Opposite of PERFECTLY – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

Have you ever needed to find words with opposite meanings for the term “perfectly”? Well, look no further, as antonyms offer a way to express ideas or concepts that are contrary in meaning to the word “perfectly”.

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to a given word. They provide variety and nuance to language, allowing for a more diverse and descriptive vocabulary. By using antonyms, you can broaden your language skills and better convey your thoughts and ideas.

When searching for antonyms for the word “perfectly”, it’s important to consider the context in which you intend to use them. Antonyms can add depth and complexity to your writing or speech, offering a creative way to express contrasting ideas.

35 Antonyms for PERFECTLY With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for perfectly. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PERFECTLY antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Perfectly Sentence with Antonym
Imperfectly She performed perfectly in the competition. He performed imperfectly in the competition.
Flawed The dress fit perfectly and looked great. The dress did not fit flawlessly and had issues.
Inaccurately The map was drawn perfectly to scale. The map was drawn inaccurately and was useless.
Incorrectly She answered the questions perfectly. He answered the questions incorrectly and failed.
Roughly The surface was sanded perfectly smooth. The surface was sanded roughly and had bumps.
Indifferently She was perfectly content with her decision. She was indifferently content with her decision.
Inexpertly The surgery was performed perfectly. The surgery was performed inexpertly and had issues.
Faultily The machine was assembled perfectly. The machine was assembled faultily and didn’t work.
Crudely The sculpture was carved perfectly. The sculpture was carved crudely and lacked detail.
Incorrectly The equation was solved perfectly. The equation was solved incorrectly and had errors.
Maddeningly The child followed the instructions perfectly. The child followed the instructions maddeningly and disrupted the task.
Carelessly The project was executed perfectly and on time. The project was executed carelessly and had to be redone.
Haphazardly The books were stacked perfectly on the shelf. The books were stacked haphazardly and fell down.
Disappointingly The gift was wrapped perfectly. The gift was wrapped disappointingly and poorly.
Criminally The suspect matched the description perfectly. The suspect matched the description criminally and was arrested.
Haphazardly The dishes were set on the table perfectly. The dishes were set on the table haphazardly and fell off.
Chaotically The room was arranged perfectly for the event. The room was arranged chaotically and caused confusion.
Incorrectly The code was written perfectly the first time. The code was written incorrectly and crashed the program.
Insufficiently The food was cooked perfectly for the party. The food was cooked insufficiently and not enough for everyone.
Unacceptably Her behavior was perfectly polite at the meeting. Her behavior was unacceptably rude at the meeting.
Amateurishly The painting was done perfectly by the artist. The painting was done amateurishly and lacked skill.
Awkwardly The dance routine was executed perfectly. The dance routine was executed awkwardly and fumbled.
Sloppily The presentation slides were created perfectly. The presentation slides were created sloppily and had errors.
Imperfectly The singer sang perfectly during the concert. The singer sang imperfectly and hit wrong notes.
Slackly The team communicated perfectly during the project. The team communicated slackly and delayed progress.
Miserably The experiment was designed perfectly. The experiment was designed miserably and failed.
Disappointedly The task was executed perfectly by the team. The task was executed disappointedly and did not meet expectations.
Ineffectively The medicine worked perfectly to relieve pain. The medicine worked ineffectively and had no effect.
Meticulously The paper was researched perfectly by the student. The paper was researched sloppily and had inaccurate information.
Faultily The car engine was assembled perfectly. The car engine was assembled faultily and broke down.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PERFECTLY

While perfection may be desirable, imperfection is inevitable and even necessary at times. It is through our flaws and mistakes that we learn, grow, and develop resilience. Striving for perfection can lead to unnecessary stress and unrealistic standards. Embracing imperfection allows for room to be human, make errors, and still find value and beauty in the imperfections of life.

Imperfection brings about uniqueness, character, and a sense of authenticity. It is what makes us relatable and approachable to others. By accepting imperfection in oneself and others, we can foster greater empathy, understanding, and connection in our relationships and society as a whole. Embracing imperfection can lead to a more fulfilling and enriched life experience.

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