Opposite of LOAN – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When it comes to borrowing money, individuals often turn to loans as a financial solution. However, there exists another facet to financial transactions that involves the opposite concept of lending money known as antonyms for loan. Antonyms for loan refer to the act of giving money to someone with the expectation of repayment, as opposed to borrowing funds for personal use.

In essence, antonyms for loan can be understood as the act of providing financial assistance to someone in need, with the understanding that the money will be returned in the future. This concept stands in contrast to the more common practice of taking out a loan, where individuals receive money from a lender and are obligated to repay the borrowed amount along with any additional fees or interest.

Understanding antonyms for loan is crucial in comprehending the complete spectrum of financial transactions that involve lending and borrowing money. By exploring the opposite side of loans, individuals can gain a more comprehensive understanding of how financial dealings operate and the various ways in which money can be used to support individuals in achieving their goals.

35 Antonyms for LOAN With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for loan. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding LOAN antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Loan Sentence with Antonym
Repayment Jack received a loan from the bank. Jack is done with his repayment to the bank.
Give The bank was kind enough to loan me some money. The bank refused to give me any money.
Borrow Sarah asked to borrow money for her new car. Sarah didn’t have to borrow any money for her new car.
Return I need to return the loan by the end of the month. I don’t have to return the loan until next year.
Gift Monica saw the loan as a generous gift. Monica refused to see the loan as a generous gift.
Lease They decided to lease the property instead of taking a loan. They preferred to take a loan rather than lease the property.
Forfeit Peter was ready to loan the money without the fear of forfeiting it. Peter didn’t want to loan the money as he feared he might forfeit it.
Free The organization offered a loan with no strings attached. The organization provided a free gift with the loan.
Returnable The loan is not returnable after the due date. The item was returnable but not the loan.
Keep Sarah couldn’t keep up with loan payments. Sarah managed to keep up with the gift.
Surrender She had to surrender her jewelry for a loan. She didn’t want to surrender anything for a loan.
Debt-free Being debt-free was his goal so he declined the loan. Being in debt was not a concern so he accepted the loan.
Donate The charity decided to loan some funds to the local school. The charity decided to donate the funds instead of providing a loan.
Discharge She was able to discharge her student loan early. She wasn’t able to discharge the loan on time.
Purchase Instead of taking a loan, she decided to purchase the house outright. She took a loan to purchase the car.
Repudiate The borrower had no intention of repudiating the terms of the loan. The borrower wanted to repudiate the terms of the loan.
Giveaway The bank’s loan felt more like a giveaway. The bank’s decision to give away money felt like a loan.
Reclaim He had to reclaim his car after loaning it to his brother. He decided to keep the tool he reclaimed after the loan.
Debit The loan was credited to his account instead of being added as a debit. The loan was added as a debit which he had to pay off.
Decline Mary had to decline the loan due to lack of collateral. Mary was happy to accept a loan due to her good financial position.
Grant Was he able to grant the loan to his nephew? She was unable to grant any loans at the bank.
Secure She was unable to secure a loan for her business. She managed to secure the house without taking a loan.
Giveback They need to giveback the loan by next week. They don’t have to giveback the money, it was a gift.
Divest The company needed to divest some assets to get a loan. The company decided not to divest anything to take the loan.
Refusal She had to face the bank’s refusal to loan her more money. The bank’s agreement to loan her more was greatly appreciated.
Possess He was happy to possess the car after securing the loan. He lost the opportunity to possess the house due to a denied loan.
Fund The company decided to fund the project without taking a loan. The company realized they needed to loan for funding the project.
Loss The loan prevented him from experiencing any financial loss. The financial loss led him to take a loan for monetary support.
Deficit The business could not afford to operate in a deficit and needed a loan. The business tried hard to operate without going into a deficit or obtaining a loan.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of LOAN

Understanding the concept of borrowing money becomes simpler when you grasp the various alternatives to obtaining a loan. Rather than borrowing funds, you can opt to save for a purchase or seek grants to fund projects. By avoiding debt, you can retain financial independence and avoid accruing interest charges. It’s always wise to explore different avenues for financing before committing to a loan, ensuring you make the most informed decision for your financial well-being.

Considering options such as saving, grants, or investments as opposed to loans can lead to a more secure financial future. Making strategic choices that align with your long-term goals can help you avoid unnecessary debt and build a solid foundation for financial stability. By being aware of the antonyms for loan, you empower yourself to make prudent financial decisions that benefit you in the long run.

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