Opposite of MISCHIEVOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for mischievous are words that represent behaviors or actions that are typically considered well-behaved, kind, or respectful. These words can be used to describe individuals who are not inclined towards causing trouble, playing pranks, or engaging in playful but often bothersome activities.

Using antonyms for mischievous can help provide a clear contrast in character traits or behaviors when describing someone who is generally obedient, courteous, or considerate. By incorporating these words into descriptions or narratives, a more balanced and nuanced portrayal of individuals can be achieved, highlighting their positive attributes or demeanor.

Whether used in writing, speaking, or everyday conversations, antonyms for mischievous play a crucial role in expanding and enriching our vocabulary. By understanding and using these contrasting words, we can better convey the diverse range of personalities and behaviors observed in people, creating a more vivid and accurate portrayal of individuals.

35 Antonyms for MISCHIEVOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for mischievous. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MISCHIEVOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Mischievous Sentence with Antonym
Cautious The mischievous child was always up to pranks. The cautious child always followed the rules.
Well-behaved The mischievous puppy chewed on everything in sight. The well-behaved puppy never caused any trouble.
Innocent Despite his mischievous grin, he was innocent of any wrongdoing. His innocent expression convinced everyone of his honesty.
Respectful His mischievous behavior was a stark contrast to his respectful demeanor. He was always respectful towards his elders.
Serious Her mischievous nature sometimes clashed with his serious attitude. He approached the task with a serious mindset.
Honorable The mischievous plan was abandoned in favor of a more honorable approach. He chose to act in an honorable manner.
Modest The mischievous look in his eyes disappeared when she spoke in a modest manner. She spoke in a humble and modest tone.
Polite His mischievous prank was met with a polite apology. He offered a polite apology for his mistake.
Benevolent Her mischievous schemes were replaced with benevolent acts of kindness. She dedicated her time to benevolent deeds.
Tame The mischievous kitten was soon trained to be tame. The once wild kitten became tame with training.
Responsible His mischievous behavior required him to learn how to be responsible. He took on a responsible role to make amends.
Kind Her mischievous pranks were replaced by acts of kindness. She chose to spread kindness instead of mischief.
Mild His mischievous jokes transitioned into more mild humor. He preferred to engage in mild jokes rather than mischief.
Pleasant The atmosphere changed from mischievous to pleasant as they had a nice time. The pleasant surroundings lifted their spirits.
Obedient The mischievous child turned into an obedient student with guidance. He transformed into an obedient follower.
Inoffensive Her mischievous comments were amiss, and she opted to be inoffensive instead. She made sure her remarks were inoffensive.
Prudent The decision to be prudent over mischievous proved to be the right choice. Being prudent ensured the best outcome.
Virtuous The mischievous plan was swapped for a more virtuous one. They decided to proceed with a more virtuous plan.
Genuine His mischievous persona faded, revealing his genuine nature. He showed his genuine self, free from mischief.
Decent The pranks were replaced by acts of decent nature to make amends. They decided to make up for their mischief with decent actions.
Courteous His mischievous behavior was at odds with his courteous manners. He made sure to always display courteous manners.
Chaste The mischievous flirting was a far cry from his chaste behavior. Instead of flirting, he chose to be chaste.
Pragmatic The mischievous approach made way for a more pragmatic one. They turned towards a pragmatic solution.
Unbiased Setting aside her mischievous bias, she began to see things in an unbiased manner. She strived to analyze situations in an unbiased way.
Gracious Her apology was sincere and aimed to undo the mischievous prank, showing a gracious gesture. She extended a gracious apology, seeking forgiveness.
Genuine His mischievous facade could not mask his genuine intentions. His intentions were always genuine, unlike his mischief.
Gentle The mischievous roughhousing turned into gentle play. They switched from roughhousing to more gentle play.
Virtuous His demeanor shifted from mischievous to virtuous as he decided to do good deeds. Choosing to do good brought out his virtuous side.
Civility The exchange went from mischievous to one of civility after they resolved their differences. A newfound civility replaced their previous mischief.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MISCHIEVOUS

Overall, being mischievous involves being playful, sly, or engaging in harmless pranks. On the flip side, individuals who are well-behaved, obedient, and respectful are considered the antonyms of mischievous. While mischievous individuals may stir up excitement and laughter, those who are well-behaved often promote peace and harmony in their environments. Both types of behavior have their place, with mischievousness adding a fun element and well-behaved conduct fostering a sense of order and decorum. By understanding and recognizing the antonyms of mischievous behavior, we can appreciate the diversity of personalities and behaviors that contribute to a balanced and vibrant society.

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