Opposite of PATRIOT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Antonyms for patriot refer to terms that are the direct opposite of what it means to be a patriot. A patriot is someone who has a deep love and devotion for their country, typically showing loyalty, support, and willingness to defend it. Therefore, antonyms for patriot would signify individuals or concepts that display the opposite sentiments towards their nation.

These antonyms can imply ideas of disloyalty, indifference, or even hostility towards one’s country. Individuals or actions that go against the principles of patriotism may be described using antonyms for patriot. While a patriot is often seen as someone who honors and upholds the values of their nation, these antonyms would suggest a lack of respect or disregard for those same principles.

Understanding the antonyms for patriot can help us grasp the full spectrum of attitudes towards one’s country. By recognizing the contrast between what it means to be a patriot and its antonyms, we can gain a deeper understanding of the different perspectives and values that exist within a society.

35 Antonyms for PATRIOT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for patriot. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PATRIOT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Patriot Sentence with Antonym
Traitor The patriot fought for their country’s freedom. The traitor sold out their country to the enemy.
Defector The patriot pledged allegiance to their homeland. The defector abandoned their allegiance to their homeland.
Turncoat The patriot remained loyal in times of crisis. The turncoat betrayed their country in times of need.
Renegade The patriot proudly displayed the flag of their nation. The renegade rejected the principles of their nation.
Deserter The patriot bravely fought in the war. The deserter deserted their post during the battle.
Rebel The patriot showed unwavering devotion to their land. The rebel actively sought to overthrow the government.
Traitorous The patriot defended their country’s honor. The traitorous actions of the spy endangered national security.
Apostate The patriot upheld the values of their country. The apostate rejected the beliefs of their homeland.
Insurgent The patriot defended the constitution with their life. The insurgent sought to overthrow the constitutional government.
Dissident The patriot advocated for democratic ideals. The dissident challenged the authority of the state.
Loyalist The patriot honored the sacrifices of their ancestors. The loyalist remained faithful to the crown.
Turncoat The patriot took great pride in their national heritage. The turncoat abandoned their cultural roots.
Defector The patriot celebrated the independence of their country. The defector defied the independence movement.
Subversive The patriot defended the democratic values of their nation. The subversive sought to undermine the democratic principles.
Rebel The patriot respected the laws of their land. The rebel defied the laws and regulations set by the state.
Mutineer The patriot supported the rights of their fellow citizens. The mutineer instigated a rebellion against the government.
Saboteur The patriot worked tirelessly to improve their country’s economy. The saboteur deliberately disrupted the nation’s economic stability.
Renegade The patriot upheld the honor of their nation. The renegade stained the reputation of their nation.
Separatist The patriot defended the unity of their state. The separatist sought to divide the nation into separate entities.
Outsider The patriot was deeply connected to their homeland. The outsider felt disconnected from the country they lived in.
Unpatriotic The patriot exemplified the spirit of their nation. The unpatriotic actions of the individual undermined national unity.
Alienated The patriot felt a strong sense of belonging to their country. The alienated individual felt isolated and disconnected from their country.
Defector The patriot defended the sovereignty of their state. The defector betrayed the sovereignty of their nation.
Apostate The patriot cherished the diversity of their nation. The apostate rejected the cultural diversity of the country.
Inciter The patriot rallied support for their nation’s policies. The inciter sowed discord and division among the population.
Traitorous The patriot stood up against corruption in the government. The traitorous official colluded with corrupt entities.
Turncoat The patriot defended the honor of their country. The turncoat dishonored their nation by siding with the enemy.
Deserter The patriot embraced the principles of democracy. The deserter abandoned the principles of democracy.
Insubordinate The patriot respected the authority of the government. The insubordinate individual defied government orders.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PATRIOT

It’s essential to recognize that while some may view those who question authority as disloyal, they may simply be exercising their right to hold a differing opinion. Dissenters are not always undermining the values of their country; they may, in fact, be striving to improve it by challenging the status quo and advocating for change.

In a diverse society, it is vital to embrace varying perspectives, including those that challenge conventional beliefs. Tolerating dissent allows for a more robust and inclusive exchange of ideas, ultimately leading to a stronger and more resilient nation. So, while patriots are often celebrated for their unwavering support, it is equally important to value those who offer dissenting viewpoints as they play a crucial role in fostering progress and positive change.

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