Opposite of METICULOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Are you looking for words that are the opposite of meticulous? Antonyms for meticulous are terms that represent the opposite of careful attention to detail. These words convey a sense of being careless or hasty in their approach.

Individuals who possess the traits associated with antonyms for meticulous may often be seen as sloppy or imprecise in their work. They may overlook important details or rush through tasks without dedicating the necessary time and effort.

When seeking antonyms for meticulous, it can be beneficial to consider synonyms such as careless, negligent, or sloppy. These words capture the essence of a lack of precision or thoroughness, offering a contrast to the meticulous attention to detail characteristic of individuals with a more careful approach.

35 Antonyms for METICULOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for meticulous. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding METICULOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Meticulous Sentence with Antonym
Careless He was meticulous in his planning, checking every detail multiple times. She was careless in her work, often making mistakes due to neglect.
Sloppy The dressmaker’s meticulous workmanship was evident in every stitch of the gown. The artist’s sloppy brushstrokes ruined the beauty of the painting.
Haphazard The architect’s meticulous attention to the building’s design ensured perfect symmetry. Due to the haphazard construction, the building showed structural flaws.
Messy Her meticulous handwriting on the invitation cards impressed all the guests. His messy handwriting made it difficult to read the note.
Negligent The chef’s meticulous preparation of the dish delighted the food critics. The waiter’s negligent service resulted in numerous complaints.
Unsystematic The accountant’s meticulous records helped the company track its finances accurately. The disorganized filing system led to an unsystematic approach in the office.
Inattentive The historian’s meticulous research yielded valuable insights into the ancient civilization. The student’s inattentive listening caused him to miss important information.
Thoughtless Her meticulous planning for the event ensured that everything ran smoothly. His thoughtless remarks during the meeting offended some colleagues.
Casual He had a meticulous approach to time management, scheduling every minute of his day. Her casual attitude towards deadlines often led to missed opportunities.
Slack The technician’s meticulous repair work extended the lifespan of the machinery. The employees’ slack attitude towards safety protocols endangered the workplace.
Slipshod The artist’s meticulous restoration of the painting brought out its true beauty. The writer’s slipshod editing job left numerous errors in the manuscript.
I negligent The detective’s meticulous investigation unraveled the mystery behind the crime. The officer’s negligent handling of evidence compromised the case.
Rough The gardener’s meticulous trimming of the bushes enhanced the beauty of the garden. The rough handling of fragile items resulted in breakage.
Unmethodical Her meticulous approach to financial planning helped her save for future investments. His unmethodical approach to organizing documents caused confusion.
Neglectful The teacher’s meticulous lesson planning ensured that each student grasped the concepts. The parent’s neglectful behavior towards the child’s education affected their performance.
Incautious His meticulous attention to detail in the presentation captivated the audience. The speaker’s incautious remarks offended some members of the audience.
Inexact The architect’s meticulous design of the building incorporated precise measurements. The inexact measurements led to construction delays and errors.
Nonchalant He approached his work with a meticulous attitude, striving for perfection in every task. She was nonchalant about her responsibilities, often ignoring deadlines.
Irregular The programmer’s meticulous debugging process ensured that the software ran smoothly. The irregular updates caused glitches and crashes in the system.
Lackadaisical Her meticulous research for the project resulted in comprehensive findings and analysis. His lackadaisical approach to the task showed a lack of effort and dedication.
Unconcerned The scientist’s meticulous experiments led to groundbreaking discoveries in the field. The team’s unconcerned attitude towards safety protocols jeopardized the project.
Indifferent The meticulous editing of the manuscript improved the clarity and flow of the text. His indifferent attitude towards feedback hindered the progress of the project.
Shoddy The tailor’s meticulous tailoring of the suit ensured that it fit the client perfectly. The shoddy workmanship on the dress left loose threads and uneven seams.
Uncritical The reviewer’s meticulous evaluation of the film highlighted its cinematic brilliance. The journalist’s uncritical acceptance of the information led to misinformation.
Unscrupulous Her meticulous attention to ethical standards earned her a reputation for integrity. His unscrupulous business practices resulted in legal troubles and public backlash.
Lenient The teacher’s meticulous grading system provided constructive feedback for student improvement. The lenient grading policy allowed students to pass with minimal effort.
Offhand He took a meticulous approach to organizing his workspace, ensuring efficiency and productivity. Her offhand attitude towards work led to disorganization and missed deadlines.
Bungling The surgeon’s meticulous skill in performing the delicate procedure saved the patient’s life. The nurse’s bungling handling of medical supplies jeopardized patient care.
Nonchalant Her meticulous planning of the event resulted in a seamless and successful celebration. His nonchalant attitude towards the party preparations caused chaos and confusion.
Relaxed His meticulous attention to detail in the project ensured its success and positive outcomes. The manager’s relaxed approach to the deadlines jeopardized the project timeline.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of METICULOUS

Being meticulous involves paying great attention to detail and being very careful in tasks. Its antonyms such as careless, sloppy, and negligent represent a lack of thoroughness and precision. Being methodical and systematic in approach can prevent mistakes and oversights that may occur due to a lack of meticulousness. It is important to strive for accuracy and precision in tasks to achieve optimal results and prevent errors that could otherwise occur with a less meticulous approach. By being aware of these antonyms and their implications, one can aim to be more diligent and precise in their work.

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