Opposite of MANIFEST – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Opposites of manifest refer to words or terms that have contrasting meanings to the concept of becoming visible or evident. These antonyms provide alternative perspectives to the idea of something being readily perceivable or apparent in a given context. Exploring antonyms for manifest can help to enrich vocabulary and deepen understanding of varied interpretations within language.

By examining antonyms for manifest, one can uncover nuances in communication and expand their ability to express ideas with greater precision. These contrasting terms offer a way to convey hidden, obscured, or elusive concepts that stand in opposition to what is overt or clearly displayed. Understanding antonyms for manifest allows for a more complete exploration of the spectrum of visibility and perception in language.

Furthermore, exploring antonyms for manifest can lead to a more comprehensive grasp of the subtleties and complexities inherent in communication. By delving into opposing terms, individuals can gain insight into the diverse ways in which meaning can be conveyed and understood within linguistic frameworks. Embracing antonyms for manifest broadens language proficiency and adds depth to one’s ability to describe and interpret the world around them.

35 Antonyms for MANIFEST With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for manifest. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MANIFEST antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Manifest Sentence with Antonym
Conceal She manifested her feelings through her artwork. He tried to conceal his emotions during the difficult conversation.
Hide The symptoms of the disease became manifest over time. The thief tried to hide his identity by wearing a mask.
Suppress The artist’s talent was manifest in every brushstroke. The dictator tried to suppress the truth about the political unrest.
Camouflage The success of their project was clearly manifested in the final presentation. The chameleon uses its ability to camouflage itself in the environment.
Disguise His love for her was manifest through his thoughtful gestures. She tried to disguise her true intentions with a fake smile.
Obscure The importance of the treaty was manifest in the peace it brought to the region. The fine print in the contract was intentionally obscured to mislead the buyers.
Unknown His frustrations were manifested through his angry outburst. Her true feelings remained unknown to those around her.
Withdraw The success of the event was clearly manifested in the attendees’ positive feedback. The child began to withdraw from social interactions after the incident.
Unseen The effects of climate change were manifest in the extreme weather patterns. The dangers lurking in the forest remained unseen by the unsuspecting hikers.
Concealed The intention behind his actions was clearly manifested in his words. The treasure was carefully concealed in a secret compartment.
Invisible The organization’s values were manifest in every decision they made. The spy’s presence was invisible to those around him.
Nonobvious His love for her was manifested in the little things he did for her. The solution to the problem was nonobvious at first glance.
Unapparent The truth was finally manifested through the evidence presented in court. The flaws in the design were unapparent until further testing.
Suppressed The urgency of the situation was manifest in the CEO’s tone. Her emotions were carefully suppressed as she spoke in a calm voice.
Inconspicuous The message he was trying to convey was clearly manifest in his words. The small details were deliberately inconspicuous to avoid attention.
Unseen The effects of his actions were manifested through the outcomes. The dangers ahead remained unseen to the travelers.
Dark The beauty of the artwork was manifest in its intricate details. The intentions behind his actions remained dark to those around him.
Unnoticeable The impact of her words was manifest in the change of atmosphere. The subtle changes in the painting were unnoticeable to the untrained eye.
Unobtrusive The quality of her work was manifest in the positive feedback she received. The new addition to the room was unobtrusive and blended in seamlessly.
Indiscernible His passion for music was manifested through the melodies he composed. The differences between the two options were indiscernible at first glance.
Veiled The truth about the situation was manifest in the evidence provided. His true intentions remained veiled behind a facade of politeness.
Unrealized The potential of the project was manifest in the initial stages. The impact of her actions remained unrealized until years later.
Unseen The impact of the changes was manifested in the company’s success. The dangers lurking in the area remained unseen to the residents.
Masked His emotions were clearly manifested in his passionate speech. The thief’s identity was carefully masked during the robbery.
Unnoticed The significance of the discovery was manifest in the scientific community. The subtle changes in her appearance went unnoticed by her friends.
Muffled His dissatisfaction was manifested through his body language. Her cries for help were muffled by the loud noise outside.
Unperceived The implications of the decision were manifest in the chaos that followed. The subtle nuances in the painting went unperceived by most viewers.
Unseen The importance of the issue was manifested in the public outcry. The dangers ahead remained unseen by the unsuspecting tourists.
Silent His support for the cause was manifested through his active participation. The threats to their safety were carefully silent until it was too late.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MANIFEST

In conclusion, the concept of the opposite of “manifest” can be conveyed through a range of terms, such as concealed, hidden, ambiguous, obscure, or veiled. While “manifest” denotes something that is clear, evident, or obvious, its antonyms refer to aspects that are not easily perceived, understood, or revealed. These opposites highlight the presence of subtlety, mystery, or complexity in contrast to the straightforwardness associated with manifestations. By exploring the various antonyms for “manifest,” one can deepen their understanding of the nuanced ways in which information, intentions, or realities can be conveyed or obscured.

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