Opposite of MOMENT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for moment represent words that contrast with the concept of a brief, fleeting period of time. In linguistics, antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning from each other, providing a clear contrast in terms of the ideas they convey. When it comes to moments, antonyms serve to illustrate the notions of extended duration or lack of immediacy.

These antonyms offer a diverse array of expressions that emphasize the absence of urgency or the presence of prolonged instances. By exploring antonyms for moment, individuals can expand their vocabulary and express nuanced distinctions in time-related contexts. Whether denoting sustained intervals or a timeless state, these antonyms provide a rich tapestry of language to articulate varying perceptions of time.

By grasping the antonyms for moment, one can better communicate the subtle shades of temporality present in different situations and narratives. Through the use of contrasting terms, one can evoke vivid imagery and convey a deeper understanding of the passage of time. With antonyms for moment at their disposal, speakers and writers can craft more precise and evocative descriptions that capture the complexities of temporal experiences.

35 Antonyms for MOMENT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for moment. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MOMENT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Moment Sentence with Antonym
Eternity The moment seemed to last forever. The eternity flew by in a blink of an eye.
Continuation She paused for a moment of reflection. She kept moving without a continuation in sight.
Delay The moment the decision was made, we acted. The delay in making the decision caused issues.
Instant In an instant, everything changed. It took a moment before things started shifting.
Prolong Let’s not prolong this moment any longer. They decided to momentarily pause the discussion.
Infinity The moment felt limited by infinity itself. A brief pause felt like infinity for that one second.
Unending I want this moment to be unending. The ending of the unending torture finally came.
Sudden The moment she arrived, the party began. The sudden disappearance left everyone puzzled.
Ceaseless The moment came when the work was done. There was, at last, a ceaseless working schedule.
Seamlessness Their dance moves were a moment of perfection. There were seamlessness in their dance moves.
Lengthy It was a momentary joy in a lengthy schedule. The lengthy debate seemed to end in a mere moment.
Permanent The moment was fleeting, not permanent. They wished for a permanent pause in the reunion.
Interruption No moment was free from interruption. The meeting was without a single interruption.
Persistent The moment of silence was persistent. Their persistent chatter broke the moment.
Continuous The moment of joy in a continuous slide. The interruption was a break in the continuous fun.
Forever I want this moment to last forever. Things didn’t work out well and caused it to end forever.
Delayed The moment she walked in felt delayed. Spring arrived delayed, long after the snow thawed.
Permanent The pause in laughter was momentary, not permanent. They craved a permanent end to their laughter.
Instantaneous The change happened in an instant There was no instantaneous reaction to the news.
Infinity In that moment, time seemed to stretch into infinity The preparation seemed to take infinity.
Ongoing The moment we were discussing is ongoing. A paused discussion can’t be described as ongoing.
Hesitation His moment of decision was free of hesitation. The hesitation in her actions was clear to all.
Discontinuous The moment of silence was not discontinuous. Their conversation, however, was discontinuous.
Sporadic The moment of calm was oftentimes sporadic. They couldn’t handle the sporadic moments of chaos.
Cease The story of her life ended in that pivotal moment. Letting go was like a cease of a painful memory.
Finite The pain felt in that moment seemed infinite. The joy was finite but the moment was forever.
Permanent The rain ruined the moment, leaving a permanent mark. His dismissal was blunt, leading to a permanent rift.
Elapsed In that moment, hours seemed to have elapsed. They couldn’t believe elapsed time brought no change.
Brief Her mourning was just a brief moment in time. Their discussion lasted for hours, not just a brief moment.
Abrupt The moment of silence ended rather abruptly. They wished the ending wasn’t so abrupt.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MOMENT

In our lives, there are fleeting instances that make up the fabric of our memories, a collection of endless instants that shape who we are. These moments are not always grand or significant; they can be simple and ordinary, yet they hold the power to inspire and uplift our spirits. Each pause, each delay, contributes to the rhythm of life, reminding us to cherish the present and find joy in the journey.

By recognizing the various antonyms for “moment,” we can appreciate the diverse experiences that come our way. Whether it is a protracted period or a prolonged delay, each contrast offers a unique perspective on the transient nature of time. Embracing this variety can help us navigate the complexities of life and find beauty in the pauses between moments.

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