Opposite of MORE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to each other. They provide a contrasting perspective and can enhance the richness of language by offering alternative options for expression. By utilizing antonyms, writers can create vivid imagery and convey nuanced shades of meaning in their writing.

Having a good grasp of antonyms can not only improve one’s vocabulary but also sharpen their communication skills. These word pairs or sets of words can be used to highlight differences and contrasts, allowing for clearer and more precise communication. Understanding antonyms can also aid in avoiding ambiguity and ensuring that the intended message is conveyed accurately.

Whether used in writing, speaking, or everyday conversation, antonyms play a vital role in expressing ideas with depth and precision. By incorporating antonyms into our communication, we can add layers of complexity and subtlety to our language, enabling us to convey our thoughts and feelings with greater clarity and impact.

35 Antonyms for MORE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for more. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MORE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with More Sentence with Antonym
Less She needs more time to complete the project. She needs less time to complete the project.
Fewer I have more books than she does. I have fewer books than she does.
Decrease The temperature is getting more unbearable. The temperature is starting to decrease.
Reduce You need to spend more money on groceries. You need to reduce your expenses on groceries.
Diminish Her enthusiasm for the project is growing more and more. Her enthusiasm for the project is diminishing.
Dwindle His patience with the situation was wearing more thin. His patience is starting to dwindle.
Minimize We have to allocate more resources for this task. We need to minimize the resources used for this task.
Lower The teacher wants more effort from you. The teacher wants you to have lower expectations.
Decrease The price of the house rose even more. The price of the house started to decrease.
Cut back She wants to work more hours for extra money. She decided to cut back on her working hours.
Reduce They need more food for the party. They should reduce the amount of food for the party.
Shrink The number of attendees kept increasing more and more. Suddenly, the number started to shrink.
Diminish Joyce’s self-confidence only seemed to grow more with each challenge. But now, it appeared to diminish.
Cut down She needs to drink more water every day. The doctor advised her to cut down on water intake.
Decline The demand for the product seemed to grow more each day. However, the demand started to decline.
Permission Can I have more time to finish the assignment? Can I have your permission to submit this late?
Superior The performance of the second team was more impressive than the first. The first team’s performance is superior to the second team.
Higher The score continued to rise more with each round. The score, unfortunately, started to drop lower than before.
Grow As she practiced, she could feel her confidence growing more each day. Yet, her confidence seems to shrink now.
Elevate Their level of excitement was rising more each minute. The intensity of their emotions appeared to elevate.
Extra They needed more chairs for the guests. They decided to have an extra chair for the guests.
Soar The eagle kept climbing more into the sky. Suddenly, its flight started to soar even higher.
Improve They made an effort to have more positive interactions. However, their relationships didn’t seem to improve.
Extra We have to pay more for shipping costs. The company offers an extra discount on shipping costs.
Expand They planned to add more features to the product. Ultimately, they had to expand the product line.
Rise The sun rose more over the horizon. The sun eventually started to settle.
Above The noise level was getting more bearable. The noise was unbearable, above normal levels.
Ahead He wanted to be more involved in the project. Others prefer to stay one step ahead.
Better She tried several techniques to look more beautiful. However, none seemed to make her look better.
Over The clouds were becoming more enigmatic. Now, they started to disperse and reveal a clear sky over them.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MORE

In summary, utilizing antonyms in writing can enhance the clarity and depth of the content. When writers incorporate antonyms to elaborate on a concept, it not only adds variety to the language but also provides a thorough understanding of the topic at hand. By juxtaposing contrasting ideas, writers can effectively highlight key points and create a more engaging piece for the readers.

Furthermore, employing antonyms can help to improve the overall flow and coherence of the text. By offering different perspectives and contrasting viewpoints, the use of antonyms can make the content more dynamic and thought-provoking. Ultimately, integrating antonyms into writing allows for a more comprehensive exploration of ideas, leading to a more enriching reading experience for the audience.

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