Opposite of NESTLE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we talk about antonyms for “nestle,” we are exploring words that convey concepts opposite to the act of settling into a comfortable or cozy position. Antonyms are words that have contrary meanings to a specific word, offering a complete contrast in interpretation.

In this context, seeking antonyms for “nestle” involves finding terms that describe actions or situations that are distinctly different from the idea of snuggling or resting comfortably. Identifying these antonyms can provide a broader understanding of language, allowing for richer vocabulary use and clearer communication.

By examining antonyms for “nestle,” we can expand our vocabulary and consider alternative ways to express ideas related to settling in a comfortable or secure manner. Exploring these opposite terms can enhance our ability to communicate effectively and convey a wider range of nuances in writing or conversation.

35 Antonyms for NESTLE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for nestle. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding NESTLE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Nestle Sentence with Antonym
Depart The baby nestled peacefully in her mother’s arms. The baby was hesitant to depart from her mother’s arms.
Displace The cat nestled on the cozy blanket by the fireplace. The cat was frightened and didn’t want to be displaced from its spot.
Reject She nestled closer to him for comfort. She felt hurt when he chose to reject her.
Separate The puppies nestled together for warmth. The siblings were forced to separate due to the quarrel.
Abandon The little bird nestled into its cozy nest. The little bird didn’t want to be abandoned in the cold.
Dismiss She nestled into the sofa to relax after a long day. He didn’t want to dismiss her need for comfort.
Distance The couple nestled closely together on the park bench. The couple didn’t want to create distance between them.
Isolate They nestled under the tree for shade. They didn’t want to be isolated from the group.
Reject The child nestled into the safety of her father’s embrace. The child felt anxious when her father decided to reject her.
Abandon The stray cat nestled into a cardboard box for shelter. The cat appeared scared and didn’t want to be abandoned outside.
Forsake The old dog nestled into its favorite blanket for a nap. The dog seemed sad, as if afraid they were going to forsake him.
Separate The siblings nestled together during the thunderstorm. They hesitated to separate for fear of being alone.
Refuse The squirrel nestled in the hollow of the tree. The squirrel would not refuse the warmth and safety of its nest.
Push away He nestled in her arms seeking comfort and reassurance. She wouldn’t push away his need for closeness.
Forsake The couple nestled together by the fireplace on a chilly evening. They promised never to forsake each other.
Shun The baby nestled in her crib, feeling safe and loved. The baby would cry if anyone tried to shun her.
Alienate The child nestled against his mother’s chest. The child feared his actions would alienate his parents.
Eject The cat nestled on the soft cushioned bed. The cat wouldn’t want to be ejected from its comfortable spot.
Disregard The puppies nestled in a pile for a nap. The mother dog wouldn’t disregard any of her pups.
Ditch The child nestled in his favorite reading nook. The child didn’t want his parents to ditch him for a night out.
Separate The birds nestled together in a cozy tree branch. They refused to separate even during the storm.
Exclude The couple nestled on the park bench, enjoying the sunset. They never wanted anyone to exclude them from their happiness.
Forsake The child nestled close to her mother when scared. She couldn’t bear the thought that her mother might forsake her.
Reject The kitten nestled beside its mother for warmth. The kitten cried when its mother seemed to reject it.
Remove The plant nestled comfortably in its pot on the windowsill. She wouldn’t remove the plant from its cozy spot.
Shun The child nestled in her mother’s embrace for reassurance. She cried whenever others tried to shun her.
Exclude The family nestled together on the couch for a movie night. They never wanted to feel excluded from one another’s company.
Forsake The dog nestled down for the night in its comfy bed. The dog whined, afraid they would forsake him.
Reject The baby nestled against her father’s chest, feeling safe. She started crying when she saw him reject her.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of NESTLE

Avoid settling, instead, seek out opportunities to wander freely. Don’t confine yourself, allow room to explore. As opposed to nestling, venture into the unknown. Embrace the vast expanse beyond comfort and routine. Step away from the familiar and into the uncharted. Evade the urge to nestle, opt for boundless discovery. Take a leap outside the confines of what is known and immerse yourself in new experiences.

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