point to another. These words embody a sense of gradual progress or a more cautious approach in traversing a distance.

By exploring antonyms for leap, we can uncover a variety of terms that capture the nuances of different types of movement and shed light on the diverse ways in which actions can be conveyed with language. This offers a rich tapestry of vocabulary to choose from when seeking to accurately express the specific nature of physical motion in writing or speech.

35 Antonyms for LEAP With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for leap. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding LEAP antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Leap Sentence with Antonym
Crawl The leap across the river was impressive. The slow crawl across the river was exhausting.
Creep The cat made a sudden leap onto the table. The cat began to creep away from the table quietly.
Step With a leap, he cleared the high hurdle. She took a small step over the crack in the sidewalk.
Inch He took a leap of faith and quit his job. She could only manage to inch forward in the crowd.
Inch The leap into the unknown was exhilarating. The inch away from the edge was cautious.
Inch They watched the deer make a graceful leap. The deer began to inch back into the forest.
Tiptoe He made a daring leap off the cliff. She had to cautiously tiptoe across the icy pathway.
Plunge With a mighty leap, he landed on the other side. She decided to take a gentle plunge into the shallow end.
Plunge The gazelle made a graceful leap over the river. The gazelle made a hesitant plunge into the shallow stream.
Stagger The athlete made the final leap to the finish line. The exhausted runner began to stagger towards the end.
Crouch She watched in awe as the frog made a high leap. The frog was now preparing to crouch and stay still.
Retreat The bunny made a quick leap out of sight. The bunny made a slow retreat into the burrow.
Withdraw With a powerful leap, the lion caught its prey. The gazelle decided to withdraw from the chase.
Descend The dancer’s leap across the stage was breathtaking. The dancer began to gracefully descend from the air.
Descend The squirrel made a daring leap between trees. The squirrel started to descend slowly to the ground.
Drop The chasm was too wide for a simple leap. He chose to take a cautious drop down to the lower level.
Fall The gymnast executed a flawless leap routine. The acrobat took a controlled fall from the trapeze.
Fall The salmon made a mighty leap upstream. The salmon had to fall back to rest in the calm waters.
Drop The cat made a graceful leap onto the window sill. The cat decided to simply drop from the tree branch.
Retreat With one last leap, he crossed the burning bridge. Realizing the danger, he opted to retreat to safety.
Retire The athlete made a victorious leap at the finish line. After years of competing, he decided to gracefully retire.
Land The kangaroo made a quick leap across the field. It landed softly after its long leap.
Land The hare took a daring leap over the fence. It had a gentle and safe land on the other side.
Rise With a powerful leap, the dog caught the frisbee. The dog began to rise gracefully from its resting position.
Sink The dolphin made an elegant leap out of the water. The dolphin started to sink slowly back beneath the surface.
Jump The frog’s leap was the longest ever recorded. The cat’s attempt to jump from the ground fell short.
Run The rabbit made a powerful leap away from danger. The rabbit decided to run slowly back to its burrow.
Jump He had to leap over the obstacle to reach the finish line. She was too tired to take the extra jump required to clear it.
Walk The athlete made a strong leap in the high jump event. The toddler chose to walk cautiously along the narrow path.
Sprint The cheetah’s leap across the savannah was breathtaking. The cheetah had to sprint to catch up with its prey.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of LEAP

In essence, while some may prefer to leap into new opportunities impulsively, others may choose to approach them cautiously. This diversity in decision-making styles allows individuals to navigate through life’s challenges with flexibility and wisdom. By considering all options before making a move, one can avoid unnecessary risks and make more informed choices. Whether one decides to leap or cautiously step forward, both approaches have their own merits and can lead to success in different circumstances. Embracing this diversity in decision-making can enhance one’s ability to adapt to a variety of situations and ultimately thrive in the face of change.

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