Opposite of MYSTERY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for mystery refer to clear and easily understandable concepts, devoid of ambiguity or secrecy. These antonyms provide straightforward explanations and transparent answers without any hidden or puzzling elements. By offering clarity and understanding, antonyms for mystery bring forth knowledge and certainty in various subjects and situations.

Such antonyms embody openness and revelation, making information readily accessible and comprehensible. They serve as a beacon of illumination, dispelling any confusion or uncertainty that may arise from enigmatic or enigmatic circumstances. Antonyms for mystery are akin to keys that unlock the doors to understanding and enlightenment, allowing individuals to navigate through complexities with ease.

In contrast to the enigmatic nature of mysteries, antonyms for mystery facilitate learning and comprehension by breaking down barriers and barriers that obscure the truth. They promote a sense of clarity and logic, inviting individuals to explore concepts with confidence and assurance. Antonyms for mystery offer a refreshing perspective that favors transparency and lucidity, promoting understanding over confusion in a clear and direct manner.

35 Antonyms for MYSTERY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for mystery. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding MYSTERY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Mystery Sentence with Antonym
Known The mystery of the missing keys remained unsolved. The known solution to the case was quickly revealed.
Obvious The mystery surrounding her sudden disappearance was perplexing. The answer was so obvious that it required no investigation.
Transparent The mystery shrouding the ancient artifact left everyone curious. The way she found the treasure was so transparent.
Clear The mystery novel kept readers guessing until the last page. The truth of the matter was quite clear from the start.
Understandable The mystery of the strange symbols on the wall baffled the experts. Once the code was cracked, the message became understandable.
Revealed The mystery behind the haunted house was finally uncovered. The secrets were revealed during the investigation.
Solved The mystery of the encrypted message was finally solved. The case was no longer a mystery once they caught the culprit.
Simple The mystery of the lost cat seemed to have a simple explanation. The answer was so simple that it surprised everyone.
Plain The mystery surrounding the old mansion was nothing but plain superstition. The facts behind the legend were plain for all to see.
Obsolete The mystery of the ancient artifact was deemed obsolete once its purpose was revealed. The significance of the relic was obsolete in the modern world.
Evident The mystery of the hidden treasure became evident once the map was deciphered. The connection between the two cases was quite evident.
Explainable The mystery of the ghostly figure in the photograph was not easily explainable. The anomaly in the data was quite explainable upon closer inspection.
Unclouded The mystery surrounding the strange lights was finally unclouded by the scientific explanation. The truth of the matter was now unclouded by doubt.
Manifest The mystery of the disappearing objects was made manifest by the surveillance footage. The signs of foul play were now manifest to all.
Unveiled The mystery of the masked stranger was finally unveiled in court. The truth behind his actions was now unveiled for all to see.
Clear-cut The mystery of the missing funds was not as clear-cut as it seemed. The division of labor in the project was quite clear-cut.
Apparent The mystery of the hidden passage was now apparent to all who entered the room. The errors in the report were quite apparent upon review.
Known The mystery of the coded message became known once the key was found. The suspect’s whereabouts were well known to the police.
Transparent The mystery of the disappearing car keys was due to a transparent mistake. The decision-making process was kept transparent for all to see.
Definite The mystery of the missing package had a definite answer. The outcome of the experiment was now definite.
Intelligible The mystery of the foreign language book became intelligible as she studied it. The complex formula was now intelligible to the students.
Understandable The mystery of the cryptic message was finally understandable with the right context. The reasons behind his actions were quite understandable in the end.
Revealed The mystery of the hidden compartment was eventually revealed by the detective. The truth behind the rumors was revealed by the witness.
Solved The mystery of the locked box was finally solved with the right combination. The case was solved once the missing piece of evidence was found.
Straightforward The mystery of the strange occurrences was more straightforward than they thought. The instructions for the project were quite straightforward.
Distinct The mystery of the strange noise in the attic had a distinct source. The characteristics of the new species were quite distinct from others.
Concrete The mystery of the unidentified object was now grounded in concrete evidence. The conclusions drawn from the data were quite concrete.
Evident The mystery of the missing heirloom became evident during the investigation. The motive for the crime was clearly evident to the detective.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of MYSTERY

In summary, clarity offers illumination where mystery clouds understanding. Transparency replaces ambiguity, allowing for direct interpretation and insight. Explanations dispel confusion, revealing knowledge that was previously shrouded in secrecy.
When uncertainties are replaced with certainty, confusion gives way to comprehension. Unraveling the unknown through clear explanations dismantles the enigma, leaving behind only a clear path of understanding.

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