Opposite of LUST – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for lust refer to the opposite or contrary feelings, desires, or actions associated with intense and insatiable longing for something. These antonyms represent emotions or behaviors that are characterized by purity, selflessness, or restraint, in stark contrast to the passionate and often selfish nature of lust.

Typically, antonyms for lust include emotions such as contentment, moderation, and self-control. These feelings are marked by a sense of satisfaction, balance, and discipline, steering away from the overwhelming and sometimes destructive impulses that come with lust. Antonyms for lust may encompass concepts like loyalty, devotion, and respect, emphasizing deeper connections and values over purely physical desires.

By exploring antonyms for lust, one can gain insight into alternative ways of experiencing and expressing emotions and desires. These contrasting feelings offer an opportunity for reflection on the complexities of human relationships, highlighting the importance of mutual understanding, empathy, and genuine connection beyond mere physical attraction.

35 Antonyms for LUST With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for lust. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding LUST antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Lust Sentence with Antonym
Abhor She felt a strong desire for him She was filled with abhorrence towards him
Aversion He couldn’t resist his craving He was overcome by aversion
Disgust Lust consumed him completely Disgust made him retreat hastily
Indifference Their relationship was fueled by passion Their relationship was marked by indifference
Repulsion She was driven by an intense urge She was repelled by a strong sense of repulsion
Detest Lust made him reckless He began to detest his impulses
Inhibited Lust made her feel bold She felt inhibited by her lack of desire
Dispassion He was consumed by intense longing He remained in a state of dispassion
Purity He desired her with all his heart He approached her with purity
Chastity She was filled with lustful thoughts Her mind was pure, embracing chastity
Modesty Her eyes burned with desire She maintained an air of modesty and restraint
Abstain He could not resist his impulses He chose to abstain and control himself
Disinterest Lust drove him to take impulsive actions He viewed the situation with complete disinterest
Apathy Their relationship was devoid of emotion A deep sense of apathy characterized their interactions
Pure Lust clouded his judgment Clarity of thought and purity guided his actions
Noble Lust led to selfishness He acted with noble intentions
Reverence Her passion for him was evident She treated him with reverence and respect
Innocent He was consumed by desire She possessed an innocent demeanor
Repellent Lust drew them together intensely Their differences created a repellent force
Averse His desire for her grew stronger He grew more and averse towards her
Asexual He was driven by primal instincts She identified as asexual and devoid of desires
Awe Lust filled him with a sense of power He looked at her with awe and admiration
Repulse His craving for her was undeniable Her presence began to repulse him
Protect Lust made him act recklessly His need to protect her made him cautious
Prudish He was known for his lustful behavior She was regarded as prudish and reserved
Philistine He indulged in sensual pleasures She was a philistine in matters of desire
Disinclined He was driven by passion She was always disinclined to engage in such emotions
Reticent They succumbed to their desires She remained reticent and held back her feelings
Puritanical Lust consumed her completely Her beliefs were rooted in a puritanical ideology
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of LUST

It’s important to differentiate between emotional connections and shallow infatuations. While some may mistake lust for love, genuine love is built on trust, respect, and genuine care for another person. Instead of being consumed by desire, developing a deep and meaningful connection with someone can lead to a more fulfilling and lasting relationship. By focusing on friendship, companionship, and understanding, individuals can cultivate relationships that are based on mutual respect and support, rather than the fleeting intensity of lust. True love encompasses patience, kindness, and empathy, qualities that are often overshadowed by the temporary allure of lust. It’s essential to seek relationships that are grounded in emotional intimacy and genuine affection, rather than simply physical attraction.

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