Opposite of LIBERATE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for liberate refer to actions or concepts that are contrary or opposing in meaning to the act of setting someone or something free. In other words, these antonyms imply confinement, restraint, or limitation instead of freedom or release.

These antonyms serve as a way to express the opposite end of the spectrum from liberation. By understanding and recognizing these contrasting terms, we gain a broader perspective on the complexities of freedom and restraint in various contexts.

Exploring antonyms for liberate can provide insight into the different ways in which individuals, societies, or systems can experience or impose restrictions, boundaries, or control. Understanding these antonyms contributes to a more nuanced understanding of freedom and its limitations.

35 Antonyms for LIBERATE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for liberate. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding LIBERATE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Liberate Sentence with Antonym
Confine The soldiers were sent to liberate the hostages from the enemy camp. The prisoners were forced to confine in their cells.
Imprison The activist fought to liberate the oppressed people from the dictator. The criminal was sentenced to imprison for his actions.
Restrain The government announced a mission to liberate the captured civilians. The authorities decided to restrain the protestors.
Enslave The abolitionists worked hard to liberate the slaves from their captors. The tyrant sought to enslave the entire population.
Limit The army set out to liberate the city from the reign of terror. The new laws will limit the freedom of speech.
Confiscate The rebels planned to liberate the resources from the corrupt officials. The authorities decided to confiscate the stolen goods.
Imprison The brave soldiers managed to liberate the POWs from the enemy base. The judge ordered to imprison the criminal for life.
Suppress The citizens rose up against the oppressive regime to liberate their rights. The dictator tried to suppress any sign of dissent.
Trap The rescue team worked tirelessly to liberate the trapped miners from the collapsed mine. The hunter set a trap to trap the wild animals.
Subjugate The rebels fought to liberate the oppressed people from the tyrannical ruler. The emperor sought to subjugate all neighboring kingdoms.
Bind The warriors joined forces to liberate the kingdom from the evil sorcerer. The sorcerer used magic to bind the heroes and prevent their escape.
Capture The mission was to liberate the hostages held by the terrorists. The police were able to capture the suspects after a chase.
Detain The freedom fighters aimed to liberate the political prisoners from unjust detention. The authorities decided to detain the suspects for questioning.
Imprison The revolutionaries sought to liberate the citizens from unjust laws. The government planned to imprison all dissidents.
Suppress The rebels’ goal was to liberate the oppressed communities from government control. The government’s aim was to suppress any form of dissent.
Hold The mission was to liberate the hostages from the enemy’s stronghold. The enemy stronghold was fortified to hold any attackers.
Confine The volunteers worked tirelessly to liberate the animals from their cages. The animals were confined to small, cramped spaces.
Imprison The heroine bravely moved to liberate the captives from the enemy’s clutches. The villain sought to imprison anyone who opposed him.
Repress The people united to liberate themselves from the oppressive regime. The regime used force to repress any resistance.
Trap The goal was to liberate the climbers stuck on the mountain ledge. The quicksand was a trap for unwary travelers.
Enslave The heroes’ quest was to liberate the enslaved population from their master. The master planned to enslave a new group of workers.
Deny The rebels wanted to liberate the country from foreign occupation. The occupiers sought to deny the rebels their freedom.
Imprison The activists’ mission was to liberate the unjustly incarcerated individuals. The ruler’s plan was to imprison all critics.
Curb The revolution aimed to liberate the people from the oppressive government. The government sought to curb any form of opposition.
Confine The soldiers were able to liberate the hostages from the enemy’s clutches. The enemies planned to confine the hostages in a hidden location.
Restrain The hostages were hoping for someone to liberate them from captivity. The captors were careful to restrain their prisoners.
Trap The explorers stumbled upon a village hoping to liberate it from a curse. The curse was designed as a trap for the unwary travelers.
Enslave The hero’s goal was to liberate all those who were under the villains’ control. The villain sought to enslave the entire population for his gain.
Confine The rebels came up with a plan to liberate the captive townspeople. The tyrant was planning to confine all dissenters in the dungeons.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of LIBERATE

In conclusion, while words like imprison, confine, restrict, and confine convey the opposite of liberate, they all emphasize the idea of being held back or restrained. When looking to free oneself or others, it’s vital to understand the various antonyms of liberate to appreciate the constraints that may be present. To liberate means to release, empower, emancipate, and unshackle, enabling individuals to break free from limitations and experience newfound freedom. By recognizing these antonyms, one can gain a deeper understanding of the barriers that impede liberation and work towards overcoming them for a more liberated existence.

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