Opposite of NOTORIETY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for notoriety refer to terms that are used to describe individuals or things that are not well-known or widely recognized for negative reasons. These antonyms can help convey a sense of obscurity, anonymity, or even positive reputation in contrast to the infamy associated with notoriety.

While notoriety typically suggests a negative or unfavorable reputation, antonyms for this term can imply a sense of virtue, respectability, or even excellence. By using these antonyms, one can highlight the positive attributes or lack of recognition associated with a particular subject.

Exploring antonyms for notoriety provides a nuanced understanding of how different qualities and perceptions shape our views of people, things, or concepts. By considering these opposite terms, we can gain insight into the multifaceted nature of reputation and how it can vary from one extreme to another.

35 Antonyms for NOTORIETY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for notoriety. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding NOTORIETY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Notoriety Sentence with Antonym
Obscurity The criminal gained notoriety after the robbery. The author chose to live in obscurity away from the public eye.
Anonymity The internet provides a platform for people to hide their notoriety. The witness wished to remain in anonymity to protect their identity.
Respectability The wealthy businessman’s notoriety allowed him to gain power. The humanitarian work of the doctor helped her earn respectability in the community.
Good reputation The celebrity’s notoriety grew after the scandal. The politician worked hard to build a good reputation with the public.
Unfamiliarity The artist’s work brought her notoriety among art enthusiasts. The new employee remained in unfamiliarity with the company’s policies.
Anonymity In an age of social media, many people crave notoriety. Some individuals prefer anonymity and strive for privacy.
Obscurity The criminal’s actions brought notoriety to his small town. The small, quaint village lived in peaceful obscurity away from major cities.
Popularity The politician’s notoriety helped him win the election. On the contrary, the teacher’s humility and modesty overshadowed any desire for popularity.
Excellence The artist’s notoriety made her a household name. His excellence in the field of science was widely recognized by experts worldwide.
Reputable The company enjoyed worldwide notoriety for its luxury products. The small, family-owned business focused on being reputable within the local community.
Honor The captain received notoriety for his bravery in battle. The diplomat was known for his integrity and honor in his diplomatic missions.
Unfamiliarity The professor’s groundbreaking research brought her notoriety. The new technology was met with curiosity and unfamiliarity by the general public.
Fame The singer’s notoriety led to sold-out concerts worldwide. The researcher chose a life of anonymity over the glitz and glamor of fame.
Credibility The journalist’s notoriety stemmed from her controversial reporting. The academic publication gained credibility due to its evidence-backed research.
Prestige The award-winning author achieved global notoriety. The quiet gardener preferred the solace of her garden over the prestige of awards.
Approval The controversial film gained notoriety for its explicit content. The internationally acclaimed movie received critical approval from film experts.
Dignity The politician’s actions tarnished his notoriety and public image. The activist dedicated her life to fighting for justice and maintaining her dignity.
Respect The rebel leader gained notoriety for his radical beliefs. The humble volunteer quietly earned the respect of her community through her selfless acts.
Discretion The company’s unethical practices led to its notoriety in the industry. The lawyer valued discretion and always acted with careful consideration.
Integrity The scandal damaged the politician’s notoriety and reputation. The lawyer was known for her unwavering ethics and integrity in all her cases.
Celebrity The actor reached notoriety after winning multiple awards. The introverted writer preferred to stay away from the glitz and glamor of celebrity.
Praise The athlete’s impressive skills brought him notoriety. The humanitarian’s selfless actions led to widespread praise from the community.
Honor The soldier earned notoriety for his bravery in battle. The firefighter was awarded for his commitment and honor to duty.
Fame The artist’s work gained notoriety due to its controversial nature. The researcher valued the pursuit of knowledge over the allure of fame.
Merit The scientist achieved notoriety due to her groundbreaking discoveries. The student received recognition based on her academic merit.
Virtue The criminal’s actions brought him notoriety and disgrace. The nun’s life was a testament to her devotion to virtue and selflessness.
Humility The model’s notoriety led to a luxurious lifestyle. The monk lived a life of humility and simplicity far from material possessions.
Authenticity The conspiracy theorist gained notoriety for his outrageous claims. The photographer’s work stood out for its authenticity and emotional depth.
Modesty The designer’s creations gained notoriety among fashion elites. The teacher preferred a life modesty, away from the spotlight and glamour.
Honor The controversial artist gained notoriety for her provocative art. The firefighter received recognition for his commitment to honor and duty.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of NOTORIETY

In contrast to infamy, which brings a negative reputation, obscurity offers a sense of anonymity and privacy. While notoriety can attract attention, anonymity allows for a more peaceful and quiet existence. Instead of seeking notoriety, appreciating obscurity can provide a sense of freedom from public scrutiny and judgment. Embracing a life of anonymity can offer a reprieve from the pressures that come with being well-known, allowing individuals to focus on personal growth and fulfillment without the distraction of public opinion. Ultimately, choosing obscurity over notoriety can lead to a more tranquil and fulfilling life.

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