Opposite of PEDAL – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for pedal, it is important to note that a pedal is a lever operated by foot that is used to control various mechanisms or devices.

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to a particular word. In the case of pedal, antonyms would be terms that describe actions or objects that do not involve the use of a foot lever to control or operate something.

Exploring antonyms for pedal can help broaden our understanding of different modes of movement or control, as well as provide insight into alternative ways of operating machinery or equipment without the use of a foot-operated lever.

35 Antonyms for PEDAL With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for pedal. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PEDAL antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Pedal Sentence with Antonym
Stay She pedaled her bicycle quickly down the street. She coasted slowly along the quiet path.
Stop He pedaled hard to reach the finish line first. He decided to halt and rest for a moment.
Uphill The cyclist pedaled uphill with great effort. The cyclist easily descended the gentle slope.
Accelerate The car quickly pedaled to catch up with traffic. The car needed to decelerate to avoid the accident.
Swift The rider pedaled swiftly in the race. The rider casually sauntered along the path.
Rush She pedaled quickly to get to work on time. She decided to meander along the scenic route.
Drive He prefers to pedal to work rather than use a car. He does not like to drive with all the traffic.
Speed The athlete pedaled at top speed to win the race. The athlete was leisurely strolling through the park.
Motor The family pedaled together on their bicycles. The family chose to walk together in the park.
Freewheel She freewheeled down the hill without pedaling. She had to pedal hard to climb back up the hill.
Still The cyclist pedaled and the wheels kept turning. The cyclist came to a standstill, no longer moving.
Rest He pedaled slowly to the park for a relaxing ride. He planned to have a long rest at the peaceful lake.
Racing They pedaled fiercely against each other in the race. They leisurely cruised along the beach together.
Forward The group pedaled forward to reach the destination. The group decided to retreat back to their starting point.
Rushing The cyclist was pedaling fast to get to the store. The cyclist was leisurely strolling through the park.
Brisk She pedaled at a brisk pace during the morning ride. She was leisurely sauntering down the street.
Gallop The horse pedaled quickly across the open field. The horse gently trotted along the wooded path.
Fly The child pedaled his bike down the hill like a rocket. The child slowly ambled along the road.
Sprint The athlete pedaled as fast as he could in the race. The athlete cautiously strolled through the park.
Churn The boat pedaled swiftly through the rough waters. The boat gently drifted along the calm lake.
Flutter The butterflies pedaled gracefully through the air. The butterflies were gliding peacefully in the garden.
Poke She pedaled sluggishly on her old bicycle. She had to stride briskly to keep up with the others.
Bolt The thief pedaled away quickly from the crime scene. The thief eventually stopped and decided to linger instead.
Loiter She pedaled aimlessly around town all afternoon. She decided to stop and proceed directly to her destination.
Hurtle He pedaled madly down the steep hill on his bike. He decided to saunter instead of rushing through the park.
Trudge He pedaled wearily back home after a long day. He glided and floated home, not needing to struggle anymore.
Wait She pedaled impatiently while waiting for her friend. She relaxed and enjoyed a leisurely saunter while waiting.
Glide The boat pedaled gracefully over the smooth water. The boat had to struggle to move through the thick mud.
Slide The skater pedaled smoothly across the ice rink. The skater had to struggle to keep moving on the rough pavement.
Lag He pedaled slow, always lagging behind the group. He decided to hurry up and catch up with the others.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PEDAL

In conclusion, the different words for “pedal” can be a fun way to enhance vocabulary and add variety to language. By incorporating words like “stop” instead of “go” and “still” instead of “move,” we can create engaging and diverse sentences that effectively communicate our ideas. Understanding and using antonyms for “pedal” can enrich our writing and make it more colorful and dynamic.

Exploring synonyms and antonyms expands our linguistic toolbox and offers us the opportunity to express ourselves in different ways. By embracing these variations, we can bring nuance and depth to our communication, creating more engaging and captivating writing.

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