Opposite of OBVIOUSLY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When it comes to language and communication, the concept of antonyms plays a crucial role in providing depth and nuance to our expressions. Antonyms are words that carry meanings that are opposite or contrary to each other. By using antonyms, we are able to provide a wider spectrum of understanding and clarity in our conversations and writing.

Utilizing antonyms enables us to convey complex ideas and emotions with precision. They offer a way to contrast, compare, and highlight distinctions between different concepts or qualities. By incorporating antonyms in our expressions, we can enhance our ability to convey subtle shades of meaning and create vivid imagery in our communication.

In the realm of language and literature, antonyms serve as essential tools for writers and speakers to articulate thoughts effectively. They provide a versatile means to express ideas with richness and depth. Understanding and utilizing antonyms can significantly contribute to the clarity and impact of our communication.

35 Antonyms for OBVIOUSLY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for obviously. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding OBVIOUSLY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Obviously Sentence with Antonym
Unclear Obviously, the solution to the problem is evident. The solution to the problem is unclear.
Concealed It was obviously a secretive operation. It was a concealed operation.
Ambiguous She obviously expressed her discontent. She left her discontent ambiguous.
Doubtful It’s obviously going to rain today. It is doubtful it will rain today.
Hidden The answer to the question was obviously simple. The answer was hidden.
Questionable His actions were obviously suspicious. His actions were questionable.
Obscure It was obviously a difficult task. It was an obscure task.
Unsure She was obviously confident in her decision. She was unsure about her decision.
Vague The instructions were obviously clear. The instructions were vague.
Deceptive His smile was obviously fake. His intentions were deceptive.
Uncertain It’s obviously a matter of personal preference. It is uncertain which one is better.
Disguised It was obviously a cleverly concealed trap. The trap was disguised.
Dubious His reason for absence was obviously untrue. His excuse was dubious.
Opaque The meaning was obviously clear to everyone. The meaning remained opaque.
Uncertain It was obviously the best choice available. The best choice was uncertain.
Hidden The treasure was obviously within reach. The treasure was hidden away.
Indefinite The deadline was obviously approaching fast. The deadline was indefinite.
Unapparent The cause of the accident was obviously speed. The true cause was unapparent.
Dubious It was obviously a bogus claim. The claim was dubious.
Guarded She was obviously open about her feelings. She was guarded in expressing her feelings.
Concealed The identity of the guest was obviously known. The identity was concealed.
Uncertain The outcome of the game seemed obviously clear. The outcome was uncertain.
Obscured The mountain summit was obviously visible. The summit was obscured by clouds.
Ambiguous The message was obviously easy to understand. The message remained ambiguous.
Mysterious The source of the noise was obviously nearby. The source was mysterious.
Hidden The treasure location was obviously marked. The treasure was hidden from plain sight.
Dark His intentions were obviously pure. His intentions were dark and sinister.
Opaque The explanation was obviously simple. The explanation remained opaque.
Covert Their obviously loving relationship was clear to all. Their covert relationship was hidden.
Unclear The instructions were obviously laid out. The instructions were unclear.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of OBVIOUSLY

In conclusion, while some situations may seem cryptic or enigmatic at first glance, it is essential to delve deeper and unravel the underlying complexities. Rather than accepting things at face value, it is crucial to scrutinize and investigate to gain a clear understanding. By exploring beyond what is apparent, one can uncover valuable insights and hidden truths that may not be immediately apparent.

Therefore, it is imperative to adopt a curious and inquisitive mindset, questioning the superficial and seeking out the nuances that lie beneath the surface. By doing so, one can cultivate a deeper understanding of the world around them and develop a more discerning perspective that goes beyond the surface level.

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