Opposite of NOTORIOUS – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When looking for antonyms for notorious, it’s important to understand that the term “notorious” refers to something or someone widely known for their negative reputation or actions. Therefore, antonyms for this word would describe individuals or things that are not well-known, particularly in a negative light.

One way to find antonyms for notorious is by seeking out words or phrases that convey a sense of anonymity, obscurity, or insignificance. These terms are opposite in meaning to notorious, as they suggest a lack of notoriety or widespread recognition for any negative reasons.

In contrast to the infamous or widely recognized, antonyms for notorious can be used to describe individuals, places, or events that are obscure, unremarkable, or easily overlooked. By exploring words that imply a lack of notoriety or scandal, one can effectively identify antonyms for notorious that convey a sense of innocence or anonymity.

35 Antonyms for NOTORIOUS With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for notorious. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding NOTORIOUS antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Notorious Sentence with Antonym
Obscure The criminal was notorious for his crimes. The author remains obscure despite her talent.
Unknown The actor’s notorious scandals made headlines. The singer prefers to stay unknown to the public.
Respectable The politician’s notorious behavior scandalized the public. The doctor had a respectable career saving lives.
Reputable The company’s notorious unethical practices led to boycotts. The new coffee shop built a reputable reputation for quality products.
Honorable The gang leader was notorious for his violent crimes. The charitable organization is known for its honorable mission.
Distinguished The billionaire was notorious for his lavish lifestyle. The scholar was distinguished in her field of study.
Esteemed The artist became notorious for his controversial artwork. The professor is esteemed for his contributions to academia.
Venerable The actress became notorious for her scandalous affairs. The elder statesman is venerable for his wisdom and leadership.
Illustrious The dictator was notorious for his oppressive regime. The scientist is illustrious for her groundbreaking discoveries.
Virtuous The corrupt politician was notorious for his dishonesty. The community leader is known for her virtuous actions.
Noble The criminal gang leader was notorious for his violent actions. The philanthropist is known for his noble deeds.
Well-known The actor is notorious for his diva-like behavior on set. The artist is well-known for his innovative techniques.
Respected The CEO was notorious for his cut-throat business tactics. The teacher is respected for her dedication to her students.
Admired The corrupt politician became notorious for embezzlement charges. The community activist is admired for her work towards social justice.
Commended The boss was notorious for his unfair treatment of employees. The supervisor is commended for her leadership and inclusivity.
Noble-minded The dictator was notorious for his human rights violations. The social worker is noble-minded in her dedication to helping others.
Favoured The criminal gang became notorious for their violent crimes. The local church is favoured for its community outreach programs.
Ill-Starred The actress was notorious for her troubled personal life. The athlete’s career, on the other hand, was ill-starred with injuries.
Noteworthy The singer is notorious for her temper tantrums backstage. The musician, however, is noteworthy for his remarkable talent.
Admirable The corrupt businessman became notorious for his fraudulent schemes. The firefighter is admirable for risking his life to save others.
Laudable The gang was notorious for its violent crimes in the city. The charity organization, on the other hand, is laudable for its humanitarian efforts.
Exemplary The dictator was notorious for his oppressive regime. The community leader is exemplary in her dedication to serving her people.
Appreciated The criminal gang was notorious for its violent acts in the community. The local volunteer group is appreciated for its efforts to clean up the neighborhood.
Outstanding The CEO was notorious for his unethical business practices. The employee, however, is outstanding in her commitment to the company.
Creditable The corrupt politician became notorious for his embezzlement of funds. The young entrepreneur is creditable for building a successful start-up.
Praiseworthy The singer is notorious for showing up late to concerts. The conductor, however, is praiseworthy for his precise and passionate performances.
Admirable The corrupt politician was notorious for taking bribes. The community leader is admirable for her honesty and integrity.
Praiseworthy The CEO was notorious for his mistreatment of employees. The manager, however, is praiseworthy for her fair and supportive leadership.
Honored The criminal gang leader was notorious for his violent actions. The military veteran is honored for his bravery and service.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of NOTORIOUS

The infamous criminal’s reputation was tarnished, and he was now celebrated for his good deeds. His once wicked behavior had transformed into acts of kindness and generosity, leaving his infamous past behind. People now acknowledged him for his noble actions and respected him for the positive impact he had on the community.

No longer reviled for his misdeeds, the once notorious figure had become renowned for his philanthropic efforts. His atrocious acts were replaced by benevolent deeds, shaping a new legacy that overshadowed his dark past. The individual had successfully reversed his infamous status, earning admiration and praise for his righteous endeavors.

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