Opposite of MISS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we think of antonyms for “miss,” we are considering words that convey the opposite meaning of not hitting or failing to reach a target. These antonyms provide a range of terms to use in various contexts where accuracy or success is indicated instead of a lack thereof.

To find appropriate antonyms for “miss,” we explore words that express hitting, reaching, or achieving a goal rather than falling short or failing to connect. Embracing the opposite of “miss” allows for clearer communication and precise conveyance of successful outcomes in speech and writing.

Understanding antonyms for “miss” broadens our vocabulary and offers a diverse selection of terms that denote accomplishment or precision. By incorporating these antonyms into our language, we enhance our ability to articulate successful actions and effectively communicate the desired message of achievement and accuracy.

35 Antonyms for MISS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for miss. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MISS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Miss Sentence with Antonym
Hit She did not miss the target. She hit the target perfectly.
Find I miss my keys. I easily find my keys.
Receive I hope I don’t miss any packages. I hope I receive all packages.
Remember I always miss our late night talks. I never remember our late night talks.
Attend He cannot miss the important meeting. He must attend the important meeting.
Achieve Don’t miss the opportunity. Make sure to achieve the opportunity.
Notice She didn’t miss the sign. She easily noticed the sign.
Capture The detective did not miss any clues. The detective managed to capture all the clues.
Hit The baseball player hopes not to miss. The baseball player aims to hit the ball.
Meet We miss you at our weekly meetings. We always meet at our weekly meetings.
Spot Don’t miss the hidden treasure. Make sure to spot the hidden treasure.
Get Don’t miss the chance to take that job. Make sure you get the chance to take that job.
Grasp She can’t miss the concept. She can easily grasp the concept.
Hit She didn’t miss the dartboard. She successfully hit the dartboard.
Take I miss the bus every morning. I always take the bus every morning.
Obtain Let’s make sure we don’t miss the permits. Let’s make sure we obtain the permits.
Spot He didn’t miss the flaw in the plan. He easily spotted the flaw in the plan.
Accomplish Don’t miss the chance to finish the project. Make sure to accomplish the project.
Encounter I hope I don’t miss my old friends. I hope I encounter my old friends.
Acquire She didn’t miss the new language skill. She successfully acquired the new language skill.
Locate I hope I don’t miss the address. I hope I easily locate the address.
Strike The bowler didn’t miss the pins. The bowler managed to strike all the pins.
Grab Don’t miss the opportunity to grab the award. Don’t let go of the chance to grab the award.
Reach She always misses the deadlines. She always manages to reach the deadlines.
Gain I always miss the winning lottery numbers. I always hope to gain the winning lottery numbers.
Catch I would hate to miss the train. I hope to catch the train in time.
Free She can’t miss the tight grip of worry. She can easily break free from the tight grip of worry.
Collect Don’t miss the chance to collect the data. Make sure to collect the data on time.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MISS

In conclusion, having a clear aim and hitting the target can eliminate the chances of “missing” in various situations. Whether it’s about resolving misunderstandings or achieving goals, being accurate and precise can enhance communication and effectiveness. By focusing on hitting rather than missing, we can improve outcomes and avoid errors in our endeavors.

Choosing to “hit” instead of “miss” allows us to be more successful and productive in our actions. Striving for precision and accuracy can lead to better results and fewer setbacks. So, in all endeavors, it’s beneficial to aim carefully and hit the mark to achieve our desired outcomes.

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