Opposite of PERMANENT – 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples

When discussing antonyms for the term “permanent,” it is crucial to understand that these are words that convey the opposite meaning of something lasting indefinitely. They represent concepts that are temporary, fleeting, or subject to change rather than being fixed or enduring.

One category of antonyms for permanent includes terms that highlight the temporary nature of things, such as “temporary,” “transient,” or “ephemeral.” These words suggest a limited duration or temporary existence, contrasting with the sense of lasting permanence associated with the term “permanent.”

On the other hand, some antonyms for permanent emphasize the idea of variability, changeability, or impermanence. Words like “mutable,” “adjustable,” or “intermittent” convey the notion of things being subject to alteration or fluctuation, rather than remaining constant or unchanging. By exploring these antonyms, we can gain a deeper understanding of the concept of permanence and its opposite characteristics.

35 Antonyms for PERMANENT With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for permanent. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding PERMANENT antonyms.

Antonym Sentence with Permanent Sentence with Antonym
Temporary The tattoo was meant to be permanent. The rental agreement was just temporary.
Impermanent The marker drawings on the whiteboard are not permanent. The seasons change constantly, making them impermanent.
Ephemeral The beauty of the sunset was captured in a permanent photo. The bubbles in the air were ephemeral and disappeared quickly.
Transient The stench of the garbage was permanent in the hot weather. The fragrance of the flowers was transient in the garden.
Fugitive The criminal left behind a permanent record of his crime. The fugitive had no permanent address.
Evanescent Memories of childhood are not always permanent and can be evanescent. The dew on the grass is evanescent in the morning sun.
Fleeting The feeling of euphoria was temporary and not permanent. The fleeting moment of joy was quickly replaced with sadness.
Passing The decision for a new policy was not made lightly and considered permanent. The clouds in the sky were only passing by, changing shapes.
Ceasing The rainfall caused permanent damage to the roof of the house. The noise from the construction site was ceasing as the workers left for the day.
Fading The ink from the pen left a permanent mark on the paper. The colors in the painting were slowly fading away.
Unstable The foundation of the building was made to be permanent. The new structure proved to be unstable and needed frequent repairs.
Temporary The job offer was not permanent, but only a temporary position. His temporary stay at the hostel turned into a permanent residence.
Brief His permanent absence from work raised concerns among his colleagues. The brief visit from the boss brought along good news.
Inconstant Their love was not permanent, rather inconstant and ever-changing. The weather in the region is inconstant and unpredictable.
Impermanent The artist decided to use materials that would not be permanent. The effects of the storm on the landscape were impermanent and gradually disappeared.
Evanescent The aroma of fresh flowers in the room was not permanent but evanescent. The evanescent light of the fireflies sparked in the dark summer night.
Transitory Opportunities in life can be permanent or transitory, it depends on the choices made. The beauty of the snowfall was transitory as it melted in the warm sun.
Changeable The terms of the contract were supposed to be permanent and not changeable. The changeable weather made it hard to plan outdoor activities.
Intermittent The power supply to the building was meant to be permanent. The intermittent rainfall brought relief from the summer heat.
Mutable The results of the scientific experiment were expected to be permanent and not mutable. Mutable emotions often influence decision-making.
Variable The decision to relocate was not permanent but variable depending on the circumstances. His mood swings were variable and hard to predict.
Changeable The vows they exchanged were meant to be permanent, not changeable. The weather in the region is known to be changeable and constantly shifting.
Erratic The permanent changes in the system reduced the erratic behavior of the machine. The erratic behavior of the child worried the teacher.
Inconsistent The task required a permanent solution and not one that was inconsistent. Her performance was inconsistent and needed improvement.
Temporal The art installation was not intended to be permanent but temporal in nature. The temporal visit of the artist left a lasting impression on the students.
Ending The couple decided to make their relationship permanent and put an ending to all doubts. The movie had a surprising ending that left the audience in awe.
Vanishing The frostbite left a permanent scar on his hand. The vanishing footprints in the sand indicated the tide was coming in.
Momentary Her decision to quit was not permanent but only momentary. The victory on the field was only momentary, soon to be forgotten.
Brief The permanent marker on the sign drew attention to the message. He spoke in brief sentences, getting straight to the point.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of PERMANENT

In conclusion, the antonyms for permanent encompass transient, temporary, and impermanent. These terms refer to things that are not lasting or enduring, showcasing a sense of impermanence. Unlike perpetual or lasting arrangements, temporary solutions are fleeting and short-lived. The fluctuating nature of impermanent conditions highlights their temporary existence, contrasting with the enduring quality associated with something permanent. Overall, recognizing the antonyms for permanent helps delineate between what is lasting and what is transitory in various situations.

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