Opposite of NETWORK – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When we think of a “network,” we often associate it with connections, interactions, and interrelationships. However, in the world of language and communication, there exists a fascinating concept that serves as the polar opposite of a network. These are known as antonyms for network.

Antonyms for network are essentially words or phrases that convey the opposite meaning or idea of what a network represents. While a network signifies a system of interconnected elements or individuals, antonyms for network describe a disconnect, isolation, or lack of interconnection.

Exploring antonyms for network can provide valuable insight into the diverse range of concepts and ideas present in language. By understanding these contrasting terms, we can expand our linguistic knowledge and appreciation for the intricate nuances of communication.

35 Antonyms for NETWORK With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for network. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding NETWORK antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Network Sentence with Antonym
Disconnect She connected all her devices to the network. He disconnected his computer from the mainframe.
Isolate The company’s branches are all part of the same network. The remote office is completely isolated from the main office.
Unlink All the computers in the office are linked to the network. He made sure to unlink his personal devices from the office network.
Separate They share files and information through the network. Each department operates on a separate network for security purposes.
Unconnect The company has a secure network for internal communication. Make sure to unconnect from any public wifi networks for safety.
Divide The system allows different departments to communicate over the network. The firewall is in place to divide the network into secure segments.
Scatter She was able to access the data from any device connected to the network. The data was scattered across different devices and not accessible in one place.
Unite The members of the team are united through a strong network. The lack of communication has caused the team to unite.
Fragment The network provides a seamless connection between all devices. Due to the storm, the network has become fragmented and unreliable.
Disjoin She used her phone to join the network during the video call. Before leaving, make sure to disjoin from the virtual meeting.
Detach The printer is detached from the main network for maintenance. It is important to detach any personal devices from the office network.
Unify The software helps to unify all devices in the same network. The decision to create multiple networks will not allow the system to unify.
Disassociate He chose to disassociate his personal laptop from the company network. It is crucial to disassociate all personal devices from the work network.
Unite The servers are united in a powerful network for efficient workflow. By creating separate networks, the servers will not be able to unite.
Break The data is transferred seamlessly within the corporate network. The recent cyber attack caused the break of communication within the network.
Sever The IT department had to sever connections to protect the network. It is necessary to sever the connection to prevent any cybersecurity threats.
Disband The network allows all branches to collaborate effectively. Unfortunately, the decision to disband the network led to a decline in productivity.
Split The devices are linked through a wireless network. However, the split between the devices caused disruptions in communication.
Isolated The isolated island country needed a reliable communication network. However, they remained isolated due to their lack of access to modern technology.
Part The departments work together by sharing data through the network. Despite this, they decided to part ways and operate independently.
Disconnected Please ensure all devices are connected to the company network. All devices must be disconnected when leaving the office for the day.
Stable The stable network provided uninterrupted access to resources. Due to the storm, the connection became unstable and caused interruptions.
Merge The decision to merge all departments into one network was successful. On the contrary, the decision to split the network led to conflicts and issues.
Link All the computers in the office are linked to the company network. However, it is essential to unlink any personal devices from the work network.
Combine The software allows users to combine different resources over the network. Unfortunately, the recent glitch caused the resources to split and be unavailable.
Part Every department is part of the same network for easy data sharing. However, in the recent restructuring, they decided to part ways and have separate networks.
Integrated The integrated network ensures seamless communication between all devices. Following a recent power surge, the connections became fragmented and non-integrated.
Attach You must attach all devices to the company network for access. Conversely, for security reasons, it is recommended to detach devices from the office network.
Merge The decision to merge the databases into one network streamlined operations. However, the decision led to a split in communication channels and inefficiencies.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of NETWORK

In a world driven by connection and collaboration, it is important to recognize the significance of individuality and independence. While networks play a crucial role in fostering communication and teamwork, there is equal value in solitude and self-reliance. Striking a balance between building relationships and nurturing personal sovereignty is key to overall well-being.

By understanding the antonyms of network, such as isolation and detachment, we can appreciate the spectrum of human interaction. Embracing moments of solitude can lead to self-discovery and growth, complementing the benefits of networking and socializing. Ultimately, acknowledging the power of both ends of the spectrum can enrich our lives and relationships, allowing for a harmonious blend of connectivity and individuality.

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