Opposite of LEISURELY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we think of the word “antonyms,” we typically consider words that hold opposite meanings. Likewise, when we examine antonyms for the word “leisurely,” we are focusing on words that convey a sense of speed, urgency, or haste. These antonyms provide a contrasting perspective to the relaxed and unhurried connotations of the term “leisurely.”

In the realm of antonyms for “leisurely,” we encounter words that evoke a sense of quickness, rapidity, and swiftness. These contrasting terms highlight the difference in pace and tempo, emphasizing the absence of leisure and relaxation. By exploring antonyms for “leisurely,” we gain a deeper understanding of the various ways in which speed and urgency can be expressed in language.

By examining antonyms for “leisurely,” we uncover a spectrum of words that convey a sense of haste, hustle, and bustle. These contrasting terms serve to illustrate the diverse nuances of speed and urgency, offering a rich tapestry of vocabulary to express the opposite of leisurely attitudes or actions.

35 Antonyms for LEISURELY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for leisurely. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding LEISURELY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Leisurely Sentence with Antonym
Rushed She strolled through the park. She hurried through the park.
Hasty They took a slow and leisurely approach to the project. They took a quick and hasty approach to the project.
Swift The old man sauntered along the path. The old man raced along the path.
Frantic They sipped their coffee casually, enjoying the morning. They downed their coffee frantically trying to catch the bus.
Urgent We had a relaxed and leisurely breakfast. We had a quick and urgent breakfast.
Hastily The boat glided slowly across the lake. The boat zipped across the lake hastily.
Brisk They walked slowly and leisurely through the garden. They walked briskly through the garden.
Prompt She spoke calmly and leisurely about her experiences. She spoke promptly about her experiences.
Speedy He ate his dinner slowly and leisurely enjoying each bite. He ate his dinner speedily to catch his flight.
Rapid The tortoise moved slowly along the path. The hare moved rapidly along the path.
Quick They strolled leisurely down the beach. They walked quickly down the beach.
Efficient The team worked slowly and leisurely to finish the project. The team worked efficiently to finish the project.
Brisk He moved slowly and leisurely as if there was no rush. He moved briskly to catch the last bus.
Rapid They chatted casually and leisurely over dinner. They discussed the issue rapidly and came to a conclusion.
Prompt She talked slowly and leisurely about her childhood memories. She answered their questions promptly in the meeting.
Swift He walked slowly and leisurely down the street. He ran swiftly to reach the bus stop on time.
Active The group moved slowly and leisurely through the museum. The team moved actively to complete the challenge.
Rush They covered the distance slowly and leisurely. They covered the distance in a rush.
Hurry Stay relaxed and leisurely while preparing for the presentation. There is no time to relax, you need to hurry with the preparations.
Quick The river flowed slowly and leisurely. The river rushed quickly towards the waterfall.
Swiftly They completed the task slowly and leisurely. They completed the task swiftly.
Active The cat played slowly and leisurely with the yarn. The dog chased the ball actively in the park.
Expeditious Enjoy a calm, leisurely walk in the park. Finish your tasks in an expeditious manner.
Hasty She spoke slowly and leisurely to make her point clear. Stop making hasty decisions without thinking.
Steady They walked slowly and leisurely down the lane. They proceeded steadily down the path.
Active The old man moved slowly and leisurely around the house. The children played outside actively.
Quick They responded calmly and leisurely to the situation. They reacted quickly to the emergency.
Speed The car moved slowly and leisurely along the country road. The sports car raced at full speed along the highway.
Frantic She painted slowly and leisurely on the canvas. She scribbled frantically when the deadline was near.
Swiftly The turtle moved slowly and leisurely. The horse raced swiftly towards the finish line.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of LEISURELY

In contrast to the slow pace of a leisurely stroll, **the brisk walker** prefers to move swiftly and with purpose. While some enjoy **lounging** in the sun, others find satisfaction in **being active** and constantly on the go. **Waiting** for the perfect moment is not for everyone; some prefer to **act immediately** and seize opportunities as they arise.

In a world where some appreciate a laid-back approach to life, there are also those who thrive on **urgency** and **efficiency**. **Taking it easy** is not everyone’s cup of tea, as some find fulfillment in being **dynamic** and **energetic** in their pursuits. The **diligent** individual values productivity and is always looking for ways to make the most of their time.

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