Opposite of LIABLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for liable are words that convey the opposite meaning of being responsible or likely to be held accountable for something. Instead of indicating a duty or legal obligation, antonyms for liable suggest the absence of responsibility or the unlikelihood of being blamed for a particular outcome.

In contrast to liable, antonyms for this term often include words such as immune, exempt, unaffected, or shielded. These terms convey the idea of being protected from consequences or excused from facing repercussions, highlighting the lack of accountability or obligation associated with the opposite of liable.

Understanding antonyms for liable is essential for distinguishing between different levels of responsibility, obligation, or susceptibility to blame in various contexts. By recognizing and utilizing these contrasting terms effectively, individuals can accurately convey the absence of liability or accountability and express the concept of being shielded from consequences.

35 Antonyms for LIABLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for liable. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding LIABLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Liable Sentence with Antonym
Exempt The company is liable for the damages. The company is exempt from any liability.
Innocent He is liable for the mistake. He is innocent of any wrongdoing.
Irresponsible We are liable for the error in the report. We are irresponsible for our actions.
Immune The vaccination made her liable to the disease. The vaccination made her immune to the disease.
Obligated They are liable to pay the fine. They are not obligated to pay the fine.
Blameless The witness is liable to testify in court. The witness is blameless in this situation.
Irresponsible They are liable for the damage caused. They are irresponsible for their actions.
Exonerated The suspect is liable for the crime. The suspect is exonerated from the crime.
Innocent She is liable to face consequences. She is innocent and should not be blamed.
Unaccountable The employee is liable for the mistake made. The employee is unaccountable for the error.
Unreliable The witness is liable to provide accurate information. The witness is unreliable and cannot be trusted.
Secure The insurance will make you liable for the damages. The insurance will make you secure from any liability.
Steadfast He is liable to change his position. He is steadfast in his beliefs.
Faultless The company is liable for the faulty product. The company is faultless in this matter.
Untrustworthy The politician is liable for the scandal. The politician is untrustworthy in their actions.
Absolved The accused is liable for the crime. The accused is absolved from any wrongdoing.
Unreliable The source is liable to provide accurate information. The source is unreliable and should not be trusted.
Culpable The company is liable for the financial losses. The company is culpable for the financial losses.
Innocent He is liable for the mistake. He is innocent of any blame.
Exempt Businesses are liable for tax payments. Businesses are exempt from certain taxes.
Unanswerable The organization is liable for the failure. The organization is unanswerable for the success.
Unreliable The website is liable for accurate information. The website is unreliable and should not be trusted.
Secure Taking the insurance makes you liable for certain risks. Taking the insurance makes you secure from risks.
Guiltless She is liable for the crime. She is guiltless in the matter.
Irresponsible Students are liable for the tasks assigned. Students are irresponsible if they neglect them.
Untrustworthy The witness is liable for the misleading testimony. The witness is untrustworthy and unreliable.
Certain The contract makes them liable for project delays. The contract makes them certain of the project’s success.
Exonerated The defendant is liable for the offense. The defendant is exonerated from the offense.
Dependable The supplier is liable for providing quality products. The supplier is dependable and can be relied upon.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of LIABLE

In conclusion, understanding the opposite meaning of “liable” can help clarify concepts and improve communication. By exploring antonyms such as “immune,” “exempt,” and “irresponsible,” we can grasp a more nuanced understanding of responsibility and accountability. This knowledge can be particularly valuable in legal contexts, decision-making processes, and interpersonal relationships, where clarifying who is not liable can be just as important as identifying who is. Embracing these antonyms can lead to more precise and effective communication, ultimately enhancing collaboration and problem-solving in various spheres of life.

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