Opposite of ORIGINALITY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for originality refer to concepts or qualities that are characterized by the absence of creativity, novelty, or unique elements. When discussing antonyms for originality, it is essential to consider ideas or practices that lack innovation, spontaneity, or individuality.

Conversely, these antonyms may encompass conventional, clichéd, or derivative notions that are commonplace, unremarkable, or lacking in distinctiveness. They are often associated with copying, imitating, or replicating existing forms or ideas without introducing any personal or innovative touch.

In contrast to originality, the antonyms for this concept denote a lack of inventiveness, novelty, or creativity. They may indicate a tendency towards conformity, tradition, or predictability, rather than paving the way for fresh perspectives, imaginative solutions, or groundbreaking creations.

35 Antonyms for ORIGINALITY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for originality. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding ORIGINALITY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Originality Sentence with Antonym
Imitation The artist’s originality shone through in her unique paintings. The copy was a mere imitation of the original artwork.
Cliché His writing lacked originality and was filled with clichés. The story was filled with overused clichés and lacked any originality.
Banal The movie was criticized for its lack of originality and banal plot. The fashion show was a breath of fresh air compared to the banal designs at the other event.
Plagiarism Accusations of originality were made against the author for copying the work of another writer. The student was caught submitting a paper that was a clear case of plagiarism.
Conventional The artist decided to break away from conventional norms and showcase his originality. The design was safe and conventional, lacking any originality.
Derivative The film received praise for its originality and was hailed as a refreshing change from derivative Hollywood blockbusters. The book was criticized for being too derivative and lacking any originality.
Uninspired His speech was void of originality and came off as uninspired. The presentation lacked creativity and was uninspired in its approach.
Stereotypical The show was applauded for its unique characters that broke away from stereotypical portrayals. The advertisement reinforced stereotypical gender roles, lacking any hint of originality.
Commonplace The artist’s works stood out in a sea of commonplace art due to their originality. The singer’s lyrics were commonplace and lacked the originality that could set her apart.
Stale The market was saturated with ideas, and originality was hard to come by. The presentation fell flat due to the stale and unoriginal content.
Hackneyed The book was a breath of fresh air in a world of hackneyed plots and lacked any originality. The comedian’s jokes were hackneyed and lacked the originality needed to stand out.
Imitative The designer’s work was highly original and stood out from the sea of imitative designs. The artwork lacked creativity and seemed too imitative of other artists’ styles.
Standard The novel was praised for its deviation from standard tropes and its display of true originality. The presentation adhered to a standard format and offered nothing in the way of originality.
Uncreative The originality of the author’s work was evident in her daring and creative writing style. The project seemed uncreative and lacked the originality that would make it stand out.
Traditional The chef’s fusion cuisine showcased a blend of flavors that broke away from traditional recipes, highlighting her originality. The recipe stuck to traditional ingredients and cooking methods, lacking any hint of originality.
Common The sculptor’s work was anything but common, and his originality set him apart in the art world. The painting, while well-executed, was common and lacked the originality needed to make it memorable.
Routine The band’s music deviated from routine sounds and brought a breath of fresh air with its originality. The dance performance adhered to a routine that was devoid of originality and creativity.
Stagnant The company knew that without originality, their ideas would become stagnant and fail to excite consumers. The project lacked originality and felt stagnant in its development.
Unimaginative Her designs were anything but unimaginative; her originality shone through in every piece. The proposal was unimaginative in its approach and lacked the originality that could have made it stand out.
Secondhand The author was praised for her original narrative, not resorting to tired and secondhand plots. The song was forgettable, with secondhand lyrics that lacked the originality needed to connect with listeners.
Routine The athlete knew that without originality, his routines would become dull and predictable. The project manager’s approach was routine and devoid of originality, making it hard to stand out.
Unexceptional Her art stood out as exceptional in a sea of unexceptional works, her originality shining through. The performance was unexceptional and lacked the originality required to make it memorable.
Unorthodox The director’s original vision delivered a film that was anything but unorthodox and right in line with convention. The design was too unorthodox and failed to strike a balance between creativity and originality.
Conformist The artist broke away from the conformist trends and showcased her originality in every piece. The writer’s work felt conformist and lacked the originality that could have set it apart.
Stereotyped The campaign succeeded in breaking stereotyped perceptions of beauty due to its originality. The character was stereotyped and failed to break away from the lack of originality in the storyline.
Plain The chef’s dishes were anything but plain, her originality evident in the bold flavors and combinations. The presentation was plain and lacked any sense of originality that could have made it memorable.
Stifled The company culture encouraged originality and innovation, knowing that stifling creativity resulted in stifled growth. The team’s creativity felt stifled, resulting in a lack of originality in their final product.
Noncreative The artist’s work was bursting with creativity and originality, setting her apart from the noncreative designs. The project felt noncreative and lacked the originality needed to stand out in the competitive market.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of ORIGINALITY

Variations of the word “originality” can include conformity, imitation, and unoriginality. By embracing these different concepts, we can appreciate the value of diversity and difference in creative expressions. While staying true to one’s individuality is important, it is also beneficial to explore alternative perspectives and styles. Finding inspiration in unconventional sources can lead to innovative and fresh ideas.

In a world where imitation is often frowned upon, it is essential to recognize the significance of exploring contrasting viewpoints and allowing for different approaches. Embracing the antonyms of originality can open up new avenues for creativity and offer opportunities for growth and development in artistic endeavors.

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