Opposite of LOVELY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for lovely refer to words that express the opposite of charm, beauty, and pleasing qualities. When looking for antonyms of lovely, you are seeking terms that describe things as unattractive, unpleasant, or even repulsive. These words stand in contrast to the positive attributes associated with lovely and evoke feelings of dislike or disapproval.

Exploring the antonyms for lovely can help broaden your vocabulary and provide a more nuanced way to express different emotions and sensations. By understanding the opposite of lovely, you can communicate a wider range of feelings and perceptions, making your language more diverse and precise. Antonyms for lovely can lend depth and complexity to your writing or conversations, enabling you to convey a variety of moods and sentiments effectively.

35 Antonyms for LOVELY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for lovely. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding LOVELY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Lovely Sentence with Antonym
Ugly She looked lovely in that dress. She looked ugly in that dress.
Unattractive He found her lovely smile charming. He found her unattractive smile off-putting.
Plain The room was lovely decorated. The room was plain and lacked decoration.
Awful The food tasted lovely. The food tasted awful.
Horrible It’s a lovely day for a picnic. It’s a horrible day; we should stay inside.
Gross His behavior was lovely and polite. His behavior was gross and offensive.
Repulsive The strong smell was lovely. The strong smell was repulsive.
Disgusting The cookies were lovely and sweet. The cookies were disgusting and stale.
Offensive The play had a lovely ending. The play had an offensive ending.
Disagreeable She had a lovely singing voice. She had a disagreeable singing voice.
Nasty The weather turned out to be lovely. The weather turned out to be nasty.
Harsh Her criticism masked by a lovely tone. Her criticism was harsh and hurtful.
Brutal The movie had a lovely storyline. The movie had a brutal and violent storyline.
Unpleasant The perfume smelled lovely. The perfume smelled unpleasant.
Rude He had a lovely sense of humor. He had a rude sense of humor.
Mean Despite her lovely appearance, she was mean. Despite her mean personality, she looked lovely.
Terrible The play was lovely and well-performed. The play was terrible and poorly done.
Deplorable Her actions were lovely and kind. Her actions were deplorable and cruel.
Displeasing Their performance was lovely and captivating. Their performance was displeasing and unsatisfying.
Revolting The cake looked incredibly lovely. The cake looked absolutely revolting.
Despicable He wore a lovely suit to the event. He wore a despicable outfit to the event.
Unpleasing The music at the party was lovely. The music at the party was unpleasing and annoying.
Inadequate The service at the restaurant was lovely. The service at the restaurant was inadequate.
Unappealing The artwork on display was lovely. The artwork on display was unappealing.
Disobedient The child was lovely and well-behaved. The child was disobedient and disruptive.
Detestable The sunset was lovely and enchanting. The sunset was detestable and unappealing.
Cold The weather was lovely and warm. The weather was cold and harsh.
Disheartening His words were lovely to hear. His words were disheartening to hear.
Unlovable Despite all her efforts, she felt lovely. Despite all his efforts, he felt unlovable.
Appalling The view from the window was lovely. The view from the window was appalling.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of LOVELY

In conclusion, while beauty is often associated with qualities like attractiveness and loveliness, it is important to recognize that the world is made up of a diverse array of characteristics. What one may perceive as unattractive or unlovely can still hold unique value and significance. Embracing the vast spectrum of traits and characteristics can lead to a deeper appreciation for the diversity and complexity of life.

By acknowledging the antonyms of lovely and expanding our definition of beauty, we can foster a more inclusive and accepting attitude towards individuals and experiences that may not conform to conventional standards of attractiveness. Celebrating the differences and nuances in the world enriches our understanding and creates a more vibrant and harmonious society.

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