Opposite of MATERIALIZE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When considering the concept of antonyms for materialize, it is important to understand that these are words that describe the opposite of something tangible coming into existence or becoming real. “Materialize” typically refers to the process of something becoming physical or concrete, so antonyms for this term would encompass words that represent the opposite phenomenon.

Antonyms for materialize often involve ideas or concepts that remain abstract or intangible, without taking physical form or becoming a reality. These words can convey the notion of ideas remaining theoretical or staying in the realm of imagination rather than manifesting in a tangible way. By exploring antonyms for materialize, we gain insight into the diverse ways in which language can express the absence or opposite of concrete physicality.

Understanding antonyms for materialize opens up avenues for examining the nuances of language and how words can convey opposing meanings. By delving into these antonyms, we can deepen our appreciation for the intricacies of vocabulary and how different terms can capture contrasting concepts. This exploration of antonyms for materialize broadens our understanding of language and its capacity to express a wide range of ideas and experiences.

35 Antonyms for MATERIALIZE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for materialize. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MATERIALIZE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Materialize Sentence with Antonym
Disappear The dream materialized into a successful business venture. The dream seemed to disappear without a trace.
Dismantle The magician made a rabbit materialize out of thin air. The magician proceeded to dismantle the rabbit.
Vanish Hopes for a peaceful resolution began to materialize. As quickly as they came, those hopes began to vanish.
Dematerialize After years of research, a cure for the disease finally materialized. The cure seemed to dematerialize overnight.
Evaporate The grand plans for the event started to materialize. Without warning, all the arrangements began to evaporate.
Subside The tension in the room suddenly materialized out of nowhere. Just as suddenly, the tension began to subside.
Fade The happiness he felt upon seeing her finally materialized. Unfortunately, the happiness did not last and began to fade.
Melt away She watched the distant figures slowly materialize. Like a passing illusion, the figures began to melt away.
Evanesce A solution to the problem began to materialize in his mind. Before he could grasp it, the solution began to evanesce.
Disintegrate With hard work, his dreams of success started to materialize. One setback after another caused his dreams to disintegrate.
Scatter Plans for the new project were beginning to materialize. However, lack of cooperation caused them to scatter.
Dissipate Hopes for a brighter future began to materialize. Unfortunately, those optimistic dreams seemed to dissipate.
Disperse The fog lifted to reveal a ghostly figure that materialized. Just as suddenly, the figure began to disperse into thin air.
Evacuate The smoke from the fire began to materialize in the room. Concerned for their safety, the people began to evacuate the area.
Fizzle After all the work she put in, her dreams finally materialized. But just as quickly, they began to fizzle into nothing.
Evict His doubts had always materialized whenever he tried something new. Unlike before, this time, his doubts seemed to evict themselves.
Disappear The hopes of finding a resolution slowly began to materialize. To everyone’s disappointment, the hopes started to disappear.
Negate The positive changes in his life began to materialize. However, his negative mindset consistently sought to negate them.
Erase As the vehicle approached, the figures on the road started to materialize. Yet, the rain soon began to erase those figures from view.
Evaporate The plans for the weekend seemed to materialize one by one. Alas, due to unforeseen circumstances, they began to evaporate.
Bust After years of planning, his vision for the company finally materialized. Just as quickly, external challenges started to bust his dream.
Clear away The mist began to materialize, revealing the hidden path. However, as quickly as it came, the mist started to clear away.
Abolish The doubts she had been carrying for so long finally began to materialize. With determination, she took steps to abolish those doubts.
Delete From just an idea in her mind, her vision slowly materialized. But the criticism and doubt from others threatened to delete it.
Eliminate The obstacles in his way started to materialize one by one. Despite his best efforts, they proved too stubborn to eliminate.
Vanish Possibilities for success began to materialize in the air. Regrettably, before they could be harnessed, they started to vanish.
Dissolve The tension in the room seemed to materialize out of nowhere. Fortunately, with some humor, it began to dissolve gradually.
Wipe out Their fears and doubts began to materialize in the silence. Through perseverance, they were able to overcome and wipe out those fears.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MATERIALIZE

In the realm of hopes and dreams, some aspirations remain intangible, failing to materialize despite our best efforts to bring them to fruition. Even though we may strive to make our goals a reality, there are times when they simply do not manifest into existence. This can be frustrating and disheartening, but it is important to remember that not all ambitions are meant to materialize in the way we envision.

While some dreams may never materialize, it is crucial to adapt and find new paths towards fulfillment. Embracing flexibility and open-mindedness can lead to alternative opportunities for growth and success. By accepting that not all aspirations will materialize as expected, we can approach life with resilience and optimism, knowing that the journey itself is often just as valuable as the destination.

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