Opposite of PARTITION – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for partition refer to words or phrases that represent the opposite of dividing or separating something into parts. These antonyms convey the idea of bringing together, unifying, or merging things that were previously separated. By exploring antonyms for partition, we can understand the concept of uniting or combining elements that were once disconnected.

In the realm of language and communication, antonyms for partition play a crucial role in expressing concepts of unity and cohesion. These antonyms offer alternative ways to describe situations where division is replaced with togetherness or consolidation. Understanding antonyms for partition can enrich our vocabulary and provide us with a broader range of options to effectively express ideas related to unity and integration.

By uncovering antonyms for partition, we gain insight into the fundamental principles of coming together and joining forces. These opposite terms offer a window into the world of unity and wholeness, highlighting the importance of combining elements to create a sense of completeness. Exploring antonyms for partition allows us to appreciate the significance of connecting disparate parts into a cohesive whole.

35 Antonyms for PARTITION With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for partition. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PARTITION antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Partition Sentence with Antonym
Unite The wall partitioned the room into two sections. The team decided to unite and work together.
Merge The magician used a curtain to partition the stage. The rivers will merge into one larger body of water.
Combine The glass wall partitioned the office space. Let’s combine all our resources and work together.
Connect The fence partitioned the garden from the yard. It’s important to connect with others for support.
Integrate A fence partitioned the property from the road. The goal is to integrate all aspects of the project.
Blend The wall partitioned the kitchen from the dining area. Blending flavors creates a delicious dish.
Unify The wall partitioned the classroom into two separate spaces. Let’s unify our efforts and work as one team.
Attach The temporary wall partitioned the living room. We need to attach the pieces together to complete the project.
Meld The curtain partitioned the stage for the different acts. Let’s meld our ideas to create a cohesive plan.
Intermingle The bookshelf partitioned the room into two sides. Let’s allow the colors to intermingle for a more vibrant look.
Unmix The separator partitioned the items into distinct categories. Stir the ingredients to unmix them and blend evenly.
Unify The wall partitioned the workspace for privacy. It’s time to unify our efforts and work together.
Joint The tall fence partitioned the property from the neighbor’s yard. Let’s jointly work on this project instead of separately.
Connect The barrier partitioned the garden from the backyard. Let’s connect the dots to see the whole picture.
Incorporate The wall partitioned the room into a smaller sitting area. We need to incorporate various elements for a complete design.
Merge The fence partitioned the park from the playground. The two companies will merge to form a stronger corporation.
Bond The wall partitioned the hallway for the event. Let’s create a strong bond to achieve our common goal.
Unite The wall partitioned the restaurant into two sections. It’s important to unite to overcome challenges.
Integrate The divider partitioned the workspace for distinct tasks. It’s time to integrate all elements for a cohesive result.
Separate The wall partitioned the open workspace into cubicles. It’s time to separate the files based on categories.
Merge The partition separates the kitchen from the living room. Let’s merge our efforts for a stronger impact.
Unify The wall separates the garden from the driveway. Let’s unify our thoughts and come to a consensus.
Blend The screen separates the work area from the rest of the room. Blending the colors creates a beautiful painting.
Intermingle The wall separates the conference room from the lobby. Let’s allow the flavors to intermingle for a tasty dish.
Disconnect The barrier separates the patrons from the VIP section. Sometimes we need to disconnect to recharge.
Disjoin The partition disconnects the living room from the dining area. It’s time to disjoin the pieces and rearrange them.
Unmix The wall disconnects the kitchen from the rest of the house. We need to unmix the colors to achieve the desired shade.
Blend The glass wall disconnects the office space from the reception area. Blending the sounds creates a harmonious atmosphere.
Reconcile The barrier disconnects the conflicting parties. It’s important to reconcile differences for peace.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PARTITION

In considering the opposite of division or separation, unity emerges as the key theme. As we explore the connections between individuals and groups, we find harmony, cohesion, and solidarity. Through collaboration and cooperation, barriers are broken down, and a sense of togetherness is fostered. Unity promotes understanding, inclusivity, and strength in diversity.

By embracing unity over partition, we can work towards a more integrated and cohesive society. Valuing connections and relationships, we can overcome differences and build a more united community. Together, we can create a world where inclusivity and harmony prevail, leading to a more peaceful and cooperative existence.

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