Opposite of OPINION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Understanding antonyms for opinions is crucial for effectively communicating ideas and expressing contrasting viewpoints. Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to each other, providing a clear juxtaposition of ideas in conversations and debates. By familiarizing oneself with antonyms for opinions, individuals can enhance their ability to convey thoughts and engage in productive discussions.

When discussing opinions, utilizing antonyms can help clarify distinctions and provide a well-rounded perspective on various subjects. These word pairs serve as powerful tools in language, offering a direct counterpoint to a stated viewpoint. By incorporating antonyms, individuals can highlight differences in beliefs, preferences, or judgments, leading to a richer exchange of ideas.

In both formal and informal settings, incorporating antonyms for opinions can lead to more nuanced and insightful discussions. The deliberate use of antonyms can bring depth and balance to conversations, fostering a deeper understanding of differing viewpoints. By recognizing and employing antonyms for opinions, individuals can navigate conversations with clarity and precision, ultimately contributing to more effective communication and mutual understanding.

35 Antonyms for OPINION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for opinion. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding OPINION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Opinion Sentence with Antonym
Fact In my opinion, the movie was fantastic. The fact is the movie was terrible.
Certainty I believe the team will win the game. There is no certainty the team will win.
Truth In my opinion, he is the best candidate. The evidence points to the truth about his capabilities.
Knowledge From my perspective, she is guilty. It is not common knowledge that she is innocent.
Reality I feel that we have a chance of winning. The reality is that we have no chance.
Indisputable In my view, the project will be successful. It’s indisputable that the project will fail.
Certitude I am certain that the plan will work. There is no certitude that the plan will succeed.
Accuracy It is my belief that he is responsible. Inaccuracy points to his innocence.
Knowledge In my perspective, she is the culprit. It is common ignorance that she is innocent.
Reality I sense that he is being dishonest. The illusion is that he is being honest.
Verity In my estimation, the project is viable. The falsity is that the project is improbable.
Proof I am convinced the theory is correct. There is no substantial proof the theory is valid.
Certainty In my viewpoint, the answer is clear. There is a doubt the answer is evident.
Authentic I believe the painting is an original. It is a fabrication that the painting is authentic.
Cognizance From my view, he is the perpetrator. It is unawareness that shows his innocence.
Certainty I am sure we will arrive on time. There is uncertainty regarding our arrival time.
Reality I perceive we have a chance at success. The fantasy is that we have no chance.
Proof In my mind, the plan is foolproof. There is no evidence the plan will work.
Certitude I am confident the results will be positive. There is no certitude the results will be favorable.
Knowledge From my vantage point, she is the culprit. It is common unawareness that she is innocent.
Reality I think he is deceitful in his actions. The fiction is that he’s being truthful.
Verity In my reckoning, the idea is plausible. The fallacy is that the idea is improbable.
Proof I have no doubt the solution is effective. There is no proof the solution works.
Certainty I am convinced that justice will prevail. There is no assurance justice will be served.
Authentic From my understanding, the document is authentic. It is counterfeit that the document is genuine.
Cognizance I believe she is guilty of the crime. The lack of awareness points to her innocence.
Certainty I am positive she will pass the exam. There is doubt she will pass the exam.
Reality In my judgment, we can achieve our goals. The delusion is that we can’t achieve our goals.
Proof I am certain the experiment will succeed. There is no concrete proof the experiment will work.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of OPINION

In summary, opinions are subjective beliefs or views, while facts are objective realities or truths. It is important to differentiate between opinions and facts to make informed decisions and form logical conclusions. Opinions can vary widely and are based on personal preferences or perspectives, while facts are verifiable information that is universally accepted.

By recognizing the distinction between opinions and facts, individuals can better navigate discussions, debates, and decision-making processes. Emphasizing the importance of evidence-based reasoning over subjective opinions can lead to more productive dialogues and a greater understanding of the world around us.

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