Opposite of MUTINY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for mutiny are terms that represent the absence of rebellion or a lack of uprising within a group or organization. They are words that signify cooperation, unity, and compliance rather than resistance or defiance. These antonyms describe situations where there is harmony, agreement, and order as opposed to dissent and insurrection.

In contrast to mutiny, the antonyms signify a state of conformity, obedience, and adherence to authority. They highlight a scenario where individuals follow rules, regulations, and leadership without engaging in protest or revolt. Antonyms for mutiny emphasize the presence of loyalty, compliance, and respect for hierarchy within a system or group.

Understanding the antonyms for mutiny allows for a clear distinction between states of discord and harmony within a collective setting. By recognizing these contrasting terms, one can better comprehend the dynamics of power, unity, and dissent within different social structures. Antonyms for mutiny shed light on the importance of cooperation, compliance, and peaceful resolution in achieving stability and order.

35 Antonyms for MUTINY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for mutiny. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MUTINY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Mutiny Sentence with Antonym
Obedience The crew’s mutiny led to chaos on the ship. The crew’s obedience prevented any disruptions on the ship.
Loyalty The soldiers’ mutiny against their commanding officer was swiftly dealt with. The soldiers’ loyalty towards their commanding officer was unquestionable.
Harmony The prisoners planned a mutiny to escape from the jail. The prisoners lived in harmony and worked together towards rehabilitation.
Compliance The workers organized a mutiny to protest against the unfair working conditions. The workers decided to show compliance and follow the rules set by the company.
Agreement The sailors’ mutiny resulted in the captain losing control of the ship. The sailors’ agreement ensured smooth sailing and cooperation on board.
Submission The rebellion started as a small mutiny but soon spread throughout the rebellious region. The citizens showed submission to the government to avoid any conflicts.
Peace The prisoners’ mutiny created a tense atmosphere in the jail. The prisoners’ willingness to negotiate ensured peace and order in the institution.
Harmony The soldiers’ mutiny endangered the security of the entire barracks. The soldiers’ unity and harmony maintained a safe and organized environment.
Collaboration The workers’ mutiny halted production in the factory. The workers’ collaboration led to increased productivity and success for the company.
Accord The sailors staged a mutiny to demand better treatment from the captain. The sailors came to an accord with the captain, leading to a more amicable relationship.
Compliance The citizens’ mutiny against the oppressive regime was met with swift retaliation. The citizens’ compliance with the laws ensured a peaceful and stable society.
Unity The soldiers’ mutiny disrupted the chain of command in the army. The soldiers’ unity and cooperation strengthened their position in battle.
Harmony The prisoners’ mutiny was suppressed by the immediate intervention of the guards. The prisoners lived in harmony and followed the rules, avoiding any conflicts.
Obedience The workers’ mutiny for higher wages led to a temporary shutdown of the factory. The workers’ obedience to the company’s policies maintained a smooth workflow.
Agreement The sailors’ mutiny forced the crew to abandon the ship. The sailors’ agreement ensured a united front and successful voyages.
Submission The protestors’ mutiny against the government was met with a harsh crackdown. The protestors’ submission to the authorities prevented further escalations.
Compliance The troops’ mutiny jeopardized the success of the military operation. The troops’ compliance with orders ensured a strategic and effective mission.
Loyalty The citizens’ mutiny created a divide within the community. The citizens’ unwavering loyalty to their leaders kept the community intact.
Unity The workers’ mutiny resulted in a standstill in the factory’s operations. The workers’ unity and teamwork increased efficiency and productivity.
Agreement The prisoners’ mutiny led to increased security measures in the jail. The prisoners’ agreement on maintaining peace within the facility was commendable.
Harmony The students’ mutiny against the school’s administration caused disruptions in classes. The students’ harmony and cooperation made the learning environment pleasant and productive.
Collaboration The rebels’ mutiny failed to overthrow the ruling government. The rebels’ collaboration with other groups could bring about positive change in the nation.
Accord The workers staged a mutiny for better working conditions and pay. The workers reached an accord with the management, leading to mutual benefits.
Submission The riot started as a small mutiny but quickly escalated into chaos. The citizens’ submission to the authorities helped in restoring order in the city.
Compliance The soldiers’ mutiny endangered the success of the military mission. The soldiers’ compliance with orders led to a well-executed and victorious operation.
Obedience The crew’s mutiny led to the captain losing control of the ship. The crew’s obedience to the captain ensured smooth sailing and operations.
Loyalty The sailors’ mutiny against the captain endangered everyone on board. The sailors’ unwavering loyalty to the captain maintained a disciplined crew.
Unity The workers’ mutiny disrupted the production schedule in the factory. The workers’ unity and collaboration improved efficiency and reduced downtime.
Agreement The citizens’ mutiny sparked debates and unrest in the country. The citizens’ mutual agreement on critical issues kept the nation stable and peaceful.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MUTINY

In contrast to mutiny, which denotes a rebellion or uprising against authority, cooperation signifies unity and working together towards a common goal. Instead of resisting leadership, compliance involves following instructions and accepting guidance. Harmony stands in opposition to discord, promoting peace and agreement within a group. Loyalty, as opposed to betrayal, embodies faithfulness and commitment to a cause or individual. Obedience, the opposite of defiance, entails adhering to rules and directives without opposition.

By fostering collaboration, compliance, harmony, loyalty, and obedience, individuals and groups can cultivate a sense of unity, respect, and order. These virtues counteract the chaos and division often associated with mutiny, leading to a more productive and harmonious environment where goals can be achieved effectively and efficiently.

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