Opposite of OOZE – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Do you ever find yourself searching for the opposite of “ooze”? Antonyms serve as words with opposite meanings to a particular word, providing a contrasting pair that can enhance your vocabulary and add depth to your writing. In the case of “ooze,” understanding its antonyms can help you communicate more precisely and effectively.

Antonyms play a crucial role in language, serving as linguistic tools that can offer clarity and nuance in communication. By exploring the antonyms for “ooze,” you can discover a range of words that convey meanings opposite to the slow, flowy movement associated with oozing substances. This exploration can lead to improved expression and a deeper understanding of language usage.

Expanding your knowledge of antonyms for “ooze” can provide you with a way to better differentiate between various concepts related to the flow or movement of substances. Whether you are writing creatively, academically, or professionally, incorporating antonyms for “ooze” into your vocabulary can help you convey your intended message with precision and finesse.

35 Antonyms for OOZE With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for ooze. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding OOZE antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Ooze Sentence with Antonym
Drain The water started to ooze out of the cracked pipe The sink was clogged, and the water refused to drain away
Dry up The mud made my shoes ooze after walking in rain After laying out in the sun, the mud on my shoes began to dry up
Evaporate The lotion made my skin feel like it would ooze out The breeze was so warm that the lotion on my skin started to evaporate
Absorb The sponge is so saturated, it is starting to ooze water The sponge quickly started to absorb the spilled water
Leak The bottle had a crack, causing the liquid to ooze out The bottle was sealed tight, so nothing could leak from it
Retract The toothpaste tube was squeezed too hard and it started oozing out I pressed the tube again, and the toothpaste started to retract back in
Spill The oil started to ooze out of the container I carefully poured the oil from the container, ensuring not to spill it
Seep The rain caused the ground to ooze with water The ground was so dry that the rain couldn’t seep through
Dry out The wet towel slowly started to ooze water After hanging it in the sun, the towel eventually dried out
Pour The container was cracked, causing it to ooze liquid I gently poured the contents of the container into a new one
Release The stress made me feel like it was oozing from my pores Finding a moment of peace made me feel like tension was released from my body
Trickle The waterfall made the water ooze down the rocks The small stream seemed to trickle between the pebbles
Bundle up The fabric was so tightly woven that it caused the liquid to ooze out By loosely wrapping the fabric, I prevented the liquid from bundling up
Evacuate The building had a crack, making water ooze into the basement The rain finally stopped, allowing the basement to evacuate the water
Absence His attitude made negativity ooze from his words Her positivity was evident, with no absence of joy in her voice
Dryness The river flooded, causing the water to ooze over the banks The dryness of the desert meant there was no water around
Emit The flower started to ooze its sweet nectar The flower didn’t emit any fragrance, indicating it was not in bloom
Spurt The hose was damaged, causing water to ooze out slowly After fixing the hose, water started to spurt out quickly
Thirsty The soil was so saturated that excess water started to ooze out The plants were so thirsty that they quickly absorbed the water instead
Spread The adhesive was applied too thick, making it ooze out I gently applied the adhesive, ensuring it did not spread out
Overflow The glass was too full, causing the drink to ooze over the sides I carefully poured the drink, ensuring it didn’t overflow
Liquidate The intense heat caused the ice to ooze into water The ice turned back to ice, refusing to liquidate completely
Absent His lack of interest oozed from his body language Her enthusiasm for the subject was undeniable, with no absent emotion
Vomit The sick child made the food ooze from his mouth After taking medication, the child no longer felt the need to vomit
Soak The sponge was so wet that water started to ooze from it I squeezed the sponge, making sure to soak up all the liquid
Gather The cloud was so full that rain started to ooze from it The cloud dissipated, failing to gather enough moisture
Coagulate The blood from the wound began to ooze out After some time, the blood started to coagulate and form a scab
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of OOZE

In conclusion, while some substances flow smoothly, others may seep or trickle instead. Instead of gushing or flooding, they can barely trickle or drip. These substances don’t pour or run rapidly like water but move in a slow, slight manner. Their movement is minimal, not fast-paced or torrential. Despite not oozing, they can still leak or seep through small openings.

In essence, when substances fail to ooze, they may only drip or trickle slowly. By understanding the antonyms of ooze, we can better appreciate the diversity of how liquids or substances move and behave in various scenarios.

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